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  1. I exited out of the CCleaner monitor, ran the install again (try #5), same result. Thanks, Jeff
  2. Thanks for the quick reply Jim! I'm certain that I was connected to the internet, because I was surfing and googling on the problem as I was trying the install a 2nd and 3rd time. Maybe a thought: what would make the install "think" that I wasn't connected to the internet? Other than Roxio's server was down... I don't have any anti-virus running, I do have the anti-malware CCleaner running, a CCleaner Monitor icon is in the system tray. I'm running the 4th install attempt (3 yesterday) now... yes, same result. Thanks!
  3. Hello, log files attached. Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus. Windows 10 on my laptop. Help! Thanks. LogFile 16-02-06 17-21.zip