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  1. Problem Writing To Disc

    I meant Windows 7...my mistake..
  2. Problem Writing To Disc

    I'm using Windows 7, but I've already done a few of the discs so far. It's no biggie about the text, I simply wrote it down on paper so I can always know what the clips are
  3. Problem Writing To Disc

    Well maybe I'm not explaining myself properly. It did export the text to the folder that now holds the video clip after the export yes. But the way Windows DVD maker works, it appears that once that folder is put on the DVD it doesn't have that text there that explains which clip it is. For instance Roxio worked Where I had about 50 clips, and let's say I labeled one "Christmas 1996". Then it will on the DVD menu have those words so I know what the clip is. On Windows DVD maker it seperates scenes but doesn't have that label
  4. Problem Writing To Disc

    I understand what you are saying, but you are saying the option is there to have lower quality to make more time on the DVD...the issue is that Windows DVD maker doesn't have an option at all about having lower quality to make it longer or even like an auto fit option. It simply won't let me do more than the hour. I definitely did put text on each video clip from the Roxio program (and it did have chapter menus that showed that text on the first few DVDs that worked from Roxio), once I use Windows DVD maker though it won't put that text on the DVD
  5. Problem Writing To Disc

    So it did work by using Windows DVD maker, only issues I didn't like was that the text of each video clip doesn't show on actual DVD like it did from Roxio. Also, the Roxio DVDs that did work held about an hour and 40 minutes, for some reason the same DVDs only hold an hour on Windows DVD maker
  6. Problem Writing To Disc

    That is what I'm talking about. It's called Roxio Easy VHS to DVD 3 plus
  7. Problem Writing To Disc

    Gonna try it now. One question...I notice when you click "scenes" to pick a specific scene on the DVD to watch after it's done, the text that I named each single video clip (over 50 in total) isn't on the DVD. It doesn't have that text that explain what each video clip is. Any way around that? It did show it when I used the Roxio software to burn the DVD
  8. Problem Writing To Disc

    I will try this tonight, thank you Jim. PA
  9. Problem Writing To Disc

    That's where I'm confused. Because I have like 50 video clips I'm using. So what do I do with them after all this that you showed on the pictures ?
  10. Problem Writing To Disc

    Thanks Jim. Can you post pics? Of any option you think would work. Really appreciate your help
  11. Problem Writing To Disc

    The only picture there would be is the "problem writing to disc". I'm sorry, a close family member just passed so I don't have the time to post the picture. Any help going forward would be appreciated though
  12. Problem Writing To Disc

    I simply did what you said. You pop the DVD in and do it the way you mentioned. After a few minutes it pops out and says problem writing to the disc. Every time I do this the disc is blank because it wasn't able to write anything to it
  13. Problem Writing To Disc

    Same results
  14. Problem Writing To Disc

    I took a chance and uninstalled it, did all the steps you suggested and re installed it (it did save my projects). I now tried to do the burn and STILL doesn't work
  15. Problem Writing To Disc

    If I uninstall it, won't that get rid of all my projects? Also, it's just a free trial it looks like, am i able to do just a regular uninstall? By the way, the new video capture did not work either