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  1. *Important: Please help me with my problem with the Roxio Program. I really need help from Roxio's Team members/Tech Support! I have the Roxio Game Capture HD PRO. To Start, I bought your Game Capture Device about 2 and a half years and I have had many problems with the program. I will try my hardest to explain in detail, and try to keep my sentences to a minimum. #1 Problem: Crashes - The program has crashed on me so many times from editing and most recently trying to login to my Twitch to stream from Roxio. When I am editing the device can crash to just about anything I do. Examples: a. Putting in game footage b. adding audio c. using some of the editing features d. Sometimes the editor just crashes without me doing anything. e. etc. - Recently, I wanted to try streaming on Twitch using the Capture part of the program. Every time I try to Login, the thing says that "a problem caused by the program caused the stop working." Also, I have tried Re-installing, Repairing, and running as Administrator multiple times before contacting you. This is my first time asking for help and I hope someone can help me solve this issue! Problem #2 - When I am capturing my gameplay from my console, sometimes the capture device glitches or completely ruins the recording. This happens at random, so I don't think something like this can be fixed, but if someone has a solution. Please let me know! Let me know if you need any more information in your reply, and I hope you can help solve my problems! This is a Screenshot of the error message: https://gyazo.com/e73edee1bfd6bf663afc7df98cbb786e