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    Roxio Burn Drives

    Gentlemen: Just a quick thank you for the support and guidance. I did an uninstall and custom reinstall and got rid of the "extra" drives. I don't like clutter on my machine and the extra icons were just annoying. Thanks again.
  2. chargerdriver

    Roxio Burn Drives

    If I click on This PC (Windows 10), 3 Roxio burn drives appear in addition to the normal drives I have installed. As I first posted, it's a nuisance.
  3. chargerdriver

    Roxio Burn Drives

    I've tried both suggestions above - I've cleared the check marks on the drives from the main Roxio Interface as well as clicking the Uninstall option for Secure Burn. The drives still appear. Is it necessary to uninstall the product and then do a custom install and leave Roxio Burn unchecked? I do thank you both for taking time to respond and would appreciate your comments to this additional question.
  4. chargerdriver

    Roxio Burn Drives

    I just installed Roxio NXT 4. In Windows 10 Device Manager, I now show additional hard drives with "Roxio Burn" as the label. These are annoying and serve no purpose. Any thoughts on how to get rid of them?