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  1. So than this isn't an issue with my PC. I used this device on 2 different computers, this one being the newest technology. The same occurred. I will also say that a lot of times when first turning on the VCR and software, the source gives a continuous popping noise. The noise corrects itself after a few seconds (and never returns), but is quite odd. I guess the best is to do what you suggested, as I do a lot of audio work as well, and don't want to throw off settings.
  2. The computer is only two months old. The SSD has about 800 GB free. And considering the converter (if I remember correctly) doesn't use up more than a GB of memory, even if I topped this thing out on an average 16GB RAM PC, it wouldn't even comes close to having to limit performance. Here is the file you asked for. DXFile.txt
  3. I just recorded this old commercial. Notice how the video starts at one point, and the audio a quick second later. When I click record, nothing happens, then a second or two later the recording indicator pops up. I'm assuming the video gets caught the exact second I press the record button, and the audio when the indicator says it's recording. I do media archiving for an Australian rock band, so I have contact with other people that transfer VHS to PC conversions. They never seem to have a problem with their devices, and are running on PCs with much older technology. Maybe this just isn't a good product (?) This is the second Roxio converter that I have gone through. The first one I had to return, as it was overheating and creating bleeps in my audio. My Video.mpg
  4. I am also not recording full tapes. Half the stuff being transferred is mid tape. Is it best if I show examples of what I am talking about?
  5. I'm recording from VHS to the software, not camcorder .
  6. I do wonder if the capture is actually in sync, or still that slight bit off. It looks to correct itself, but does it really do so? It seems to me like a record delay would still start the audio and video at the same time.
  7. Brand new Sager laptop. It is running Windows 10 with 32GB of RAM, i7 Intel processor, and 1tb SSD. I am having the same issue with this product as I did months ago on a different computer. When clicking the record button, there is about a 2 second delay. This causes either the audio to start on time and not the video, or the video to start on time and not the audio. It ends up syncing up seconds into the recording. I take it this is an issue with the software? If so, can Roxio provide information on software that is more accurate? Thank You.
  8. Jer3784

    Audio Bleeps / Blotches

    Is there a means for fixing this? I would hate to go out and buy another unit, just to see the same thing happen.
  9. Jer3784

    Audio Bleeps / Blotches

    I have tried my old TV. I had no issues on that, but the built in VCR eats up tapes, so I wasn't about to try doing that. I tried another VCR, but that only gave me sound out of one channel.
  10. Jer3784

    Audio Bleeps / Blotches

    So.. Go out and buy another VCR, and if it doesn't work return it? I am still confused about the source. The one I am using is an almost brand new unit, that had been sitting in the box for most of the years I had it. I will look to change that setting. How do I go about updating individual drivers?
  11. Jer3784

    Audio Bleeps / Blotches

    Here it is. DxDiag.txt
  12. Jer3784

    Audio Bleeps / Blotches

    Any idea what the issue might be?
  13. Jer3784

    Audio Bleeps / Blotches

    In my way out for the day. I will take a look at those threads tonight. What do you mean by a different source? As in a different VCR? This is the only VCR I have where I was able to get a right and left channel audio.
  14. Jer3784

    Audio Bleeps / Blotches

    Through the TV the bleeps do not happen.
  15. Jer3784

    Audio Bleeps / Blotches

    It is a basic AV Out three prong (red, white, yellow) from the back of the unit to the Roxio, Roxio to the USB. Picture is fine and 98% audio is fine. Just this minor issue I am looking to fix.