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  1. I am transferring family videos to DVD. Everything seems to be working except that there are periodic breaks in the sound. The picture continues but the sound quits for 1 - 5 seconds and then resumes by itself. There is also a second issue: Sometimes there is a clicking sound in the background. It comes and goes in volume and sometimes is not there. I didn't see anything in the literature telling me how to adjust timings or other things that might affect the coordination between the vhs player and the Roxio software. Any help appreciated.
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    Product Key For Vhs To Dvd3

    When I first bought the software I got a similar message. Called support and they referred me up to tech support. The tech folks send me a new key. I cleaned the disk before installing with the new key and found the new key engraved on the data side of the disk. If you have a key engraved on the disk, try it before you call tech support.