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  1. Windows 8.1 Pro - tried to convert a bunch of MTS files, NTX 5 convert gets anywhere from one to five into the list and hangs shows 100% completed on the current operation. The entry in the task list is blank, yet the dialog box with the progress bar remains like an orphan. I have to agree with lots of other folks - after being with EasyCD creator since the beginning, this version is by far the buggiest and most error video software I've used. Too bad, but I guess that's a sign of the times. Support is non-existent, no patches are available, and no help anywhere else. What a waste. Sorry for the obvious spell errors.
  2. Created a DVD, removed the menu item containing the video, then created a new menu item, dragged a 350MB video into it, and got this error. I tried to insert the PNG, it allowed me to, then complained when I tried to post it, it said that operation was not supported (see attached wordpad rtf file). Looks like an object that never got deleted. This bug is in addition to all of those annoying, nagging SPAM messages every time I use the program. What were you folks thinking - did you purposely want to annoy paying customers with those ads?