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  1. Nxt2 Won't Start On Win7

    Thank you! If I live long enough I might start figuring out computers! LOL
  2. Nxt2 Won't Start On Win7

    So I take it that one version doesn't interfere with another and each program uses whatever version it needs?
  3. Nxt2 Won't Start On Win7

    If it's such an older version, will installing it muck up other programs that might need a more up-to-date version? I don't want to create any more headaches with this blasted computer than I already have.
  4. Nxt2 Won't Start On Win7

    The DirectX is the up to date one and my account is shown as administrator. Tried System Restore. It kept saying that it couldn't restore but it gummed up some of my programs anyway. Tried more than one restore point with the same results. When I restored to the original point, everything straightened out again but Roxio would not work in any setting.
  5. Nxt2 Won't Start On Win7

    Thank you, Ogdens, I will try the system restore and see if that helps at all. Cdanteek, I have the physical disk not a download. The one login to the computer is set up as an administrator so I'm assuming that installing from the disk to an administrator account would be sufficient. Unless I'm missing something here.
  6. Nxt2 Won't Burn Discs Or Burns Faulty Discs

    To be honest, it never gets updated. We were on dialup until very recently. Now we have very expensive and very limited WIFI so we don't let things update much. The one thing about computers that totally frustrates me is their unpredictable foul ups. Why something can work without a hitch for months on end and all of a sudden stop working baffles me no end.
  7. Nxt2 Won't Start On Win7

    Sorry, Jim. I don't spend a whole lot of time of the internet. All I have is VERY expensive and very limited WIFI service. I do appreciate the answers I get. But it does take time for me to get back to people. If you have a problem with that, I'm sorry.
  8. Nxt2 Won't Burn Discs Or Burns Faulty Discs

    Thank you, Brendon. I found it! It looks somewhat similar to Corel VideoStudio. I'll try to use it and see what happens. Now if I could just figure out why it won't work on my husband's Win7 where it had burned dvd's without problems for weeks!
  9. Nxt2 Won't Burn Discs Or Burns Faulty Discs

    The type and time of the video files and the capacity of the disk should not be a problem since I have been recording a number of nearly identical projects with no problem until now. I have not tried burning to ISO but can give that a shot. Where do I find this VideoWave? Is it supposed to come with Roxio because there is no program like it on my disk.
  10. Nxt2 Won't Start On Win7

    First off, I don't get any error messages about any missing .dll files. It just simply won't start up. So I had no way of knowing if the pin you mentioned was relevant to my problem. Secondly, the link you give under "HERE" only gives me a server not found error.
  11. I have been using NXT2 on a Win7 computer for some months. It has worked without a glitch burning mp3s and video discs with no problems. Now, all of a sudden, it refuses to open. It will appear to do so with the usual splash screen. An icon will show up on the taskbar. When I roll the mouse over it, the miniature of the Roxio desktop will show up. But that's it. No amount of clicking on the icon gets it to do anything more. I deleted and re-installed the program and that has had no effect. I have found over the years with various incarnations of the program, that it can suddenly start having problems with no obvious reason. Usually re-installing solved the problem but not this time. (I just posted another item because, in the meantime, I put the program on my Win8.1 so I could get things done and, while it runs on that computer, it either doesn't burn the discs or burns faulty ones. Go figure) Any suggestions on fixing this would be welcome.
  12. I am using NXT 2 on a windows 8.1 computer. The program seems to run properly but when I try to burn a disc one of two things happens: 1)goes through the whole encoding process but then won't record the menu and the whole process stops and nothing is burned 2)goes through the process and burns the disc, but the disc doesn't work properly. Either the video moves slowly with a jerking motion or freezes entirely I tried repairing the program. That made no difference. I deleted it from my computer and re-installed it and that has made no difference either. I have used Roxio for years in its various incarnations but I've always had problems with it suddenly not working properly for some inexplicable reason. Usually, re-installing it cured the problem but it's not working this time. Any ideas?