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  1. I don't have a software suite at the moment, so I'm not getting rid of one. And I have 4 burners to control, so it definitely makes a difference.
  2. Ok, I see. Nero still allows you to burn to multiple drives simultaneously so I guess it's time to check out their latest offering.
  3. That is the piece of software that claims to allow simultaneous burning to multiple drives. Is it somehow possible that feature is available in Burn 4 only, as opposed to the standard Creator software that you normally use?
  4. Thanks Brendon. So what exactly is "Roxio Burn 4," which is labeled as new in NXT 5? Does it replace Roxio Burn 3? What changed? I don't see Roxio Burn 4 anywhere else, so it must be strictly a part of NXT 5.
  5. I sent Roxio support this question, but was confused by the response, which was "no." I was really just looking for confirmation that it does support that, as the following statement is made on their website (link below): Roxio Burn 4: "Easily burn single or multiple data, audio, photo or video CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray Discs simultaneously." http://www.roxio.com/enu/products/creator/suite/#data-copy That certainly sounds like you can burn to multiple drives simultaneously. And I know you used to be able to do so with previous versions of some Roxio software, as I used to take advantage of that feature. If you cut out the descriptors, that sentence is: "Burn single or multiple discs simultaneously." I don't know how you burn a single disc simultaneously, so that sentence should really be edited regardless of the answer. Can someone who might be more knowledgable than the customer service rep (like someone who has actually used the feature, or at least seen the option in the software) provide an answer? Are there any other Roxio products that allow for this option? Thanks, Matt