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    Dvd Template Controls

    Thank you myguggi for your response. You are correct in that users are smart enough to operate a remote, however commercial DVDs i.e. movies, has conditioned user to look for a 'play' prompt. So without the 'play' prompt, users are expecting it to start on its own and are thinking something is wrong when it doesn't. Since there isn't a way to add a 'play' prompt, is there a way to make it start automatically, or can you burn the production without a theme? I appreciate any suggestions this community may have.
  2. Hi, I'm a novice with Roxio 4 and I need assistance with adding controls. I use this software to develop memorial videos for birthdays, weddings and most often home going celebrations. Once I select a theme (most often satin) I can't figure out how to add controls such as 'play'. My end users are expecting it to ether start on its own, or display a menu telling them to press Play. I'm sure this is my error, but I can't figure it out. Can someone help me please?
  3. Hi Community, Please help a novice with Roxio 4. I primarily use it to create memorial DVDs for birthdays, weddings, and home going celebrations. The problem I've encountered (which I'm sure is a user error) is when I select a theme,(most frequently, Satin), there is nothing displaying that tells the end user to press 'Play' or 'Enter' to start the presentation. So my end user receives the DVD pops it into a player, the opening menu displays and it is waiting for a command. They typically contact me saying 'It won't play, it just keeps rewinding the opening.' I can't figure out how to add the command. I have to tell everyone to press play, enter, or select whatever their remote control has. How do I add those commands to the opening menu. Can someone educate me?