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  1. Fun times! I downloaded the Corel product "DVD MovieFactory Pro 7" and found it won't run on Windows 10. Really? Someone is selling software that won't run on Windows 10? Now I hate Windows 10 like the next guy, but it's hard to even buy a computer now that doesn't come with Windows 10 on it. Seems deceptive. (yes, someone didn't read the fine print when he downloaded the software) Can someone recommend a DVD Authoring software package that will a) work well b.) run on Windows 10 c) not cost arm/leg Thanks, Jay
  2. Magnavox MDR513H also: I was looking at both the Corel VideoStudio and Roxio Creator NXT 5, neither of those will take .MP4 as input? I guess I would have to convert first.
  3. OK, thanks! I get what you're saying now. What is a BD program? I will try a DVD again with mpeg2 format, I also thought it would at least give an option to play them. - Jay
  4. OK, but if you read what I posted, I can convert the .mp4 files to mpg (mpeg2) format or vob or whatever. But I can't format the structure on a DVD. I just have those files, 1-to-1. Can this product THEN take the .mpg files and create a playable DVD in my DVD player? (I think I burned the .mpg files to a DVD and tried that but it gave the same message.)
  5. Hi - looking into this product, I do not own it yet. Here's what I want to do: I have a Canon Vixia video camera. It creates .mp4 files, and I can download them to my computer, and play them on my computer. Burning them to a DVD will not play on my home DVD player (connected to TV). It gives a file not recognized error. I have the Movavi video conversion program and I have tried several formats but none will play on the DVD player. Will Easy DV and DVD Burning format a DVD with my video files somehow so it plays on my DVD player (Magnavox). I believe it would need to create subfolders with other information as well as the actual video files. Hopefully this is enough information. Thanks for any reply - Jay