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  1. Flickery Video

  2. Flickery Video

  3. Flickery Video

    https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9CalnavZFly1e_LaCsh7mQ Should be the second video on recent uploads
  4. Flickery Video

    Hi Im streaming using OBS and Roxio Game Cap (Not the HD pro) PC SPECS 2.4 Quad Core processor 8 gigs RAM Windows 10 Not sure about GPU but it appears to be good enough as Im streaming at 30fps with CPU at 25% ish with zero lag and zero dropped frames and Im capable of having OBS and the RGC spftware as well as a google chrome page open all at once. Im capturing gameplay from a PS3. With the output quality matching RGC settings in rgc software. Both 1080i I have it set to NTSC-M RGC plugged into a USB 2.0 woth multiple ports tried. Current issue: Flashes and flickers through duration of stream. Note 345 to 5 minute marks of video linked above. Things I have tried. Complete uninstall Run fix mode using disc Rechecked ps3 output settings Checked all connections Tried all usb ports Unplugged and re plugged Checked for updates Restarted all devices. What gives? Any suggestions?
  5. Flickery Video

    Pretty much all the streams ive dome contaim these flashes and glitches. Sometimes they arent to bad but other times its unbearable.
  6. Flickery Video

    3:45 second mark they begin and contue at random intervals. Theres 3 or 4 between 3:45 and 5 minute marks
  7. Flickery Video

    https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9CalnavZFly1e_LaCsh7mQ My apologies this is the 100% correct link to the channel. And yes my setup is EXACTLY like what that PDF explains. I do not have 1080p selected.
  8. Flickery Video

    It gives me the option of 1080i in the RGC software wotch is what I have the ps3 set to.https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCE-GdGxxHN-cYnzWSBB94EA I took the video down be ause it was so bad. Thats the link to my channel you will notice it in just about all my videos. I am fairly sure Roxio game capture (Not the HD pro) is supposed to work in 1080i hence it having blue green red instead of red white and yellow cables.
  9. Flickery Video

    Hello, I have a roxio game capture SD for consoles and for the most part everything is fine but while using it to stream from a ps3 I get constant ''flashes'' while streaming, this also happens when Im just sitting in OBS or the RGC software. To be more descriptive the signal is perfectly fine, crisp and clear, but then I get these flashes and flickers every few seconds. https://youtu.be/oK1PZGqC_4I?t=15m4s Thats a pretty good example. Windows 10 (up to date) 8 gigs of ram 2.8 Quad Core processor 1TB harddrive AMD A-10 9600p Radeon r5 Im streaming with ease with this laptop at 3100kbps at 30fps using minimul processing power, this is due to streaming a console and the console doing most of the work. I have gone into the roxio software and have made sure that both the console and roxio are set to 1080p, NTSC M (im in the use) and Ive tried the AVI and MP4 settings. I have also made sure that ALL CONNECTIONS are SECURE Please help me out guys! ill try anything.
  10. No Signal.

    Ive been usibg my roxio for a few months now with no issue other than occasional flashes and slight distortion in a few frames. Now all of a sudden with ZERO changes to my setup, pc, console, etc, Im getting a green no signal prompt with a distorted frame in the roxio software and the frame doesnt move or change. Running windows 10 8 gigs RAM 2.8 QUAD core processor On board realtek gpu (cheap and low qiality but hasnt proven to be an issue) Any clue? Btw All connections are good, all updates applied, ran repair mode off of disc.
  11. S.o.s.

    Issue resolved. Windows 7 starter was the issue. Thanks guys.
  12. S.o.s.

    Got windows 7 ultimate gonna attempt in a few hours. Stay tuned folks!
  13. S.o.s.

    Yeah, I followed that link hopefully this is the issue. Ill see if I can resolve it and Ill update you all.
  14. S.o.s.

    I noticed on that screenshot you have windows 7 ultimate mine says windows 7 starter? I didnt consider this I will look into and respond this evening
  15. S.o.s.

    Ill admit its kinda odd that it didnt have IE or wmp on it when I got it but everything seema legit as far as windows goes. The only time its ever done that blue flash and freeze thing is when using plugging in the capcard while the roxio software is open.