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  1. Clintlgm

    Nxt 6

    Yes, that's what I was afraid of. I was just hoping Corel would at least make an attempt to keep it working. Windows 10 is probably the end of it, with MS change major fundamental system every 6 months or less. I have pretty much found other programs to do the things I need to do. Being a Beta tester for Adaptec with this program from the beginning or near the beginning I guess I felt attached.
  2. Clintlgm

    me too

    Yes the fact that Corel has no one monitoring these forums is quite telling. Seems to me since the buy out by Corel, interest in this program is just not there. I got sucked in to 2 version since the buy out. and neither runs on windows 10 or even windows 8.1 and Corel seems to not be interested in anything except sucking in old users of Adaptec and Roxio hoping Corel would get serious about the program. I guess with the lack of interest in CD and DVD market and BD not really getting off the ground there must just not be enough money in the program to put any time and money into improving it.
  3. Clintlgm

    Dvd To Memory Sticks

    if you want people to be able to view them with out any software installs, you'll need to produce them in MP4 or Flash or Java programs that are built into most windows versions. as mentioned earlier once produced they can be just copied to USB Drives. Burning is only needed for CD or DVD. We used to be able to do this with ROXIO I haven't been able to use the NXT program since I've upgraded to windows 10 so I have no idea what the program is capable of currently.
  4. Clintlgm

    Nxt 6

    Well here we go again, it seems Corel is putting out a Version 6, will be looking for reviews before I put up my money again.
  5. Clintlgm

    Nxt 6

    OK folks, I'm looking for some people that have check out NXT 6, I'm wonder if Corel has actually brought this program back to working condition. I'm a user since the old days at Adaptec, I beta tested for a few years back then. ROXIO did good up until 2010 then started falling apart then with Corel taking over I had hopes that were quickly dashed with the poor quality builds and incompatibles' of NXT 3. So Now I see they seem to be trying to bring it back that is what I hope. However I won't be putting my money up until I see some good reviews from people that know what this program was capable of. Or are they just trying to suck a few of back in? as with NXT 4, 5 So subscribed to this thread hope on of the mods will post when they start the NXT 6 sub forum and will be checking in.