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  1. Toast Titanium Pro 16 Bugs / Issues!

    Not much evidence of support,solutions I see on this thread either. Lots of views.....not much coming by way in problem solving replies. Suggestions that purchasers can just go and seek a refund does not wash here as it’s the blu-ray plug in which we are all after that nobody else seems to be Mac OS X/Vendor co-herent with. Wish I could help but I’m battling to get any help for myself/my own ongoing unanswered questions. I’d like to ask a question here. The support at roxio/correl. 2 things. Firstly as a paying customer they dont respond in an acceptable and timely manner and when they do it is purely so frustrating you could literally scream as you would think they would take the time to first read your email so as to not ask you to have to repeat yourself over and over again......and still they have no idea....0 product knowledge with no technical problem solving experience(in my experience)whatsoever. I purchased toast titanium pro 16 for Mac OS X online $220 AUD and did not come readily with “Pro Apps” bundle so you have to get on the blower to tech support only to realise it’s a link there and then they send to you only to find that 1 in fact is only a trial period App....and no sign of any ”photomagico” app only aftershot 3 and painter essentials 5(trial) so when you look on roxio toast 16 pro bundle page interesting to see no mention at all of this bit of a rude shock. I think the CEO’S of these companies should face up to these issues instead of lamping us duped ones with appalling levels of support and palming us off to too hard basket forums where 520 views versus 3-4 replies none of which I’ve noticed really benefit the end user.
  2. Toast 16 Pro

    I recently purchased roxio toast titanium Pro 16(FOR MAC OSX)...and would of expected the developers of this software to know by now that Mac OS X users use photos app rather than iPhoto app. So when you connect devices via USB to/via iTunes all your photos,videos automatically get transferred(copied) to your photos app. So roxio how am I able to then burn photos and videos using your software seeing as though there is only an iPhoto folder in your apps folder, files tree/browser? No photos folder and when,if you do look for that folder and you find it guess what? You cannot access,view any individual photo,video files there and then in that photos folder using your apps folders/files tree,browser. Unbeleivable! And because your tech support had absolutely no knowledge,idea(solution!) to this experience shows me then Im left only with what other option? To contact apple support as though it should now wind up as their problem to have to solve while you people do nothing? So I guess I have the only available exhaustive task to left click on each individual photo/video in my photos app on my Mac that i wish to record to BD-R and click edit with roxio for it to appear in project window area? Ridiculous and to think roxio is probably plain oblivious to the fact majority of people use photos app on Mac OS X and not iPhotos anymore. Funny I dont see any of this topic yet to come up/be addressed in this forum and the tech support at roxio only send you out an automated sounding incorrect solution straight from their PDF manual which I already read.....neither of which assists at all.