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  1. Jwc1934@aol.com

    Regarding my questions about Toast and a new Mercury burner, it turned out that the burner had a problem. It was tested and repaired by OWC and after that, all works well. Thanks again for your comments.
  2. Jwc1934@aol.com

    I have a new I-Mac with the latest operating system, High Sierra (10.12.3). I have Toast #16. I have a new disc recorder, a Mercury Pro purchased from Other World Computing. When I attempt to burn a disc, Toast will recognize the burner for a short time and then revert to the message that no recorder is attached. A Corel technician suggested that I remove all traces of Toast, restart, and install Toast again. Unfortunately this did not solve the problem and I am still unable to burn a disc. I think perhaps Toast will need to be updated to work properly with OS High Sierra and with this new disc recorder. I would appreciate any comments or suggestions. I wonder if anyone else is having trouble with Toast 16. I have another disc burner for Blu-ray discs, and that works fine with the computer and Toast 16. Thank you.
  3. Jwc1934@aol.com

    Old Archiver....Makes sense that the issue is with the burner since I can make discs with the Blu-Ray burner. I downloaded "BURN' software and had the same issue using that, which also suggests that neither the computer nor Toast is the problem. I have written to OWC to see if they will test the Mercury Pro burner for me. Thanks again.
  4. Jwc1934@aol.com

    Thanks for all the responses. I hope it is not the burner as it has been replaced. The original showed no power when connected and OWC replaced everything. The power cord has also been replaced. I will try the other suggestions. Thanks again! Would like to get this thing going.
  5. Cannot Burn Dvd With Toast 12 - Ok W/ Toast 6 Lite (?)

    Thanks for all the ideas. My problem was that I wasn't getting Toast to accept a video made in iMovie when I tried to drag it into Toast. I finally realized that it was just a matter of waiting a few minutes after sharing the movie to file.......in other words saving it to the desktop. After the "sharing" was completed, Toast would then accept the file and make a disc just fine. Thanks again.
  6. Imovie And Toast 12

    This is related to other questions I have read..... I have a video made in iMovie (Yosemite OS on a Mac), and "shared" it to the desktop. Now, Toast 12 won't accept the file, to burn a disc. I've tried relaunching Toast and deleting the plist from Preferences. Any suggestions appreciated. Thank you.
  7. Cannot Burn Dvd With Toast 12 - Ok W/ Toast 6 Lite (?)

    Thanks to all for suggestions about getting an iMovie into Toast. I finally got it to work.....I "shared" the finished IMovie video to the desktop. I chose the "convert" command in Toast, and dragged the video into the Toast window. Toast accepted this one, and did some kind of conversion. I then switched to the "video" command in Toast, and dragged the video into Toast again. This time it worked. I have an iMac with Yosemite software, the iMovie version that came with that, and Toast 12. Thanks again!
  8. Cannot Burn Dvd With Toast 12 - Ok W/ Toast 6 Lite (?)

    Thanks for your reply, Istari. Yep, I have the video on the desktop and then tried to import it into Toast. I have Toast 12, Mac's Yosemite, and the iMovie that came with the OS. Must be something not compatible there.The info that shows up with the Command-I that you mentioned.....says "Last opened today 11:38" and gives the name and extension as "iMovie library". Not much help. Thanks again! Any other thoughts?
  9. Cannot Burn Dvd With Toast 12 - Ok W/ Toast 6 Lite (?)

    On a similar topic, I can't get Toast 12 to import a video made in iMovie and Mac's Yosemite. It says that the video is in an unrecognized format. In previous versions of the Mac OS, iMovie, and Toast, I have enjoyed making many videos. Any suggestions appreciated!
  10. How Do I Transfer My Photoshow To A Cd

    Thank you tsantee. John
  11. Toast And Imovie

    I have Toast 12, Yosemite, and the new IMovie. Toast won't import a video put together in IMovie...... any suggestions appreciated.
  12. How Do I Transfer My Photoshow To A Cd

    I have a similar question.....I make a video with iMovie as usual but Toast won't recognize it. Any suggestions appreciated! I have a Mac with Yosemite OS, and the latest version of Toast and iMovie.
  13. Dvd Won't Play

    I have an iMac with Mountain Lion OS, Toast Titanium 11.1, and Memorex DVD+R blanks. I can burn a disc, but it will not play on the computer or on a DVD player hooked to the TV. I have made numerous DVDs before, but I think the problem showed up when I upgraded the Titanium software. i would appreciate any suggestions you have as to how I might solve this problem. Thanks in advance.
  14. Dvd Won't Play

    Thank you tsantee, for your suggestions. I'm trying them out. I can't find a way to upgrade from 11.1 (1067) which I have, to 11.1 (1072). Would you know how I can do this?
  15. Dvd Won't Play

    Referring to my earlier post, I still can't play a DVD even though I burn it with Toast in the same computer. I have reloaded Toast, and I have also loaded the BluRay plug-in. I've order a different brand of disc and will see if by chance that makes a difference. Still interested in any thoughts that any of you have. Thanks in advance! I have an iMac, Mountain Lion OS, and Toast 11.1
  16. Audio Cassettes

    I have several cassettes of interviews with ancestors and would like to transfer them to a CD. I have the cassette player, Mac with USB port, Toast to burn the disc, and I also have an ADS Pyro A/V Link to convert from analog to digital. I have not been successful. Do you have a suggestion as to what I need or how to proceed to get the cassette into Toast and to make a CD? Thank you for any thoughts! John
  17. Audio Cassettes

    Thank you. Yes, the Pyro AV Link is a firewire device. I will follow your suggestion and see if it works with the other system software. John
  18. Imovie And Jam

    Tsantee, do you have any thoughts on this? I can adjust volumn and combine sound tracks in iMovie, but Toast doesn't apply the adjustments when I use it to burn a DVD. I do have Jam and wonder if there is a way to use Jam to adjust the sound track......for example to have a sound track fade in when Toast burns the DVD. Thank you. I always enjoy reading your comments and learning from your insights. John Church
  19. Imovie And Jam

    Thank you again for getting me going on this. With my Mac, I used iMovie, went to File, Export, and QuickTime. Also there was another choice and I chose "Full Quality DV". Named the file and chose Desktop for location. This file showed up as a Quicktime movie, and I dragged that into the Toast Window. This applied the volumn changes to the disc.
  20. Imovie And Jam

    Thank you for the advice. I'll give it a try soon as I get a chance. I didn't know of that procedure you described. John