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    WINZIP within Toast Pro 17

    Hello, My Toast Pro 17 installation on iMac Pro macOS High Sierra works without any serious errors. But every day i start my Mac, i have to register WINZIP again. Within the same day i can start the mac as often i want, WINZIP is licensed as a full version. Starting next day WINZIP says it would be a "Evaluation Version". Doing registration again, et voila, its licensed ( til next day ) Can someone help me to get rid this odd behavior ? Cheers ... Klaus
  2. klausvonlimburgerhof

    WINZIP within Toast Pro 17

    Hello, thank you for your answer, but this does not solve my problem. Date and time, time zone, or something like that is alright. I have set up macOS completely fresh and did a clean install of Toast Pro 17. Nevertheless the same result. Cheers ... Klaus