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  1. Where did the original audio music come from that was on the old burned DVD ??
  2. I know in earlier versions of Videowave you can add or remove and audio or edit it and then replace it in the same videowave program. Not sure about NXT5 Pro if that's what you used for the original program. But I do believe you can do the same with it. But as far as using that videowave program with new versions of NXT---NOT ! Instead of adding the DVD itself, why not just extract the music you want from the DVD and edit it and then add it to the videowave program ? I have extracted lots of audio (using "what you hear" from my sound card) from many of my DVD's and used it in a videowave program.
  3. MyDVD in the Roxio Creator NXT Pro 6

    Not really sure but I'm thinking that all of the DVD's made with ver. 3 won't be back word compatible with ver. 6. Or I should say ver. 6 won't be back word compatible with ver. 3 I haven't made any DVD's with ver. 3 so can't be sure.
  4. Errors

    1703 is a windows update version. I have it on one of my W10 Pro computers and I am running Easy DVD to VHS 3 plus and it's working OK. The latest W10 update version is 1709. to check just run winver and it will show you which version you have.
  5. Dvd To Memory Sticks

    By "memory Sticks" do you mean a flash drive ?
  6. Windows Update Failed Due To Roxio

    I suggest that the user Remove or delete the "W10 Preview 16296 Fall Update that he refers to in his post # 3. And then after his Roxio programs are running correct he does the new Fall Update (1709) from the MS website "windows10upgrade9252.exe"
  7. User Manual For Nxt6 Pro

    Good idea Karri. that will probably help a lot of users. My question for the new NXT6 Pro and needing a manual was on the program "Capturing Video" it doesn't tell you anything about what type of device or cables to use that will work with the program. (ie.: direct USB, previous Roxio capture devices, ieee1394 or what??) I finally figured out how to capture video from various places just by trial and error which is not the best way but it does work.
  8. Windows 10 Fall Update

    I just tried to update to the newest W10 Fall Update (1709) for a couple of days now and it continues to not complete the update procedure. I have had 3 different MS techs check each of my computers running W10 Pro (also with NXT6Pro installed on each) and MS cannot seem to fix the problem. The only errors I get show me "an uncontrollable error". After playing around with each computer, I unhooked both of my separate HD's that I keep my personal files on and tried the update again. This time it completed the update fine. I did this on the other W10 computer I have where it also failed and again this time it completed the update OK. Not sure if the errors anyone else has is the same ? If you google the new update error there are many, many users having similar problems !!! So it seems like MS is having a lot of problems with users for this update. BTW, after the update completed the two HD short cut icons I had on my desktop did not work any more but deleting each of them and doing two new shortcuts for each of the HD's I was back in business.
  9. User Manual For Nxt6 Pro

    That's too bad as there are a lot of the suite programs that are diffulct to figure out How they work
  10. Capture Video From Webcam

    Tried using my Sony HandyCam (DCR-HC36) and NXT6 Pro "Capture video". Works great ! The hookup was from the Sony video camera using a 4 pin to 4 pin IEEE 1394 cable to a IEEE1394 port that I have on my computer. Other cables (Direct USB or older Roxio USB capture device would not work.
  11. Great results when capturing video from my MS webcam (both audio and video) But couldn't find any info on capturing video from a digital camera or other video devices ? What hardware device would you use to capture video from a video camera ? (direct USB, Roxio capture device or ??)
  12. User Manual For Nxt6 Pro

    Checking then program itself I have found some good help for a few of the suite programs but not much else. Is there a users manual that can be downloaded for tis new NXT6 Pro ?
  13. Windows Update Failed Due To Roxio

    https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/features Is this the one ?
  14. Menu Styles In Mydvd 2012 Pro?

    You were very lucky Mike getting a software program on ebay that actyally was the real one. As you suggested it is very risky .
  15. Videowave Keeps Crashing

    Just curious, but what method and what program did you use to uninstall NXT Pro 5 ?? The only uninstall program I have used that will completely eliminate the program and any and all bits left over is "Revo-uninstaller" (free trial period if you would want to try it to see if it cures the problem.