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    I should have listened...

    Btw Mike you can install and run 2012 pro on a Windoes 10 pro OS too. I have been running it on my W10 Pro computer for some time now and have had no compatibilities or errors at all.

    I should have listened...

    Keep using Creator 2012 Pro Mike !!!
  3. The fact that you mentioned using "Videowave" as your main concern, then stick with Creator 2012 Pro. As Jim suggested, that particular program was no doubt the best type suite program we have had the pleasure of using--(again in regards to "Videowave") impo.

    Can't Edit Pictures From Samsung S7 Cell Phone

    Looks good---For all those that have PP program. quite a Work around but if it works one can't complain.

    Cannot add .jpg files to a video production in Videowave

    Just another suggestion for future use with Videowave---When you start a new production in videowave, always place all the photos, music or other files that you are going to use in the production in that same folder. Same as the production folder.

    ISO Burn Issue

    Take a look at this info. My guess is you just need to extract the audio (music file) from the ISO then burn that to a DVD. https://www.techwalla.com/articles/how-to-extract-audio-from-an-iso-file

    SantaFe Texas

    Every time I keep asking yhe same question...How in world do these sickos Get their guns (shot guns, rifles and pistols) into the school to begin with ? Sad is a good word Paul but its worse than that !! Can you imagine one of the parents having to go to the morgue and identify one of their kids ? Breaks your heart !!

    NXT Pro 6 complete uninstall

    Suggest you go on line and download the free trial program "Revo-uninstaller Pro". Use it to uninstall your NXT6 and then let it do a "moderate" scan for left over register files and delete all of them when asked. Then do a complete reinstall of the program. NXT6 will allow 10 only reinstalls. So keep that in mind. Correction---I have just be advised that Corel has changed the number of installations of NXT6 to 20 rather than the 10 I suggested. My apologies.

    Audio capture with Sound Editor

    Another very similar check for capturing audio from your computer or other devices.

    SP2 will not install

    Just another Corel thing I guess

    Can I author bluray discs

    NXT6 Pro does allow one to burn bluray disks however you must buy the BluRay plugin for it to work. Check the store and accessories tab.

    SP2 will not install

    You are correct Steve. I opened up NXT6 Pro and this time it showed me the screen for the SP2 Update. I ran it and it completed the "Patch" and changed the program from the "A" to an "H". However I did try and chase down everywhere on my computer to find the Patch for the SP2 update and couldn't find it anywhere !!! (Attached screen captures)

    SP2 will not install

    Yeah Steve---a couple of posts ago I told I did a complete re-install. And you are correct--When it starts to install it says to check for updates but it never does anything after you do the check. And I'll have to agree with you on not worrying about it as the programs all seem to work OK. and btw I did another "complete" virus check using Windows Defender and it found nothing. I'm not sure what the "H" and "A" in the version means but you could be right. I have another computer in my shop running W10 Pro and it also has NXT6 Pro installed. I'll check to see what the version shows on that computer and see if it's the same or different.

    SP2 will not install

    I can't remember ever installing the SP2 update Steve but have received the update needed when opening up the program. Just can't run it. That update. Must be somewhere

    SP2 will not install

    I did a complete uninstall of NXT6 Pro using the Pro version of Revo-uninstaller with all the scans and deletions. Then I re-installed NXT6 Pro (then one we got from Mark. Tried to see if there was an update and still get the same "no updates available" This program needs some serious attention impo.

    SP2 will not install

    All my quarantined files have been deleted from the Windows defender Brendon. Maybe I should just delete the NXT6 Pro I have on this particular computer and then reinstall a new clean install. If I do that then how will I know if the SP2 is updated or not ? Do a "check for updates from within the program" ??

    SP2 will not install

    Says nothing about SP2 cd ???

    SP2 will not install

    That's odd Steve. When I go to updates (while on the forum) there is no updates shown for NXT (any version). I did open the program (NXT6 Pro) and went to the "help" option and it states that there is no update for it ? Certainly can't understand why when I run a scan with Windows Defender it shows the two viruses that I posted and quarantined (sp?) them. I also called Corel and talked one of there techs and they are looking into the problem with the info I sent them but I haven't heard back yet. The program is running all OK it's just when you try and do the SP2 update it gives you that virus error ?? Question--How do you tell if your NXT6 Pro already has the SP2 update ?

    SP2 will not install

    Running W10 Pro OS and Windows Defender security found these virus threats when Trying to update NXT6 Pro to SP2
  20. Your welcome. Glad it worked for you
  21. OK what OS are you running ? OOPS, my bad ! You ARE running W10. So am I. I am running W10 Pro but that shouldn't make any difference. You could try AVC (Any video Converter.com) to see if it helps. But if VLC didn't help your MyDVD program I don't think any others would help either. The fact that I can do a DVD with NXT6 "Create DVD" with either MOV OR Mp4 leads me to think you have not correctly used the My DVD program correctly. And That could be many different things.
  22. Have you tried playing the video with any other player programs to see if the video and audio both play ?(windows media player etc. ) I have tried to duplicate your problem with a MOV file I have and I converted it to an MP4 and inserted it into NXT 6 Pro MyDVD and it worked OK. So not sure about your audio not playing ??? BTW, I also used the original MOV videos in another MYDVD (Create DVD) and they also played both audio and video just fine.
  23. Download the free program "VLC Media Player" and it will open all most any video and/or convert it to what you want.

    Making DVD movies

    Sure can't understand your analogy on this one ?? "You converted to DVD" and then want to "burn it to a DVD" ???? But if in NXT6, on the top tabs, click on "OUTPUT", Then "Prepare for Authoring", and on the options pick your correct options and "Create Video File". This will produce an MPG video file of the Videowave program you made and saved and then "Create DVD" (DVD). Go get the saved MPG video and burn it to a DVD.

    Making DVD movies

    This is NXT 6 Pro, Where do you see the option " CREATE MOVIES" ??