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  1. D. Chen

    CD Spin Doctor and volume control

    Did you ever find a solution to this problem? I'm experiencing the same thing.
  2. D. Chen

    Spin Doctor Freezing

    I tried this solution (putting old Toast and CDSD in the trash), but it's still crashing. I'm using the latest version of CDSD on a MacBook Core Duo 2 GHz (white) with 2 GB RAM and OS 10.4.8. Any suggestions?
  3. D. Chen

    CD Spin Doctor trashes tracks exporting them to Toast

    I've been using CD Spin Doctor for years and have been pretty happy with it. But I just got the latest version today and it immediately crashed. I followed the instructions in the tech notes and placed my old versions of Toast and CDSD in the trash, as suggested by Crispian in another thread. But it's still crashing. I'm also having another problem: the Filters button is not responding when I click on it. I don't get the pop up menu that is supposed to appear. Any suggestions?