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  1. Hello everyone I have been using the web video fine with YouTubebut suddenly it stopped downloading any suggestions on what to I have installed the program on another machine to test out the installation and is doing the same thing. It will not download any longer any suggestions on what I can do to get around this Michelle
  2. missnz

    DVD case size print out

    Hello everyone just wondering if anyone knows if there is a way of making a DVD case printout which would go double DVD case from what I can make out it needs to be 28 cm and from what I can see the one that comes with the program as 26 cm any suggestions on how we can get around this Michelle
  3. My problem is when I catch the video is as perfect when I played the original in video wave it is perfect when I do the editing in video wave I have several problems sometimes when I'm editing frame by frame I can see the frame time moving, but not the frame and if I do see it moving at times when I make the final file in video wave it loses the sound for a while when I apply at that it seems to freeze even though the time, you can see is passing by the last thing I really want to do is to uninstall the cards I have the HP printer with the files backed up that were made but it would take a while to reinstall the files to it the Pentagon are going suggestions would be greatly appreciated Michelle
  4. missnz

    Settings for video quality

    i am using Creator 2010
  5. Hello everyone. I am just wondering if someone can help me. I am making DVDs from VHS videotapes. I am using the latest version of my DVD now to my actual question. What is the best setting for making the best quality. I notice by default it's set to fit to disc when I record the video tapes. I am recording it in DVD HQ. So, what I really need to know is what setting to set the my DVD to get the best quality. Thank you in advance Michelle
  6. missnz

    CD Label Maker

    Did you update your program in any way I remember when I was running version 6 after upgrading it would only print if you unatick print layout line I found with this you would only get the layout size but not the actual design that you had made Michelle I hope this may be some help
  7. missnz

    Cannot delete Web Video from Media Browser

    Hello I may have an answer for you if this happens close the program down I'm not a Mac user myself, but there must be a browser similar to Windows Explorer go into the summer thing and try to delete from the when this has happened to me in Windows. If I have closed the program down and deleted it from the Windows Explorer that works Michelle
  8. Hello everyone just wondering if there's any way of converting the jwp from version 6 that and to picture file or converting it into the new format for the 2010 version . Michelle
  9. missnz

    Update on HP printers

    Hello everyone I have got my HP printer working 100% now thanks to everyone who has helped with providing the code that needed to be made up and everyone who has replied my requests thanks again everyone Michelle
  10. missnz

    Update on HP printers

    Hello everyone out there who has HP printer thanks to the people that have put together the specs for the label maker I have got the program recognising my printer unfortunately still having some problems printing with roxio. For some reason when I try to do directly onto CDs, DVDs that tells me to close the door to the tray which holds the DVD so still a bit puzzled why this is happening also just in case anyone out there, is trying to run the HP printer wirelessly and trying to print onto CDs/DVDs that software is not suitable at the moment to work with Windows 7 is an update coming in around 2 to 3 weeks I have been able to print directly onto CDs onto CDs with the software that came with the printer, which HP pick people will know is very basic. I have told HP today when I was talking to them that the software is rubbish, and the person I spoke to said that they will pass that on to the programming people to see if they can make something better. At least they can not make anything worse. Surely . Michelle
  11. missnz

    Change Menu Style

    hello, if I read your message correctly you are wondering where all the styles for the different layouts are vigilant stall the second CD/DVD, which came with the program I have the professional version and it came with two CDs and the setting on how the extra layouts Hope this helps Michelle
  12. missnz

    When printing disk

    Hello I am wondering if anyone can help me I have just done a test on plain paper to test a label before using a DVD I noticed it has printed right to the centre as I wanted it has also printed a circle where the plastic would have been if that was not a disc with a hub is there a way of turning this line off Michelle
  13. missnz


    Hello there are two ways I can think of to do this would be to use a double our CD/DVD was split the file into two individual parts and right but to individual parts onto different 4.7 GB disks Michelle
  14. missnz

    reduce file size

    Hello if that is the case do you have any programs that you are able to load your photos into and resize them e.g. 800 x 600 which will reduce size size of a file to seeing by e-mail that may not be as convenient than ever, if you still could do what you want to do reduce the size for a mailing Michelle