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  1. Wrong?

    So its been some time now And I still get the error when trying to make BD disc- img, any fixes from toast on this? soon?? why not make possible to downgrage to erlyer verson vithout bug ?
  2. Wrong?

    So we are slowly getting to the bottom of this? T10 is somehow flawed after last upgrade with that error thing ! T9 does work but does not compress to desired size It needs to be w a y below 7 bit- rate to fit a single dvd-r ...
  3. Wrong?

    Hello I have backup of lightzone- fotomagico- soundsoap- siverlight- sonicfire pro- t9 and t10 bluray plug-in I guess i somehow forgot to save installer pacage! cant find it anywere!! so my bad- I guess the adventure of bluray is over for my part I will keep it on my machine maby a imminent fix is on the way ? I´ll use Divx in t9 for simulated hd videos in the meantime.... And I will n o t purchase T 11
  4. Wrong?

    And how and from where do I download this?
  5. Wrong?

    I tried a lower bitrate TWIZE It simply dosnt work - something i s busted in toast! !s it possible to go back to t 10.07? It worked before cristmas
  6. Wrong?

    Hi there I tried to make a disc.img of my new christmasmovies to burn ? My clips are in AIC many times now (4 times) I get this message! - "there is something wrong with the source material) -18771" ? Whats wrong now? It worked before christmas.... I run T 10.08 Please help - thank you
  7. Mac And Br Burner

    Thank you! the br burner i found is a Usb 2.0 version and does not have 4wire! So Anyone tried one?
  8. Mac And Br Burner

    Anyone have tried to burn a BR disc image with a FREECOM brburner? http://www.freecom.com/ecproduct_detail.asp?ID=4149&CatID=1147576&sCatID=1149732&ssCatID=1149733 It says innstalation software is not compatible with OSX only with windows and so on! It should al be a matter drag and burn right? I would like to see my "masterpieces" on more than a 30 minute dvd..... Thank you.
  9. Lost My Mac In A Crash (no Backup)stupid Me!

    Now very happy again! Redownload a suxess I needed p2 to compress dvds as mu projects sometime are to big. Thank you so much ( will do better backups from no on)
  10. Hia there! Unfortunally I lost my mac in a serious crash and thereby lost my popcorn 2 app and also evreything else conekted to this. so I visit Roxxan: she guides me to all download facts exept I cannot choose popcorn?? so what do I do?? Do I need to repurchase the download now?
  11. Drive error?

    Me did that? Kjolner
  12. Drive error?

    Hia there! When trying to burn a dvd a message pops up: The drive reported an error: Sense KEY = ILLEGAL REQUEST Sense Code = 0x24 INVALID FIELD IN CDB Whas this? about anyone! Kjolner..