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  1. bkwolfer

    Photosuite Crashes

    mine started crashing, same thing, open a jpg and crash. It has been working solid for over a year, bought it last year. All current updates. Has been working with no problems until today.
  2. I can't get into the support forum, but this is related - can the fix for 2 labels / page after the first page be fixed? I choose to print 2 labels per page and it only does this for the first page and no others. I use this program to create buttons and I sometimes print hundreds of my labels and it would be nice if it worked, the app calculates the # of labels printed as 2 per page when you choose it, but it only prints 1 per page after the 1st page. Also on a Label Creator rant, resizing shapes when you drag a corner it is supposed to keep the aspect ratio - however it does not and I had a hard time making a circle larger. no matter what I did (shift key. Ctrl Key) or where I grabbed it the aspect ratio got messed up. Thanks, Brian
  3. Yes, I already did the unrar & was able to duplicate the issue by running the .exe by itself- I'm a US user - ordered it via ROXIO website - oh well, maybe I will have time to uninstall & re-install EMC 8 and see if anything changes.......maybe I got the wrong install set - I will have to look on the CDs/ case to see what the deal is
  4. Just re-installed it to be sure and it's still a no go with the update. HOWEVER - keep in mind, what I have is a CD install, no other updates applied - the version I show is "build 801B16A" which isn't what is listed on the update page "Build 800B85C" - is that the issue? Hows come my version isn't updatable - is it somehow newer? Must be different versions released on CD....very odd- guess I'll just keep looking for something that will work when EMC 9 comes out.....
  5. Nope, I have the same issue and I'm running 8.0 - XP with SP2. Funny I went within EMC8 and had it check for an update, said there wasn't one....I d/led the 114 MB patch and get that windows installer error....