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  1. Toast 8 won't open old audio CD docs

    wensum, a voice of reason - thanks for the sanity check. But apparently your efforts are lost on the children here. With the lack of response from Roxio it is clear. If you want to open any existing documents, hold on to your currnet version - don't waste your money on Toast 8. X Judboy - please, continue the adolescent name-calling. It's obvious you're quite professional at it, and it's oh so constructive. X
  2. Toast 8 won't open old audio CD docs

    tsantee - "But don't get on my case for something Toast or Roxio does or doesn't do, because I have nothing to do with that." Exactly. You have nothing to do with it, so don't reply with useless info that's not requested. Can you people read? ATTENTION ALL FANBOI APOLOGISTS - freshburn, tsantee and Judboy - if you don't work for the company, go waste your time somewhere else. Why is this hard to understand? ROXIO, a response would be appreciated. Thanks, X
  3. Toast 8 won't open old audio CD docs

    Settle down there, junior! "I'd beg your forgiveness for my audacity to reply, but I don't like you either." Typical fanboi, digressing into a personal attack. I'm guessing you're @ 12 years old. My previous posts clearly ask for ROXIO to respond - will this bug be fixed? - obviously, you feel you can speak for them. Useless cludges or work-arounds don't get the job done. Go up your post count somewhere else (I'm sure there are plenty of other users you have yet to grace with your unwanted, God-like knowledge) X
  4. Toast 8 won't open old audio CD docs

    "Why is this such a big deal?" If you had hundreds of audio CDs it would be a big deal to you. I use this app professionally, I don't have time to screw around converting all my files (and taking up 2x the drive space in the process) Perhaps I could bill ROXIO instead of my clients for the time involved (or would you like to pay for it? - as it appears you work for them, despite what your sig says) What happens when the next OS update hits, and Toast 7 won't even launch? (I suppose I could just keep two computers running with different OS's and 2 different versions of Toast - that wouldn't be a "big deal." "The audio CD options in Toast 8 are different than those others, so the older files lack information that Toast 8 needs in order to make all the correct settings." "I suppose Roxio could have created a file import conversion script that would automatically add the missing information in a default setting to older files, but they didn't do that." "The bug you've pointed out is that Toast should have rejected the Toast 7 audio CD file entirely rather than open it as a photo CD." Thanks you for pointing out these BUGS. New features are great, if they are indeed that and not crippleware. Suppose the next version of Office or Photoshop wouldn't allow you to open a text document or jpeg that wasn't created with that version. Come on, that would be rediculas. This is a huge oversight - refund here I come. Once again, anyone from ROXIO - THE COMPANY - ROXIO - ROXIO care to help out. X
  5. Toast 8 won't open old audio CD docs

    Now pay attention this time.... an audio CD is an audio CD. The "options" in Toast may change, that doesn't change the format of the burned disc. Could someone from ROXIO address this. Thanks, X
  6. Toast 8 won't open old audio CD docs

    Why would you expect this? It's very odd that a new version of any software would not be backwards compatible with previous versions of it's own documents. (let alone only one version back) There is no change in the format of the disc - an audio CD is an audio CD. Could someone from Roxio help with this obvious bug. Thanks, X
  7. Toast 8 won't open old audio CD docs

    Anyone having this problem? - When I open an audio CD document created by an older version of Toast, it thinks it is a Photo CD. CD's created in Toast 8 work fine but not from an older version. Any help is appreciated. Thanks, X