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  1. Bump V.7

    If it has no DR, then it is the version that came with EMC 9.
  2. Toshiba Runs $2.7 Million Ad During Super Bowl

    Of course, with some of the junk they are putting on TV, the Mayans just might be right.
  3. Toshiba Runs $2.7 Million Ad During Super Bowl

    And others have predicted the same thing in previous years, and I'm still watching television.
  4. Toshiba Runs $2.7 Million Ad During Super Bowl

    In my, opinion regular TV has sucked for far longer than that. I watch exactly 2 series TV shows. CSI, the original, and Bones. Other TV shows I watch are PBS, DIY, old movies, and shows on channels like History etc. Would not bother me if the strike never ended, or that another award show where they pat each other on the back gets canceled.
  5. Bump V.7

    In reality, it doesn't surprise me much as BUMP is more of a home product. As expensive and slow as tape is, few are using it anymore. I gave them up at least 5 years ago. DVD and external HDD are much faster and just as reliable. When I was backing up by tape, it would take me 3+ hours. Now I do more onto DVD in 20-30 mins. Does the version of BUMP they gave you have disaster recovery? And if it does, does it require floppies. I have been waiting for ages for a version 7 of BUMP that has DR. Only version I have heard of was the version that came with EMC 9. That one did not have DR.
  6. Bump V.7

    I have to ask where did you get version 7. Did it come with the drive? I also noticed your post about EMC 10. What comes with EMC 10 is Back on Track, not BUMP. I would be very surprised if BOT can read BUMP files. From what I have read BOT does not support tape.
  7. Anyone Tried Ms Silverlight

    I had a add/remove listing, but when I tried it it would not uninstall. As this happened months ago, I have since done some cleanup and removed the uninstall files. If they do not work, there is no point in keeping them.
  8. Anyone Tried Ms Silverlight

    Well with all the at least not negative replies, I may have to give it a try. Anyone try to uninstall? Have had problems in the past doing that with MS products, (read IE7). Never was able to uninstall, so was stuck with it.
  9. Anyone Tried Ms Silverlight

    Definitely not brave enough just yet. Especially with MS and the fact I have not seen or heard anything about it. I will try a beta of Firefox or some other softwares in a heartbeat, just not MS.
  10. Anyone Tried Ms Silverlight

    Just wondering if anyone has been brave enough to try the MS Silverlight for IE and supposedly Firefox? Impressions? Problems? A better description than the usual MS propaganda on what it does?
  11. Unrecovered Read Error - Medium Error

    If you are copying movies, there is a good chance it is the copy protection that is stopping you. Also some software DVDs may have the same thing.
  12. The "gutting" Of Backupmypc 6

    Not sure what you downloaded, but I have Backup MyPC 2006. It works exactly like V6, (which it is, just renamed), v5, and v4. Are you sure you did not download Back on Track. As for this site, it is a forum of users, not Roxio staff, so your complaint will probably not be seen by anyone from Roxio.
  13. Something else you may try. Create the CD with the directory for BUMP, but leave it empty. As far as leaving it, it will do nothing but take up a little space.
  14. Sorry, don't know why that didn't work for you. Worked fine for me with EMC 8 when I had it.