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  1. In that case you'll either have to use a double-layer DVD, or compress the program file enough to fit on a single layer disc, because you can't trim bits off a program file and still have it run. If you compress it, you won't be able to run the program from the disc but will have to copy it off and decompress it before you can use it. Try using programs such as WinZip, WinRar, or 7-Zip, and see if you can squeeze it enough to make it fit.
  2. Nxt 6

    Yes, so did we. Unfortunately the brand has been "acquired" by so many different companies one after the other, there won't be any of the original people left and I fear the original vision has gone.
  3. Videowave Has Stopped Working

    Usually you need the very same software which made the files you want to edit. What are you having trouble with?
  4. Re-install Roxio Creator NXT

    The usual problem is substituting look-alike characters for each other, e.g. figure zero for letter O. However if you would send me a PM (private message) through the mail system here I can run your key against my own Creator NXT, and check it or make other suggestions for you. Is it standard NXT or the Pro version? Regards, Brendon
  5. Menu's Music Length

    Rachel was kindly thanking Malatekid and reinforcing his suggestion.
  6. Totally Miffed!

    Cindon, Have you installed the Content (about 230 MB) as well as the basic Program? I'm running my NXT 5 right now on this machine in Windows 10, and MyDVD in there is showing me 97 Themes. The updates to NXT 5 don't take away themes, so my guess is that you haven't installed the extra Content disc or download if you're only seeing a tiny selection of them. If your program is installed in the default location and you navigate to C:\ProgramData\MyDVD\Content\DVD\16x9\Backgrounds for example, you should see 187 DMSM files in that folder - it's 2 per theme, give or take. Please check your Content was installed, and get back to me.
  7. Xero, Thank you. I think we can agree you got off to a bad start for whatever reason, and it would be good if we can get past that so that you can tap into some of the knowledge accumulated by various board members. If you would send me a private message (mouse over my avatar and choose 'message') to let me know you've read this, I'll have the thread vanished so you can start afresh. p.s. The posts are all topsy-turvy because someone has been voting then down, and it upsets the sequence on this 'improved' board software. Regards, Brendon
  8. Thanks for that information Rob. I was busy trying to duplicate your problem and couldn't, so I was going to spend the afternoon on it. You've saved me a heap of fruitless work. Bless you! I now have an afternoon free, so I'm off to get an overdue haircut.
  9. Back On Track backwards compatibility

    Okay, I'm back. You haven't given too much of the detail I asked for Rob, but I think I can work out broadly what you were doing. I put some photos and videos and documents and music onto the drive and then did a One-Click 'My Data' Backup to a 1.5TB WD Elements USB drive with BackOnTrack [BoT 17] Version 17 from NXT Pro 4. The backup amounted to 3.10 GB and was about 3,000 files. All the files I expected to be backed up (given that the thing is filtering by category) turned up on the portable drive, and were restored successfully to a different folder by BoT 17. I then took the portable drive to the NXT 6 machine and hit Restore in BoT 19 - the NXT 6 version. Since BoT 19 didn't know what I had been doing on the other machine, I got no result from the "Use the latest backup" button and had to tell it to let me choose and then go search. It didn't find anything under Portable drives, but quickly found the drive under Hard Drives. It restored everything from the BoT 17 backup, without problem. Summary: For me Version 17 (NXT4) backed up more or less what I expected, and Version 19 (NXT6) restored it all without compatibility issues. I think there are only cosmetic differences between the two versions. You need to read the Help files quite thoroughly before you use the program, especially the parts dealing with categories of files to be backed up. Be Aware that you can't restore a system disk or a whole partition with either version (the Help files are wrong in this respect) because "Disaster Recovery" has been disabled for some years now. The help files haven't caught up yet. I hope this helps, Regards, Brendon
  10. Back On Track backwards compatibility

    RobL, Sorry I'm late to this topic - I live in a different time zone from most. The folk on this bulletin board are fellow software users, and not Corel Support. However we often know or can find out what actually works when Corel says it doesn't, or what just doesn't work when Corel says it does. I have computers here running NXT4 and NXT6. Would you tell me please, WHAT TYPE of backup have you done on NXT4 that you're trying to restore on NXT6? I'll need as much detail as you can give if I'm going to duplicate your efforts, so please don't spare the details. -which menu choices you used in BoT, and what settings? -what you backed up? (categories only, or additional files and folders, etc.) -what you were trying to restore, and how you tried to do it. With that info I hope to try the same thing and either confirm your result or perhaps point to something you got wrong. Regards, Brendon
  11. WinDvd 12

    Please read THIS TOPIC. It will tell you all we enthusiasts know about this unfortunate mess. Anything further you will need to try and take up with Roxio Support. Regards, Brendon
  12. User Xero, You were flaming others in your first post, criticizing and petulantly demanding that your question be answered only in the manner that you deemed proper. That is not an acceptable manner on this user bulletin board. On some other popular boards this behavior would have had you banished immediately, but here it resulted in derision from other users. What did you expect when you come in as a newbie in a combative manner, demanding assistance in your own terms and then complaining about the reactions that you yourself deliberately provoked? You appear to have the necessary intelligence. Please find the required manners to interact with this community without disrupting it. I am sure that if you frame your posts with consideration for others, they will respond in a like manner to try and help you. If you can't reduce your belligerence, this board just isn't for you. Thank you, Brendon (Moderator)
  13. How To Remove Roxio Virtual Drive 10

    More like what's referred to as "A festering pile of dog poo!" -and once you have it you MUST accept all the changes and 'updates', like them or not.
  14. How To Remove Roxio Virtual Drive 10

    Chris, Thanks for sticking with this, answering questions, and reporting back so clearly. It has been an interesting trip, and I've learned a few new things. Brendon
  15. How To Remove Roxio Virtual Drive 10

    Hi Chris, You're making progress. Since you had Farstone Virtual Drive but you uninstalled it, I think a Farstone driver may have been left behind and Windows has detected it. Try Method five and see what items the Revo uninstaller can detect.