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  1. Yes. Roxio's menus are made a little larger by the DPI setting you use.
  2. Service Pack 3 notes?

    Broskimode, I haven't seen any release notes for that ServicePack, but perhaps Corel will update the 'Updates' page eventually - if they still do that. The SP2.1 updates the program to version 102B22A The SP3.0 updates it to 102B26A. This doesn't look like much of a number change, but the updater uninstalls large chunks of the program and then reinstalls new chunks, so a lot has been replaced. The updater has about 175MB devoted to GameHD_1x, about 16MB devoted to CPDecoderpack, and about 3MB each to GameCapHD_USB x64 and x86. Given the amount changed, it might take them a time to write up the release notes Hope this helps . . .
  3. Hi Steve, It's been 6 months. You never wrote, you never called . . . (grin) Okay, you're showing a message from Windows Installer, so I guess you managed to successfully download the .txt file and re-name it to .MSP and run it. Now the patch is complaining that it can't find the program it is trying to update? WHAT HAS HAPPENED to the software you were running (SP 2.0) which offered you the SP2.1 update? If it is unchanged it should have happily accepted the SP2.1. Has it been changed, broken, or updated already? Can you tell us what version is shown when you go to 'Help > About this software' ? Things are getting complicated, since Service Pack 3.0 was issued in the last 3 or 4 days.
  4. Thanks Steve, The "Roxio Creator & MyDVD 9.0 DE" is an OEM (reduced ability) version of Easy Media Creator 9. If you're worried about your EMC 10 CD going bad, use the program to copy the CD to a disc image (ISO) and store that somewhere along with the CD key. Then you're set, no matter if the CD gets stood on you can always burn a fresh one. Brendon
  5. Steve, What actually is the "Easy Creator 10" that you're running? Is it Easy Media Creator 10, or Easy CD and DVD Burning v.10? You've been posting in the Easy CD & DVD burning forum, but I think you have the full Easy Media Creator and there's a lot of difference between them. Can you clarify, please?
  6. Friendly, You seem to have been away from posting for a year, and then started your earlier topic again as a separate message. I've brought the two parts back together to try and help you get a resolution. Please stop "shouting" [using all capitals], and it would be easier to read if you were to stop speaking loudly [bolding everything you write] also. Thank you. Now, back to business. Would you please re-read SKNIS' reply written to you on November 23, 2016, and do what he requests about a screen capture and a dxdiag report? It seems that your reinstalls work fine for a day or two, and then something in your system breaks the Roxio software. SKNIS is trying to work out what part of your system is doing that, so please do as he asks.
  7. I'm sorry we couldn't solve the problem for you, but from what you say it does seem like a hardware matter. I hope you get a good result from the man in town. Thanks for your feedback.
  8. Your source files work fine on your friend's machine, so there's nothing wrong with them. There is something wrong with your machine, and changing/reinstalling the software hasn't fixed it yet. Rather than trying an entire new Operating System [There be DRAGONS!!] I think you should work on getting your Windows 7 straight again. Windows 7 is a good, mature Operating System, and if a system develops a fault you should never hope to fix it by 'upgrading' your software. If I remember correctly, NXT2 only allows you 10 installs before your key expires (it doesn't care about Repairs) so don't go uninstalling/reinstalling unnecessarily. It would be useful for you to clean the machine up (logically) as Cdanteek suggested. This is worth the time it takes, and should be done regularly to keep the machine 'lean and clean.' The steps are Startup, Cleanup, Defrag, and Scan. - First check the programs which run when Windows starts, and disable any that aren't absolutely necessary. Run MSCONFIG.EXE and uncheck unnecessary programs in the Startup tab. Reboot Windows, and it will start without those things running. - Right-click on your hard drive in your File Explorer, and select Properties. Then click on Disk Cleanup, and in the box which appears, click Cleanup System Files. Windows will do some calculations, and when you give it the go-ahead will delete all the old garbage it indicates. I usually tick all the boxes and delete everything it allows. It's amazing how much there can be. -Once you've done that, go back to Properties (first picture) again and click Tools. Then click on Defragment now, and go do something else while the hard drive is defragmented. It might take hours but it will be worth it, and it won't take so long next time. -Now your system is lean and clean, you should make sure that this problem isn't caused by broken Windows files. Open a CMD window with Admin privileges, and type the command sfc /scannow <enter>. The system will scan its vital organs and replace any corrupted files. You might need your Windows 7 disc handy. Exit the CMD window when finished. If you do all the above things your system should be running properly. Please ask if you have difficulty following my instructions. Brendon
  9. Thanks for joining in. I downloaded it for examination too, but I'm too busy with Discovery to watch the whole movie at the moment.
  10. Hi Steve, What are you ultimately hoping to do with this movie? I ask this because a single-layer 4.3GB DVD [4,700,000,000 bytes odd] will only take an hour of video-DVD at a standard quality. Even if you split your source, you're going to be squeezing 1hr 38 or 39 minutes onto a single-layer DVD, and the playback quality will be far from optimal. The quality of your source isn't that high to start with. If you're intending to store it and play back on your TV set or one close to you, it would be worth checking the intended player or TV set to see if they're new enough to play the movie straight from the .MP4, either from a data DVD in the player or from a USB pendrive in the TV set. If so, your source file would easily fit on a data DVD or into a pendrive without having to be split, un-squashed, or re-rendered by you. If a TV set or a DVD player that will handle MP4s aren't available to you, you might have a long job ahead. Here are some stats on your source file: -the source is 854 pixels wide by 470 pixels high. It has black bands top and bottom, which are 58 px high. So the actual picture field is 854 x 354. If you leave the black bands the aspect ratio will be close to 16:9 [854 x 480] and should play without too much stretch. -it is NTSC, which is 29.971 frames/sec, and has stereo audio. If you need it on a set of DVDs for an old player or TV, it might pay you to split your source in Videowave again, and then "Export As" using the 'Same as Original' setting to maintain the aspect ratio of your source. After that you can use your usual method to squash each half-source file onto a Video DVD. Regards, Brendon
  11. How did your Youtube download play in the VLC player before you burned it to DVD, Steve? You haven't told us anything about the aspect ratio or dimensions or filetype of your source file, or how you burned it, so it's slightly impossible for us to guess at which point or why your movie got squashed.
  12. I lost my CD for the Roxio HD PRO!

    Try this address. Download Service Pack 2, which is the updated software.
  13. Multiple AVCHD clips

    None of us were happy when Corel removed the real Roxio MyDVD and replaced it with a lightweight Corel substitute.
  14. Menus and chapters won't burn

    You're very welcome. Thanks for the feedback.
  15. Menus and chapters won't burn

    Actually, you need to give us a lot more information before we can suggest what you've done wrong. A good place to start would be to see if the menus and chapter markers actually got onto the DVD. -Please outline your workflow, so we know how you've done it. -Did you preview your additions (menus and chapters) before you burned the project? -Did you save the project (so it's available to test and change) at least until it was successfully completed? -Did you create an ISO and test that before you burned to plastic, or did you just burn straight from your project? -If you have an ISO, can you play it with something like the free VLC player to check your menus and chapters? -Can you play the DVD in a different DVD player, or in a computer with the VLC player, and do the menus etc appear? The more of these questions you can answer, the more information we'll have to work on for you. If you think of anything else you can add, please do so.