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  1. track info

    Um, you're not exactly giving much detail there about your problem Caliber. What are you trying to do, how are you trying to do it, and what are the results you're getting please?
  2. ISO Burn Issue

    Oops, Mick. 2CH files are used in SACD audio, and I think your friend has given you an SACD ISO. Super Audio CD is a disc format which was introduced in 1999 and was going to replace CDs eventually, except it flopped and died, and is nowadays used only by a few "audiophiles". (See the Wiki HERE) You need a special player to play SACD ISOs, as they use a coding called 1-bit DSD while CDs use 16-bit PCM. Creator 2016 might burn the ISO to disc, but it can't convert DSD to PCM for you. Someone might know of a separate (commercial?) converting software. Regards, Brendon
  3. Penny

    When you rename a folder to old you end up with the renamed version only. This procedure is usually intended to get a folder out of the way so that you can install a new one, so after the new install you will eventually end up with two folders. It's not clear what you mean by the comment about 2011 and 2018. What are you trying to do?
  4. ISO Burn Issue

    So, Mick (clanp), We are all wanting to help you, and are waiting with 'bated breath for your replies to the questions in tbrewst's first post. -How was the ISO made, and what contents (file extensions) can you see if you open the DVD with File Explorer? The suspense is building, so please come back and reply to him. (smile)
  5. Roxio Burn Launcher, can it be disabled?

    You're more'n welcome!
  6. Problem is that Jim has only just installed, and has run into the problem before he has had time to use the suite. It doesn't seem that a clean uninstall is likely to help him at this point, and there may be something wrong with the program as delivered.
  7. Roxio Burn Launcher, can it be disabled?

    Hi MysterC, I don't believe it's a needed process. It just watches for disc insertion, and runs Roxio Secure Burn when it sees a disc put in. It uses only a few MB of RAM and very little CPU, but if you want to disable the service just change it from Automatic (Delayed Start) to Disabled. Regards, Brendon
  8. Updating Secure Burn Drive Letters

    I would expect that it happens when you re-start Secure Burn. Secure Burn gets the drive letter from the table which is maintained in the \HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\MountedDevices key in the registry. You can change the letter assigned to the drive with Disk Management and the change will happen immediately for the operating system (File Explorer), but Secure Burn won't recognize the changes until it is re-started and reads the table again. You can either restart Secure Burn, or restart the whole machine (which restarts Secure Burn also) to do that. Either way it's fixed, and your drive letter change will be persistent, so we can be happy. Regards, Brendon
  9. Updating Secure Burn Drive Letters

    Hi ECUMC, How did you manage to change your drive letters without the secure burn driveletter following automatically? I usually keep my optical drives at the top end of the alphabet, out of the way of the hard drives. In this machine the burn drive showed as Z: but when I changed the driveletter to Y: with Disk Management, Roxio Secure Burn terminated and dropped out of memory. When I restarted Secure Burn, it had adopted the new letter. Can you please explain the bad result you got and the steps you took to obtain it? If it's something particular to having two CD drives I can go install on another machine to check for you. Regards, Brendon
  10. Adding videos to a DVD disc.

    Yes, add recorded programs to the project up to an hour in total time, and then burn to disc. No ability to subsequently burn more programs to the same disc.
  11. MyDVD doesn't recognize .dmsm files

    Ospreys, In older versions of Creator the two programs Videowave and MyDVD were quite well integrated. That ended when the fully-featured Roxio MyDVD was replaced by a separate, simplified, reduced-feature Corel MyDVD. Now you have to fully prepare your movie in Videowave and then send it to MyDVD for burning. The .dmsm file is a very small Project file for Videowave. It's a few kilobytes in size and contains only instructions, no video. MyDVD has no use for that file. To create a DVD you need to load your .dmsm file back into Videowave with your source video files still available in their original locations, then use the "Prepare for Authoring" button to send your video project to MyDVD for burning. It's now a two-program, two-step process, and your .dmsm is only recognized by the first program, Videowave. Regards, Brendon
  12. Adding videos to a DVD disc.

    If you're just storing video files on a data DVD, you can do as many additional burns as will fit on the DVD as long as you don't "close" the DVD. However if you're making a standard Video DVD to play in a standard player, the disc is burned once and further burns are not allowed. A standard single-layer video DVD which will play in your usual stand-alone DVD player, will hold about an hour of video at best quality. Trying to compress the video to fit more will degrade the output quality severely, and using 'Fit to disc' can be pretty disastrous. Double/Dual layer discs can hold up to twice as long, but they can be awfully fiddly and hard to use successfully. In Videowave you can 'add' movies and/or film clips to the project and use menus if wanted - up to the time limit - so you could include two half-hour episodes on the one disc. But once you have everything assembled to your liking in Videowave, the project is burned to disc in one operation and the disc is closed. When you send your creation from Videowave to MyDVD to be burned, the standard DVD structure is created on your disc which is then closed so that nothing further can be written to the disc. Only one standard DVD structure can be written to a DVD, so that's why only one burn operation is allowed. I hope this answers your question, but feel free to ask if I've missed something.
  13. Light scribe discs

    You need a Lightscribe-capable drive and software to burn the label side on LS discs, but the data side is conventional DVD and can be written in a conventional drive.
  14. DVD+R dl discs

    Any modern DVD burner drive should be able to handle them, Jim. If you have a particular drive in mind, you can check its capabilities with a quick Google search of the model number.
  15. BackOnTrack Error "Cannot find backup"

    If this happens when you are attempting to start your backup, it might be that you're attempting to do an incremental backup when the original backup that you're trying to increment is no longer available. However without knowing exactly how you're doing this and which version of BoT you're using, there's no way for us to tell. Some details, perhaps?