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  1. Nxt4 Transitions

    BINGO!!!! Many thanks for your help guys. I can't believe it - a simple re-install!!! Had I known about the 20 install limit...............!!!! One last comment - do you think Roxio are likely to issue a patch to correct the operation of at least one of their transitions? One of my favourites in EMC10 - Dual Flip - should be "A out, B in". Instead, since NXT (and I told Roxio about it then!!) it's been "B reversed out, B in". They just don't listen!!! Thanks again David
  2. Nxt4 Transitions

    Hi Guys, You won't believe this. I have the two Win10 machines with NXT4. I uninstalled and re-installed both NXT4s on the oposite machine. BOTH WORK!!! I wonder if a simple re-install would have worked in the first place. Had I known the install limit was so high - I was thinking perhaps 5 or 6 - I would have done it. However, a repair didn't work - so maybe repair doesn't work. I must be mad, but I'm going to reinstall mine again on my own machine. That will then leave me with 13 installs. Should be enough to see me through. I'll let you know. David
  3. Nxt4 Transitions

    Thanks guys... Could not find folder under your path, cdanteek (only Roxio***.old folders). Found Roxio Log Files here - C:\Program Data\Roxio Log Files\Roxio Creator NXT4\16-07-25 21-00\ROXIO_SETUP.LOG and .....\17-01-05 11-37\ROXIO_SETUP.LOG. First one has approx 1000 lines of installation log for a period of approx 10 mins. This date could have been an installation date. It shows Install Count 5 Install Left 15 Install Resets 0 Second has approx 400 lines for period of 4 mins. Looks like a failed install and this date is definitely not an install date. I appear to have plenty left!! Many thanks and Regards David
  4. Nxt4 Transitions

    Sorry to be a pain Brendon, Where do I find ROXIO_SETUP.LOG? David
  5. Nxt4 Transitions

    Hi Brendon et al, You may or may not be interested in a further test that I've carried out on NXT4 transitions - here goes - I belong to a group creating DVDs in a local organisation. I therefore have access to a number of Win10 machines and one other copy of NXT4. (most of us are still using NXT on Win7). I borrowed the other NXT4 (my friend has upgraded to NXT5 - poor chap!! - no info on transitions from him yet though) and installed it on another Win10 machine. Lo and behold ALL the transitions were there and working. The interesting thing is the version number. After installation it was at "; Build 170B67A SP1, RO3 170B32A, RO3". I was invited to install two upgrades, the first to SP2, (version "; Build 170B67A SP2, RO3 170B32B, RO3") and the second to SP3 (version "; Build 170B67A SP3, RO3 170B32B, RO3") The version number appears to be an earlier one than mine (, yet they were purchased on the same order. (I remember upgrading mine, but I can't remember what to). I would like to install my copy onto this Win10 machine to see what that gives (to determine if it's my machine causing the problem), but I am aware of the installation limit as advised via this forum. (Where did this limit come from? It's not referred to in any supplied documentation). I seem to remember a post referring to a possible "reset" of this limit once it has been reached (can't find it now!!). Can you help with this? I definitely consider this issue as being a legitimate reason for multiple installations. Regards David
  6. Nxt4 Transitions

    Hi all, cdanteek - Not sure why you asked about the graphics card, but .... all - I have reinstalled Vista on my Dell laptop (post #21), installed EMC10, no internet connection so nothing to slow it down, started a new project which is running well, so goodbye NXT4. Many thanks to all for your comments regarding my missing transitions. regards David
  7. Nxt4 Transitions

    Hi cdanteek, I am almost certain I have an on-board Graphics card. I've certainly not added one myself. Not sure how to get to Bios in Win 10. Searched internet - looks long process - not sure it will tell me what I want anyway. David
  8. Nxt4 Transitions

    Hi Brendon, Thanks for the advice. I usually am dubious about these clean up software packages, but I've used Glarysoft Glary Utilities for many years (recommended by a friend) and so far have not had any problems, even with the various versions of Roxio (until now!!). I don't really think I'm going to find a solution to the missing transitions so I'm definitely considering EMC10 full time. I would still like to discuss it with Roxio/Corel if anyone could tell me how to. Many thanks all. David
  9. Nxt4 Transitions

    Hi, I've just run WinThruster again and looked at the detail of the 800+ errors. Only a handful are obviously Roxio based. Glary Utilities might not be finding all issues. WinThruster is less that £20, but there are so many of these around it makes me wonder whether any are really worth it. If I get nowhere with my transitions soon I might consider WinThruster. Not that I expect it to make any difference. It's either that or EMC10!! It might be EMC10 in any case!!
  10. Nxt4 Transitions

    Hi cdanteek, I don't always look at the detail, but I always repair. I've just run it now and it found 21 registry issues (1 of them obviously Roxio - Scorefitter), thousands of Firefox "tracks" to be deleted and 200MB of temp files (none of them Roxio). I'll check detail when I run it again. I must admit I was expecting some Roxio registry issues having uninstalled EMC10. I usually use a deep uninstaller (Revo uninstaller) which clears left over registry items, but I didn't with EMC10 since on one occasion I had EMC10 and NXT4 running on a "spare" win10 machine during a test phase, uninstalled EMC10 using Revo, and it caused NXT4 to not run properly nor to uninstall or reinstall (I don't recall trying repair!!). Probably thought some NXT4 stuff was EMC10!! Not a problem anyway - just for your info. Cheers David
  11. Nxt4 Transitions

    Hi all, Uninstalled EMC10, repaired NXT4, no change!!! I ran both msxml6.msi, and msxml_x64.msi - both immediately went to "finish" as though they didn't need to do anything. No change anyway. Scoured the internet for more info and was recommended to install WinThruster to scan for errors. I did this and it found 800+ high risk errors (if you believe that!!) but you had to purchase to remove errors (no thank you!!). I regularly run a clean up (Glary Utilities). Obviously what is affecting NXT4 is not affecting EMC10 in the same way. I think this is where I give up, unless anyone knows a way of talking to Roxio/Corel - I had limited success via the feedback link when I initially confirmed the shortcomings of MyDVD, but they have since gone very quiet!! Long live EMC10!!! I have installed it on a revived Vista laptop - it runs but the laptop is very slow. If I can speed this up I'll use it for all my DVD work. If not, I'll use it on Win 10 and hope it doesn't start misbehaving. Thanks all David
  12. Nxt4 Transitions

    Hi Brendon, Yes, they are the ones I want!! Something I haven't highlighted sufficiently - as you may recall in my post #1 I referred to the fact that I am running EMC10 on the same computer, up till now only for MyDVD (I may decide to revert to it entirely!!!). Two thoughts here - firstly, EMC10 has ALL of the transitions so is the issue still likely to be MSXML? (I tried it anyway to no avail - I ran msxml.msi but did nothing with msxmlcab.exe - should I? also see below), and secondly, could EMC10 be causing the NXT4 issue? I could try an uninstall and re-install of NXT4, but I am conscious of the limited number of installs allowed. I read the release notes AFTER running msxml.msi - msxml 4.0 appears to have been superseded by msxml 6.0, and windows 10 is not in the list of supported operating systems for msxml 4.0 SP3!!!! I am out of my depth here!!! Regards David
  13. Nxt4 Transitions

    Hi Sknis, Thanks for your reply, but I disabled anti-virus, reinstalled contents and it made no difference. Although I do use use a registry cleaner regularly there is nothing actively running. David
  14. Nxt4 Transitions

    Hi Brendon, My version - not SP3, but appears to be a slightly later version and build.
  15. Nxt4 Transitions

    Hi Brendon, Many thanks for your reply. Firstly, I just confirm that on my installation disc as supplied by Roxio I have as per my post #10. When I initially installed NXT4 I ran setup.exe as prompted by Windows. I did nothing else other than follow the screen instructions for the installation. I think during this I was prompted to produce the back up folder on my desktop as per my post #9. For all previous versions I have done nothing to install content separately and I've always had everything including all transitions (is this something new on NXT4? - I was not prompted to do it anyway). Recently, as per my post #7 and again just now, I have attempted to install contents by running setup.exe in the NXT4 Contents folder, but to no avail as far as the missing transitions are concerned. The installation goes through the motions including stating that it will uninstall the previous version of NXT4 Contents, but the result adds nothing to the transitions. I am at a loss!! I don't know how to get to SP3 - whenever I check for updates there are none. Thanks again David