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  1. Thanks for the suggestion. Now I need to find the disc among the piles of CDs and DVDs all over the house. It's here somewhere! (If I find it and it doesn't work, I'll be back.)
  2. I have been using Creator NXT 3 for years to burn audio CDs with no problems. This morning when I load tracks and hit the BURN option it just gives me the "Please Wait" message on the pop up and the OK button is shaded out. I've discovered that closing out the program and re-starting it will get it to work....once. But then the same thing happens again. I've powered the computer down and re-started but that doesn't seem to help. Any suggestions? I'm using an HP desktop and Windows 10.
  3. Crossfading Audio On Cds

    Thank you so much. I KNEW it had to be there. Was doing exactly what you assumed - using the "burn audio CDs" rather than create music disc project. New computer, new operating system, new programs. Too much new!
  4. Crossfading Audio On Cds

    I just replaced an old version of Roxio EZ CD creator and I'm trying to burn a CD that has tracks that total 2 seconds over the 80 minute time limit. With my old program I would just crossfade the tracks taking a second off of the silence between songs. I have tried to find that option in Creator NXT 3 without any luck. How (and where) do you crossfade songs in NXT 3?
  5. Burning Cds Of Live Concerts

    It's the Music Disc Creator in Roxio Easy Media Creator 9.
  6. Burning Cds Of Live Concerts

    Have gotten mp3 files of numerous concerts that are seperated into individual songs. In burning them to CDs I've used the cross-fade function with a half-second overlap to eliminate the silent gaps between songs. Been using the transition preview to try and make sure that things go together smoothly but more and more I am seeing (and hearing) the program doing a slight hold as it reaches the end of song 1 and starts song 2. I've extended the transition time but it doesn't seem to help. Any ideas as to why this is happening and/or suggestions on how to correct it?
  7. I have EMC9 and the Vista operating system and one of the features I was looking forward to using was to be able to record "any audio passing through the computer". I was hoping to preserve live music from DVDs and audio from various webcasts. According to what I've been able to determine, a sound card is necessary for this and, according to the company I purchased the computer from (Gateway), I don't have a sound card but something called "integrated audio". Now I'm all for integration but does this mean that there is no way that I can preserve computer audio? (I had been using rawavrecorder to capture streaming audio on my old computer but the one time I tried it in Vista it looked like it was working but turned out it was saving it to any file.)
  8. Old Fashioned Audio CD Burning Question

    Back here to thank everybody for their assistance. I slowed the burn rate down to 16x (I believe that's the slowest option in EMC9) and have not had that problem since. Although, as Dewey knows (since he helped out with this in another folder), my burner's been dead for the last couple weeks and have just now gotten things up and running. Thanks to all!
  9. Insert Disc?

    Luckily that didn't happen! After a series of mishaps with Gateway's tech support (has anybody else received a strip of plastic with "CD-R/DVDR-RW" on it instead of a burner?!), I was able to restore everything to normalcy after only a couple weeks! Thanks again to everyone for the assistance and guidance.
  10. Insert Disc?

    Thanks to all for you advice and assistance. After spending 45 minutes on the phone with a Gateway support person and having to jump through their hoops (mostly the same things that were recommended here), they are sending me a new drive. Been promised to arrive no later than June 4. (I'll believe that when I see it.) I could not believe that something would fail on a computer I've had less than three months! Thanks again for helping me sort it all out.
  11. Insert Disc?

    A friend just sent me this link. Could this be the problem? http://support.microsoft.com/kb/929461/en-us
  12. Insert Disc?

    Looks like I'll be on the phone to Gateway Wednesday night. Thanks to all for the clarifications. (And thanks again to deweywright for assistance rendered in another EMC9 forum!)
  13. Insert Disc?

    Not something I'm comfortable with but I know somebody locally who works tech support for a major corporation and, if it persists, I'll ask him about it. I'm running Vista so the step by step was a little different but a check for both drives showed there were no new updates. But thanks for trying!
  14. Insert Disc?

    I'd been burning CDs in Music Disc Creator (EMC9) all day and all of a sudden I can't burn anything. I set things up as usual, press the BURN button and get one of two messages: "Seek, synch, ATIP or mechanical positioning error- Unit not ready" or "Drive not ready-Unit not ready". Both of them end with the message (Insert Disc). Needless to say there IS a disc in the drive. I swapped out the blank disc for another blank disc, I powered the computer down, I tried burning through another program in EMC9 but still get the same response. The computer is only 3 months old. What has happened? (And even more important, how can I fix it?)
  15. Old Fashioned Audio CD Burning Question

    OK, here's another question (I warned ya!): On a few of my CD burns I am getting audio interference on playback. For lack of a better description, it sounds like you're listening to music on an AM radio and somebody is detuning it to the point where the static is overwhelming the signal. This seems to happen as the disc gets closer to the outer edge. (IOW, none of the discs start out that way.) Again, this doesn't happen with all of them but I've had it happen to probably a half dozen - sourcing from both original discs and mp3s. As with the "silent disc" problem, this didn't happen with the old (Win98) computer and I'm wondering if this could be caused by some sort of digital rights thing in Vista or (more likely) the speed at which the burner is running. I've gone from 4x burn speed to 32x or higher at times. Should I set it for a slower burn rate?