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    Produce Templates

    Never heard of Explorer and/or Media Player 11 causing a problem, but it is something I'll have to look into. I run this version of MGI on three different computers, all have the most recent version of Internet Explorer and Media Player, but I am only having problems with the one? The one computer that is giving me problems did have both the updated versions of Internet Explorer and Media Player installed prior to installing MGI though. Maybe that is the problem, as the computers I don't have a problem with already had MGI installed before I updated the windows software. Would you by chance know anyway around this *break*? And I have already tried to download the codecs and that didn't fix it.
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    Produce Templates

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    Produce Templates

    Hello, this question is in regards to MGI Videowave 5 (version 5.0.976.0). I use this software for my job. (Yes, I know it is old, but I have yet to find newer software that is easier and quicker to use.) My question is, sometimes when I install the program onto some computers, when I go to produce a movie, some or all of the produce templates are missing. I have installed the program from the same disk onto computers and all the produce templates will be there, but on others they won't be. Mainly, it is all the templates for the wmv format. Is there some place I could download these templates? Maybe, I have to download the codecs from somewhere, I don't know. I've been looking for a solution to this problem for years and have yet to find one, maybe I'll find it here.