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  1. I have had toast since version 4x and some time ago I've not been able to get Toast to default to "Data Copy" when Right Mouse Click to the Contextual Menu and then choosing toast. It use to do that, but I have version 10x now and I cannot get it to do that. Instead Toast goes straight to "Disc Copy", when I'm choosing from the folder and choosing "Toast" from the Contextual menu. It does actually start to go to Data Mac & PC and then goes to Disk Copy So then I have to go to Toast and wait for it to go to "Disk Image" and then click on on the first menu icon that is "Data - Mac & PC". I see no preferences to change that, but it's a pain to always go back and change to Data, when i want it to just start there and stay.. Thanks,
  2. garyleif

    "Toast It" Finder Option Contextual Menu

    Sorry, I meant Control-Click. Anyway, I get the contextual menu, but no matter what I do, the "Toast" doesn't show up.... Gary
  3. I have installed Toast 6 and then the 6.1.1 update. Under the prefs, I have checked and unchecked the pref for this.... Install "Toast It" Contextual Menu Plugin I can't get it to work??? So I tried it on my Powerbook at home to see if I have the same problem and both won't show it! I am using 10.4.9 MacOS I even checked on my computer and looked in the "Contextual Menu Items" folder and the Toastit.plugin file is there, but I don't see it when I press the Opt-click and see the different menu items... Anyone know what I'm doing wrong??? Gary