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  1. Creator Classic crashes

    Strange, but it occurs when I choose Desktop folder only. In other cases all occurs normally.
  2. Creator Classic crashes

    When I choose a Desktop folder in Creator Classic window, then Creator Classic crashes. And after Debuger starts: I click on "No" button and application closed. I've tried to reinstall Roxio EMC 9. It doesn't help me. I've tried to reinstall Windows, but it doesn't help me too.
  3. Disc And Device Utility

    I think that Disc And Device Utility has far more possibilities than Tools menu in Home application. And items "Load Disc Image", "Create Labels" and "Catalog Your Discs" are separate applications, which we can do started separately, without Home application. These applications are available in Roxio EMC 8 too (only "Catalog Your Discs" is absent).
  4. Disc And Device Utility

    OK. I agree about Drag-To-Disc. But why Disc And Device Utility is absent?
  5. Disc And Device Utility

    For example, Roxio Creator Classic has not possibility of selecting of Record Methods (Track-At-Once, Disc-At-Once) (this possibility was presented in Roxio Easy CD/DVD Creator 6, in 7th version it already dissappears). Switching between Mode 1 and Mode 2/XA formats in Roxio Creator Classic (this possibility dissappears in 7th version too). And I already spoke about Disc And Device Utility. Why developers refuses from powerful possibilities of Roxio Creator Classic? This application intended for experienced users first of all. Now I have CD with more than one data tracks and I want to rip only one data track from this disc. Roxio Creator Home is not capable for this.
  6. Disc And Device Utility

    Roxio Easy Media Creator 8 has contained the Disc And Device Utility. This utility did possible a reading of separate tracks from the disc. But in Roxio Creator 2009 this utility is absent. Why? P.S: And I has noticed one interesting thing: with every new version Roxio EMC loses many important functions and utilities (for example, Drag-To-Disc, DVDInfoPro). First of all Roxio Creator is a program for writing CD/DVD/HD media and it must have all necessary functions and applications for CD/DVD/BD recording. I very hope that in new version of Roxio Creator developers will not refuse from Creator Classic application.
  7. Creator Classic Hangs When I Add Files To Project

    I spoke just about it. Now, I've installed Roxio Creator 2009 and I've this problem again. Try to add at once many folders to data disc project and Creator Classic hangs at adding of the last folder. But, for example, Roxio Creator Classic 9 has no such problems.
  8. Creator Classic Hangs When I Add Files To Project

    Well... sure, few home DVD-players doesn't support UDF file system (very often I write video files on a disc for reading on my home DVD-Player), but anyway I can use Roxio Creator Home the application for writing data discs with the ISO/Joliet file system. Thanks for help.
  9. Creator Classic Hangs When I Add Files To Project

    I know about Joliet restrictions. But when I add files to project and I change the file system from UDF102 to Joliet then on the screen follow window is displayed again: and Roxio Creator Classic finishes the work. Now, I've installed Roxio EMC 8 and I've started Roxio Creator Classic application. I add the same folders to the project and all occurs normally.
  10. Creator Classic Hangs When I Add Files To Project

    This folders contain EXE-files. When I add all selected folders to project, the window "Adding Files" is displayed and adding files is beginning. At the first time all goes normally. But after a few seconds adding files stops on the some file in one of added folders. Creating folder in the project occurs normally. I've tried to switch-off the antivirus application, but it hasn't helped me. Now, I've tried to select the file system UDF102 without bridges before adding files to project. And all occurs normally. And if I'll select the file system Joliet after adding files, then Creator Classic crashes again.
  11. Creator Classic Hangs When I Add Files To Project

    I've tried it. But it hasn't helped me: when I add the few folders with the files to the project, then Roxio Creator Classic hangs (the window "Adding Files to the Project List" is displayed on the screen all time). P.S: this problem isn't available in Roxio EMC 8.
  12. Creator Classic Hangs When I Add Files To Project

    Ok, thanks. I'll try it.
  13. Creator Classic Hangs When I Add Files To Project

    I tried to reinstall Windows XP, but also I had a same problem. Else I tried to install Windows Vista the operating system, but also it hasn't helped me. gi7omy: Thanks, but I use Promt Expert 8 translator.
  14. Creator Classic Hangs When I Add Files To Project

    OK. "Roxio Creator Classic - the error is found out. The application will be closed. We apologise for inconveniences. If work has not been finished, working data can be lost. Transfer data on an error to Microsoft. The report on an error which you can send us is created. This report will be confidential and anonymous." I have sent this report. This problem occurs sometimes only, not everything.
  15. Very often when I add files to the project, Creator Classic hangs. At this time on the screen the window Addition of files is displayed. If I click on the Cancel button then Roxio Creator Classic finished the work, and on the screen follow window is displayed: I try at this time switch off the antivirus application, but it hasn't helped me.