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    Removing Spotlight Comments In Burned Data

    Thanks for the input. Though, I don't think this will work necessarily. Apple changed where the Spotlight Comments live. In 10.4 and earlier it was in the .DS store, but as of 10.5 they were moved to the extended file attributes. Eradicating the .DS store will likely still leave Spotlight Comments intact I would think. (All machines in question are on 10.6.8) ...just another little hiccup in the workflow. I feel like I'm going to end up duplicating the folder in question, running an Automator workflow to empty out all Comments and then burn these files, then delete them after burning. Sometimes one step forward is two steps back.
  2. Hello, ...the Title may be misleading when you see what I'm really hoping to accomplish. I have a scenario where I store valuable information in the Spotlight Comments for many files that we deliver. I thought I had researched this before and determined that the Spotlight Comment data does not get burned in with the files. Upon double-checking this again this morning—I am wrong. These Comments do indeed get brought over into the burned versions. I don't want anyone to see these Spotlight Comments as they are somewhat sensitive and confidential. Is there an easy way to NOT have this info. carried along into the burned versions of the files in question? Or do I need to do something like duplicate the data then remove Comments from this new set and burn it? This extra step would not be ideal, but potentially our only choice if we can't have Toast disregard these comments. Please advise... Thanks!
  3. KBrock

    DVD from VIDEO_TS Folder - add'l folders?

    That worked for me. An eradicated the odd burn messages I was getting well. Those were, of course, operator error I found out anyway. But thanks for the quick response. You saved the day. All the best, KB
  4. KBrock

    DVD from VIDEO_TS Folder - add'l folders?

    Thanks so much for input. I'll give it a go and report back. Right now I'm getting write errors - which is a completely separate issue. But I appreciate the info thus far! KB
  5. Hi, Wondering if it's possible to add any additional folders to a burn from a VIDEO_TS folders. I know it will create an empty AUDIO_TS folder but I also need to add 1 additional folder that contains a PowerPoint presentation. Is this possible in Toast 8? If not, it's a shame! If so, how? Thanks for any input. KB