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  1. A place for Notes?

    Nothing. Just a lot of other production apps have a place for notes - thanks.
  2. A place for Notes?

    Is there a place to writes notes in NVT 6? I am thinking along the lines of: "reviewed video through 5:38" or "the next thing to do is insert pictures". Thanks.
  3. Getting A 'cannot Build Render Graph' Error

    I do not see Options under Tools.
  4. 0Xc0000005 Error

    I have the exact same problem. Roxio has been of zero help!
  5. 0Xc0000005 Error

    I have just purchased Roxio Creator NXT 3. Loaded fine, but when I try to launch VideoWave or Create DVD, I get the infamous "The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000005) error. I have tried every solution I could find online. I am running Windows 7, 64 bit. Any ideas. Thanks.
  6. I got down to #5 and {7B4B90...i not listed.
  7. Out Of Sync Audio And Video

    I did a number of things. (My daughter got married 12/29 so I have had a lot going on - sorry). It seems to be fine now. Thanks all.
  8. Out Of Sync Audio And Video

    How do I download the driver updates?
  9. Out Of Sync Audio And Video

    Is "Video card: Dell 1905FP" what you are looking for? Thanks. DxDiag.txt
  10. Out Of Sync Audio And Video

    Does this provide enough infomration to help?
  11. Out Of Sync Audio And Video

    NVDIA was on my last PC.
  12. Out Of Sync Audio And Video

    I am sorry about not reporting back on the last issue. It worked fine. Not sure how to locate my video card to add it to me signature. I have Windows 7. Thanks.
  13. Out Of Sync Audio And Video

    I have a new PC - let me make sure my information listed is current. Thanks.
  14. Adding Pictures To A Video Project.

    it did work - sorry for my delayed response.
  15. Creator 2010 - The video is in sync in my production. When I create the MEG-2 video file, sometimes the audio and video go out of sync. Any ideas? Thanks.