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  1. test

    looks very different to ...
  2. Burning VCD

    hi gtashley, just a quick question, what video format are the files that you are starting with? before you convert to VCD?
  3. Tutorials in Creator 2010

    Hi TOActor, make sure you have the updated shockwav and flash players from Adobe on your system , and also silver-light, as these will let you see the videos.
  4. Burning hangs randomly

    Hi Fagopher, can you add a bit more info on the unit you are using, not just the DVD drive model? Take a look at our signatures, they have our details so it makes it easier to try to get a resolve, and as Dave has said check out the updates and help info
  5. 2010 media import

    Also a good little trick to work out if it is a supported unit, in "roxio import" , if Microsoft movie maker can see it , so can roxio, but if its a hdd unit do as myguggi has said
  6. system requirements

    As Dave has said a separate video card with its own integrated ram is way better for video work than the on board model you have, any type will work OK for you and im not going to go in to specifics but ATI or Nvidia all work well just a thought for later on if you get into video work more,
  7. Frying The New Copyright Law

    Yay the government have placed it on hold for a month wile they re-read it though, thank god someone has a head on there shoulders, im just glad the last government are not in still, or it would have been passed already. There are more holes in the act than there is in the titanic, and it can take something as simple as a spyware app to generate the traffic on a users pc (without them knowing) and then they get shut off. I really don't think its going to have any pull by the time it's read though in full by the government committees. It needs to go in the big recycle bin in the sky ( i know you loved Helen, keven?, whats his/her name Brendon anyway, but your loverly lady is the one who voted it in with the greens, not John)
  8. Roxioupnpservice9.exe

    You have been lucky, it depends on how much Paul has had to drink and what time of the day it is, you must have court him at the start of beer time.
  9. Unlucky 13

    couldn't happen to a better bloke As the saying go's... what go's around comes around
  10. Setting To Share Jpg At 640 X 480

    I never like posting a competitors product but VSO free image re sizer dose it for me, and it dose batch group resizing to. http://www.vso-software.fr/products/image_resizer/
  11. Creator 2009 Freezes

    Ok there are two issues here, 1. the product is crashing, so ok, lets maybe help on this one, you will to help all of us here to get this part sorted, can you post a bit more info on the PC you are using , make model, OS?, ect and maybe we can help on that one. 2. this product dose this easily, in video wave, and i do it all the time, so it dose work , but if your system is crashing then this may be part of why you cannot do this step. you should sort out that first , then also have a look at the turorals that are listed under help in video wave, they will get you started on editing or cropping and joining videos. can you add that info on your system and some of us users here can try to help you.
  12. Could The Large Hadron Collider Destroy Earth?

    whats a ZPM & DHD???? , you guys are just to technical for us bogans here
  13. Direct X9 Required W/video On Motherboard?

    Hi netmation, This best thing here to do is post a bit of info on the make model etc of your pc, and then users here can look into it a bit more you you. see how i have a signature below my post, even a text version of make, model, OS? etc will help you more here. look forward to your update
  14. Posted by a unnamed guru
  15. Terror As Plane Plunges 20,000ft

    Yes but dam them, they had to shut down an air show to land, talk about inconsiderate, there is always one whom thinks a small hole in a plane can be reason to crash a party.