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    three options DigiMattPhoto 1. live and lump it and move on with EMC10 minus drag to disk 2. roll back to version 9 that has it 3. find an application that will enable you to do it (3rd party app) sorry to be blunt but there is nothing else you can do
  2. Cannot say it better myself tbretz, very good, and i agree
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    One of my Dive mates 28 pound small ones should do ( had to remove there face side to protect them from retaliation)
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    How About A 1tb Optical Drive?

    Now you are gettting picky.. its your age showing , you know that dont you..... you amstrad man you
  5. take a look below grandpa Bruce's post you see he has the make model , operating system ect ect, these help others try to work what the fix may be Main System: CPU? Motherboard? Ram? DVD Burner? Video Card? Sound Card? Hard Drives? EMC Version? Windows XP Home Or Pro? or Vista? version and Service pack? SP3? SP1 for vista? add it to your signiture in the my controls under your name at the top left of this screen
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    Install Interrupted On Vista Sp1

    Thanks James , this was getting silly, Just an end note for knight-gkla, i said i was a beta tester, that was more of a point saying i have not only tested it on beta's be we also test it on the full versions, as all beta testing requires , and the answer to your question was yes i have installed the full versions of vista and the full versions of SP1 and also then installed EMC10 on a clean vista system, all fine, i have also gone to the next step and installed EMC10 on a MSDN copy of Vista that comes pre made with SP1 in it and EMC10 worked first pop..... hope that helps you
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    How About A 1tb Optical Drive?

    Brendon' said I do hope we're not going to see an endless series of "Rhodamine dye is only good for permantly losing data" posts. He he he, and as to the Worm comment, I'm going to have to go back to PC acronym school again if they start changing known names of virus to ligit PC hardware names ..
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    History Of Mobile (cell) Phones

    I have to confess iv had alot of the units listed there , i can even say i had a motorola brick, and the car phone unit... and startac and alot of the others , nokia 6585, and a few not listed there, and iv had alot of the PDA versions to ,,, im ruff on the suckers, cells hate me
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    Dam it Steve, now im hungry.....
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    Install Interrupted On Vista Sp1

    You are very wrong buddy, i was a tester for SP1 on vista, and a vista beta tester, and i also tested the EMC 10 product and i can tell you there are NO issues with SP1 and EMC10, i think the issue may be some legacy software or a driver issue on your PC. And as John has said they sell mega amounts of the product , and you are about the first one iv seen saying this, i say its your computer buddy
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    Will Not Install

    allso run this free bee tool through your system just in case somthing is lurking on there http://downloads2.superantispyware.com/dow...AntiSpyware.exe it is by far the best free removal and detection tool for nastys on the net. Iv scanned computers that have had adaware and spybot ect on them and those softwares have said clean and superantispyware has found stuff and fixed it. see what it finds on your PC then after that click on the start button and type in the run box MSCONFIG and click enter go to the startup tab and de-select windows defender if it is on the list and click ok, say yes to reboot and let it do that. now that the PC is back to the desktop, try the install again (there have been issues reported on the japan translated board over instalation issues and windows defender)
  12. These instructions are found in the Roxio artical http://kb.roxio.com/content/kb/WinOnCD/000...R?set-locale=en Clean Installation of Easy Media Creator on Windows XP Products: Easy Media Creator 10 Easy Media Creator 9 Easy Media Creator 8 Easy Media Creator 7.5 WinOnCD 9 WinOnCD 8 Issue: How to perform a clean install for Easy Media Creator versions 7.5 and higher on Windows XP. These instructions will also work with other Roxio based products based on these versions of Creator, such as MyDVD, RecordNow and Videowave. Resolution The following steps will completely remove any Roxio and Sonic software from your computer. Remove any Roxio and Sonic programs from Add or Remove Programs or use the Windows Installer Clean Up Utility (recommended) if you receive a certificate file error while trying to remove the Roxio program. Follow the instructions below to use the Microsoft Cleanup Utility to remove Roxio and Sonic software: (Step 1.) 1. Download the Microsoft Windows Installer Clean Up Utility to your desktop and install to remove Roxio and Sonic software. http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?...kb;en-us;290301 2. Scroll down to and click on Download the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility package now. 3. Click on Save and choose to save it on your Desktop. 4. On your Desktop, double-click on msicuu2.exe file and follow the on-screen instructions to install. 5. Click on Start -> All programs -> Windows Install Clean up. 6. Select Roxio Easy Media Creator, DirectXServiceInstall, and any entry started with Roxio or Sonic. 7. Click on Remove. (Step 2.) Once that is completed please disable your startup applications using MSCONFIG. This will disable any unnecessary background or system tray applications from loading. 1. Go to Start -> Run. Type "msconfig" (without quotes) then click OK. 2. Select the Startup tab. 3. Click the Disable All button. 4. Click the Apply button, then click the OK button. 5. Click the Restart button. To reverse this, go back into MSCONFIG and select Enable All and restart (that can be done once installation is complete). Note: Some anti virus/spyware programs may not be disabled using the steps listed above. You may need to check with your anti virus/spyware vendor on how to temporarily disable them. (Step 3.) For the step below you will need to show hidden files. This can be done by clicking on my computer then go up and click on Tools -> Folder Options -> View tab. Make sure show hidden folders is selected and click Apply. (Step 4.)Delete these folders from your hard drive. Note: When trying this step you may receive a message that a "file is in use". Simply drag that file to your desktop and it can be removed after restarting the computer. Also note that "Username" referred to below is the name you use when logging into Windows XP. C:\Program Files\Roxio C:\Program Files\Sonic C:\Program Files\Common Files\Roxio Shared C:\Program Files\Common Files\Sonic Shared C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Roxio C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Sonic C:\Documents and Settings\Username\Application Data\Roxio C:\Documents and Settings\Username\Application Data\Sonic C:\Documents and Settings\user name\Local Settings\Application Data\Roxio Empty the recycle bin once the steps above are completed. (Step 5.) Go into your browser and clear out the cookies and browsing history. This is usually found in the Tools -> Options window under the General or Security tab. (Step 6.) Remove these keys from the registry: WARNING: THE NEXT STEP INVOLVES EDITING YOUR SYSTEM REGISTRY. WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND YOU EXPORT YOUR REGISTRY BEFORE ATTEMPTING ANY EDITING. EDITING YOUR REGISTRY INCORRECTLY CAN CAUSE IRREPARABLE SYSTEM DAMAGE. To export a copy of your registry, please do the following: Go to Start -> Run. Type "regedit" (without quotes) and click OK. Locate and left click File in the upper left hand corner of the Registry editor. Click Export (Export range "All" should be selected). Choose a location on your hard drive and give the file a name. Click Save. Your registry should now be backed up in a .reg file to the location you specified Registry edit instructions: Go to Start -> Run. Type "regedit" (without quotes) then click OK. Double-click the HKEY_CURRENT_USER folder this will expand or open the folder. Locate the Software folder. Locate the Roxio folder. Right click on Roxio and click delete. Do the same for the Sonic folder. Close the HKEY_CURRENT_USER folder. Do the same for the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE folder. Double-click the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE folder this will expand or open the folder. Locate the Software folder. Locate the Roxio folder. Right click on Roxio and click delete. Do the same for the Sonic folder. Close the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE folder. (Step 7.) Restart the computer then reinstall Easy Media Creator.
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    Microsoft Silverlight

    no probs, info on it here: http://www.microsoft.com/silverlight/
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    Sonic Digital Media Plus And Roxio Easy Media Creator

    can you fly a passenger plane without lesions?
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    Iso9660 And Invalid Character Question

    Hi Charles, try this tool called nlite, i use it all the time in my PC service shop. it lets you do everything and more with your service packs, patchs and updates in your windows 2000 cd's have a read here: http://www.msfn.org/articles.php?action=sh...;showarticle=49 im sure it will sort your issue (PS: sorry to but in here Jim)
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    Microsoft Silverlight

    Its Microsofts new addon for rich content, i other words its similer to shockwav ect that is ment to let you see nice silverlight addons in some of the new web sites made by there new design package, its an ok thing but not many sites have that content in them yet, iv found it ok , iv not had any crash's from it , not even in the beta stage, yes or no it is your choice,
  17. The web is a fast medium: before you know it you're surfing off to other shores. So let me get the message out straight away: if you have a tight budget, love our planet, and need a computer, then put the Norhtec MicroClient Sr at the top of your shortlist! This is the smallest computer I have seen until now, and can be used in many situations to replace the larger and heavier computer system. If you are starting with a clean slate, even better: definitely consider this tiny powerhouse! It's a small computer in physical size, uses a lot less energy. BUT let its Puppy Size not deceive you: there's a lot of power inside to address your (personal) computing and communication needs. It'll save you money, and you'll do your share in "every watt counts". Of course economy lies in numbers: if you are deciding on tens, hundreds or even thousands of units - now that'll start adding up! I feel this product is by no means the end of the road: it's a great working prototype on the way to smaller, and less power consuming devices. The next generation goal: not 10 watts but 1 watt for the same computing power! Just can't wait to see that kind of products hitting the market.... but for the time being, in my "digital communication laboratory" I now have very valuable tool! Writing this in 2008 AD: I'm quite happy with the progress that CAN be made IF this technology would be adopted on a large scale! Some interesting starting points on this subject: TBL and Green Computing. Out here I'm not only looking into the theory, but also getting some hands-on experience. And I can now tell you: it really works... Sure hope I got your attention, and I would like you to read how I came to this loud and clear conclusion... A bit of History Let me start at a beginning and answer these questions: from what perspective do I operate, and what was the situation before I started installing the MicroClient SR? By the way: if I'd start at THE beginning of my story, it would become an entire novel... so I'll not do that here My interest is with personal computing & digital communication: the computer as a tool, a means to an end. Compare it with a car: I like to drive, I'm not a mechanic. So you'll not find much technical jargon in my review - at least no unnecessary difficult words. I like to keep it simple, and find ways to explain complex concepts in words the rest of us understand! For the technical reader: there are many places on the web, where you can find more information than you'll ever need. Here I will tell you how I took this little machine for a test drive, what I found out about it from the (end)user's point of view. So I "test drive" different pc's, and look for innovation in software. That's why about four years ago I installed a Compaq (Windows XP, and Linux) and a Mac Mini (MacOSX) connected to one set of keyboard, mouse, and flat screen. With a switch from A to B and back I could work on the desktop of my choice of the moment. If I got you lost: compare it to driving different cars, with different kinds of fuel, like gasoline, diesel, or lpg. Still looking for the "fuel cell car" on the road ;-) About three years ago we were lucky to get a permanent connection to the internet, and I switched on my Mac Mini 24/7 to work as a desktop, and a personal server (in that way I could reach my information from anywhere - for instance from the internet caffee while on holiday) I chose the Mac Mini, because it was the smallest unit I could find at the time, and it takes about 30 watts, as opposed top the tower unit with some 100 watts. Of course I have been on the look out for a unit using less energy, because or electricity bill is way too high! And now is the moment: I get a chance to meet the Norhtec MicroClient SR. I'm quite excited to see what it can do... Time for a Change When the little unit arrived I couldn't wait to install it, but as it turned out I had to have some patience. As you can see on the picture, the power adaptor has two flat pins. In the Netherlands we have two round ones, so I bought a conversion plug. The shopkeeper told me, it is the only model available here. So I had to cut off the edge with a little saw to make it fit. It was a minor challenge, and it was fun. But it would be nice of Mr Norhtec if one could order the right plug straight way... As it is now: check your local situation! And yes... on the plus side: the adapter covers 110 to 240 Volts. Once I saw the powerlight my first trials were disappointing because I couldn't get the unit to work. In the package there was no clear indication what components were inside, nor if and what operating system is pre-installed. And I didn't have a clue at that point what a CF was. It has a hard drive indicator, below the on/off indicator. So I assumed a drive inside... and expected it to be plug and play. It turned out to be plug 'n pray, with no clear "quick start guide". The documentation in pdf format, being very technical about the hardware, gave me no clues except to open up the unit and see for myself if there is a hard drive inside. Nope... so I'll have to find something else to get it going! Now at such times I feel like a newbie all over again: someone looking at new equipment, and software for the first time. In a sense that is true: but then I feel I've become "an experienced newbie" by now. The world is a big place, and new technologies are thrown at us at an enormous rate. So keeping up with everything is a full time job. I missed out what a CF is?! Can anyone blame me for that? This time around, I learned a lot in a few days... What's my occupation? I'm an experienced newbie... ;-) So looking back the only negative thing I can say about my experience so far, is the complete lack of a simple end user "quick start guide". As it turns out, I feel this is high quality equipment, which is - probably - mostly shipped to computer experts who know their stuff, and the ins and outs of hardware and software. With this review I'll attempt to change that: I'll include a tutorial on how I set it up! So if you read on, you can learn the easy way... and your setup should be a smooth sail. Puppy Linux and USB Flash Drive During the last three years I have been experimenting with Puppy Linux, and find that with every new version it becomes better. In my view the current version 4 works nicer than the other big Linux flavors I have tried (Ubuntu, Suse, RedHat/Fedora), and it now rivals the big popular commercial operating systems on the market! In some respects it is the best around: a complete, modern system in less then 100 Mb... Hey, big Giga Brothers: this little Puppy from Western Australia is starting to bark like a grown up dog ;-) I had read about Puppy Linux (and some other flavors) on a USB stick. So I wrote an email to the manufacturer asking if this is possible with the MicroClient Sr. Although they were very responsive, they gave me no clear "yes" or "no". Judging from what I read on the web I thought it would be worth trying: I had this 4 gb USB stick lying around anyway (which had cost me about 30 us$ at the time - they're a bit cheaper these days). The instructions on PendriveLinux.com were very encouraging, and as it turned out: if you can re-install Windows on your computer, installing Puppy Linux on a usb stick is much easier. So ease of use is no more an excuse to stay with the Big Dog... this Little Puppy is eager to learn some tricks ;-) Energy Consumption To confirm the amount of energy used by the different components, I put an energy meter in the socket where all the equipment draws its electricity. The router, and the phones take up a constant 10 watts: they have to be on if we want our phones to work. Turning on the Mac Mini brings it to some 40 watts, with bursts up to 90 watts with extra hard disk activities - so the average use of the Mac Mini I estimate between 35 and 40 watts. Then I have a switch that turns the monitor on and off. I was surprised to see this little 15 inch flat screen takes 60 watts in use, and 40 when on standby. Turning on the Compaq tower it burns some 100 watts with bursts to 180 with disk activities: so there you have an average of 110 to 120 watts. That's some three times that of the Mac Mini. Switching off all the equipment (except for the router and the phones of course), I installed the newly arrived MicroClient Sr. When I switch it on the combination draws 19 watts, with some peaks going to 24. So the estimate is on 10 watts for this tiny unit, which has no hard drive nor fans: it can work entirely off a usb-flash. Some Calculations Let's do some calculations to see what I will be saving compared to the Mac Mini setup I had. I'll not exaggerate it, so it should be even better. Say I save 20 watts (it's more like 30 watts), that makes: 0,02 kW x 24 hrs x 365 days = 175 kwh/year x 0,25 euro = 43 euro x 1,5 us$ = 65 us$ Did you get that? I am going to save an estimated 65 US dollars per year on energy, as compared to the Mac Mini. The setup comes to: MicroClient Sr $195 Shipping $45 USB 4Gb $20 Donation to Puppy Linux $10 Making it a total: $270 So compared to the Mac-Mini the break-even point 270/65 = 4,15 = just over 4 years. Although I wasn't able to obtain information on the expected life of the unit, my educated guess is: with quality - and no mechanical - components it should live at least 8 years?! If I make the comparison with the average tower unit: let's be very conservative and say it saves 70 Watts. 0,07 kW x 24 hrs x 365 days = 613 kwh/year x 0,25 euro = 153 euro x 1,5 us$ = 230 us$/year 270/230 = 1,2 years So compared to your average tower unit: after little over a year the savings on energy costs will have earned back the investment. This is assuming you keep the unit on 24/7 as a personal server, of course. You could make some calculations estimating the hours per year you have your unit switched on, to see what it's like for you. Of course the "mileage" will vary with local situations, but it gives you an indication! If the above sounds all Double Dutch to you, don't worry: in plain English I would say that the MicroClient Sr uses a third of the power consumption compared to the Mac Mini, and only one tenth compared to the average tower unit. And in my situation the little unit is just as responsive / works just as fast - if not slightly faster. Having the little Norhtec machine switched on, and the other two switched off.... just feels right.... don't worry: I'll put the "big" machines to good use still! And by the way: don't look down upon my "home grown laboratory"; many new ideas were thought out in the living room or in a garage!!! And yes: very limited research budgets, make very creative...... with legal software!!! Why the Senior? Why did I the choose the MicroClient Sr and not the Jr version? If I would only use the machine as a client: browsing the internet, doing some wordprocessing, making calculations in a spreadsheet - the "normal office work" - the Junior with 128 Mb RAM would have been quite sufficient. In my situation though I can use the 512 MB RAM in the Sr: besides the normal office work I want to run three instances of Comswiki (= personal server) so I can use my wikis all the time from everywhere. You wonder: what is Comswiki? Here you may find some answers! My Cookbook After telling you some background on how, and why I got the MicroClient Sr in good working order, you can get a head start with this cookbook. What you will need: working PC with Windows/Linux, with a cd burner and a free usb slot cd burning software empty cd usb flashdrive preferably 2 to 4 Gigabyte a switch box and cabling to connect your new computer to the same keyboard, screen, and mouse (or just replace your old with the little new machine!) enough money on your bank account (or a kind donation from someone who has!) an ounce of patience a pinch of an adventurous spirit - because you'll leave the trodden path :-)! and being happy to learn something new Your recipe may be a bit different, depending on your starting point and your budget: if you have the extra us$ 50 you can order a Compact Flash drive with a Software System pre-installed. Which makes it very easy: just plug it in, and off you go! I feel the recipe below is much more fun though, adding some spice to your life: go to the Norhtec Website , and order the MicroClient Sr when you're ready Read it here http://www.digitalreviews.net/reviews/pc-h...-microclie.html
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    Meet A Puppy-sized Computer, This Baby Is Small, But Powerfull

    it was pasted from the attched link in the post
  19. Mozilla Unveils Firefox 3 RC1 Early Yay... no more very buggy beta of the product On Friday the Mozilla Foundation released the first Release Candidate (RC1) for Firefox 3. Unlike some corporations (who won’t be named, but their initials are MS), they actually beat their estimated release date for RC1. As late as last week, when announcing that RC1 was “code complete,” Mozilla indicated that the public release was aimed for late May. Nevertheless, despite the spelling-challenged assertions from last Saturday, RC1 is now available for download, and is being offered as an update to those running Firefox 3 Beta 5. Naturally, this is pre-release software and the normal warnings about “taking your chances” apply. In a post on the Mozilla Developer Blog announcing the RC, Mozilla said: Please note: The Firefox 3 Release Candidate is a public preview release intended for developer testing and community feedback. It includes new features as well as dramatic improvements to performance, memory usage and speed. We recommend that you read the release notes and known issues before installing this release. New features / changes in RC1: Improvements to the user interface based on user feedback, including changes to the look and feel on Windows Vista, Windows XP, Mac OS X and Linux. Changes and fixes for new features such as the location bar autocomplete, bookmark backup and restore, full page zoom, and others, based on feedback from our community. Fixes and improvements to platform features to improve security, web compatibility and stability. Continued performance improvements: changes to our JavaScript engine as well as profile guided optimization continues to improve performance over previous releases as measured by the popular SunSpider test from Apple, and in the speed of web applications like Google Mail and Zoho Office. Naturally - and this is what keeps me from updating - some Firefox extensions won’t work with the update. However, the last major release of Firefox was in October 2006 so I, and many, are anxiously awaiting the final release. Download here: http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/all-rc.html
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    Sharp To Intro 65-inch Lcd Monitor

    Sharp to Intro 65-inch LCD Monitor By Michael Santo Contributing Writer, RealTechNews I remember when deskspace was at a premium with old CRTs, but more because of their depth than anything else (and was a 21-inch CRT deep — and heavy!). Here’s something that might take up a lot of your desk … Sharp has announced that in March it will start selling (in Japan, naturally) a 65-inch LCD monitor (the PN-655) based on the Aquos LCD television. The screen offers 1920 pixel by 1080 pixel resolution, which is the same as high-definition television and less than that offered by some competing, but smaller, monitors. Another feature from Sharp’s TVs that is available in the monitor is a picture-in-picture function that can mix the computer input with a video signal. The monitor will go on sale in Japan on March 24 and will cost around $16,963, the company said. Source: PC World via Yahoo! News We Say: All right, looking around my desk, at 62 inches x 5 inches x 36 inches, I don’t think there’s a place for it. Seriously though, I wonder what F.E.A.R. would look like on it. Sharp is still deciding whether or not to sell it outside of Japan. Read it here http://blogs.pcworld.com/digitalworld/arch...oking_tv_1.html I Say "ill have 4 thanks" Flight Sim X will look a dream i recon
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    Birdman Takes To The Skies

    I Know a few people who know a few people, and most end up disapering..... "How you doing"...... (in my best mafia accent) PS: I'm not a Roxio person, i live in New Zealand, Roxio don't even have a office in our country, i think the nearest is Australia
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    Birdman Takes To The Skies

    i added some good photos to the first post, hope no one minds
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    New Type Of Photos

    Ok you need 1. highres film that has over a minite of exposer, 2. then with a few freands 3. a few small lights and glow sticks, 4. and some trials and errors, this is what you can do
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    Swanni: 5 More Hdtv Predictions For 2008

    Blue ray What???? Dam , dose that mean i have to get rid of my 1x cd player?