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    Gas Prices

    you are all so lucky on your side of the world...(and as vidman says , thats a heck of a lot more per gallon) Here is a snipit from our news paper Oil majors Caltex and Mobil have reversed their latest fuel price rises after pleas from consumer groups to give motorists a break over the long weekend. That left BP alone last night on record prices which have pushed its "boutique" 98-octane petrol almost 3c above the $2-a-litre threshold, to 202.9c. BP led the pack on Tuesday by lifting its petrol prices 3c a litre to 188.9c and diesel by 5c to 156.9c as the world oil market continued to tighten.
  2. The Highlander

    Download Windows Xp Service Pack 3 Now

    Download Windows XP Service Pack 3 now It is available on public WIndows Update servers now or here http://download.windowsupdate.com/msdownlo...e2300ebfde4.exe 300 + Meg
  3. The Highlander

    Continuous Reboots Plague Windows Xp Sp3 Users

    like the roll out of SP2 when it got released , who knows... if you rember on SP2 release it killed about 50 apps inluding most of the microsts office products... its so new we would need to see, but its not like SP1 for vista that has a whole new core replacment for the OS, the SP3 is realy a refined colection of service packs and updates bundled in a nice installer (or so they tell us)
  4. The Highlander

    Torrentspy Ordered To Pay $110m

    even so ,Motion Picture Association of America will get away with it Brendon , and they will now go after all the other torrent sites like uktorrents ect , you will see them scatter now, except the ones in china or korea and USSR that may last a bit longer, but it will now close them all, dam it
  5. The Highlander

    Recommended Computer Spec's For Video - Emc-10

    biggist you can spend on one, allways
  6. Microsoft: June 30 not end of Windows XP support Concerned that customers are confusing the impending end of Windows XP retail availability with the end of support, Microsoft Corp. has reminded users that the aged operating system will be supported until early April 2014. Jared Proudfoot, a manager in Microsoft's support life cycle group, reiterated the final support dates for Windows XP in a post to a company blog. "Recently, there have been a number of posts in the blogosphere about Windows XP and the upcoming end of direct OEM and retail license availability," said Proudfoot. "Some people are interpreting this as the end of support for Windows XP." Not so, Proudfoot said. Windows XP will remain in what Microsoft calls "mainstream support" to April 14, 2009, and continue in "extended support" though April 8, 2014, he added. The former delivers free fixes -- for both security patches and other bug fixes -- to everyone. During the latter, all users receive security updates, but nonsecurity hot fixes are given only to companies that have signed support contracts with Microsoft. Those are not new dates, Proudfoot reminded customers last week. In early 2007, for instance, Microsoft extended support for Windows XP Home and XP Media Center to the 2009 and 2014 dates to match those already set for Windows XP Professional. Continue At Source http://www.computerworld.com/action/articl...rc=news_ts_head
  7. Microsoft Withdraws Proposal to Acquire Yahoo! Microsoft today announced that it has withdrawn its proposal to acquire Yahoo! “We continue to believe that our proposed acquisition made sense for Microsoft, Yahoo! and the market as a whole. Our goal in pursuing a combination with Yahoo! was to provide greater choice and innovation in the marketplace and create real value for our respective stockholders and employees,” said Steve Ballmer, chief executive officer of Microsoft. “Despite our best efforts, including raising our bid by roughly $5 billion, Yahoo! has not moved toward accepting our offer. After careful consideration, we believe the economics demanded by Yahoo! do not make sense for us, and it is in the best interests of Microsoft stockholders, employees and other stakeholders to withdraw our proposal,” said Ballmer. “We have a talented team in place and a compelling plan to grow our business through innovative new services and strategic transactions with other business partners. While Yahoo! would have accelerated our strategy, I am confident that we can continue to move forward toward our goals,” Ballmer said. “We are investing heavily in new tools and Web experiences, we have dramatically improved our search performance and advertiser satisfaction, and we will continue to build our scale through organic growth and partnerships,” said Kevin Johnson, Microsoft president for platforms and services. Below is the text of the letter from Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer to Yahoo! CEO Jerry Yang. Full Story At Source https://www.microsoft.com/presspass/press/2...5-03letter.mspx
  8. The Highlander

    New Burner

    Come on, JUST BEER, what's with the milk thing??
  9. The Highlander

    Dvd Burning Tower With Pc Connection

  10. The Highlander

    Dvd Burning Tower With Pc Connection

    Try these people, send an email and ask http://www.primera.com/
  11. The Highlander

    Xp Sp3 Vs. Vista Sp1 - Which Is Fastest?

    XP SP3 vs. Vista SP1 - Which is fastest? OK another benchmark test, just one system, but allways nice to look at the scores:
  12. What’s happening to Windows XP on June 30th? This is what MICROSOFT SUPPORT LIFECYCLE BLOG says : I want to take another break from the discussion of the overall Support Lifecycle policies to address some common confusion that we’ve been hearing regarding the support dates for Windows XP. Recently, there have been a number of posts in the blogosphere about Windows XP and the upcoming end of Direct OEM and Retail License availability. Some people are interpreting this as the end of support for Windows XP. Please let me try and clear this up… Support for Windows XP will continue, in accordance with the Microsoft Support Lifecycle policy. This means that the Mainstream Support phase will end on April 14, 2009 and the Extended Support phase will end on April 8, 2014. That’s at least another 6 years of support remaining for Windows XP! Remember, that Windows XP was launched in 2001 and Microsoft committed to providing a minimum of 10 years of support (5 years of Mainstream Support and 5 years of Extended Support) at the time it was released. In accordance with the policy, when we announced the updated release date of Windows Vista, Microsoft also provided additional 2 years Mainstream Support for Windows XP. Last year, we also announced the addition of an Extended Support phase to the consumer editions of Windows XP. Supporting products for this length of time is not something that is typical in the software industry. This is a significant advantage for Microsoft customers, because it allows for future business planning and allows our customers to maximize their investment in Microsoft technologies by understanding how to achieve the most productive use of the product. So, what is really changing on June 30th? To understand this, I would recommend reading the Windows Lifecycle Policy page and the official Support Lifecycle pages for Windows XP. Essentially, this means that OEMs and Retailers will not be able to obtain new copies of Windows XP. That’s it. System Builders will continue to be able to obtain XP through January 31st, 2009. There is still plenty of support left for Windows XP. If you read any stories that say otherwise, don't believe them. Have you seen any posts that don't tell the full story about Windows XP support? What has been your experience with understanding the Windows XP Support Lifecycle policy? What are your thoughts on the length of support for Windows XP? Please leave us some comments and tell us about it! http://blogs.technet.com/lifecycle/archive...-june-30th.aspx While in Europe this week, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer offered up two tantalizing tidbits about some of the more controversial issues surrounding the company. He said that Microsoft could "wake up" if enough people complain about the June 2008 expiration of Windows XP sales.......
  13. The Highlander

    Would You Believe Infected By Ny Times Ad?

    When you remove it , just to see a few things try this Its the no:1 antivirus called bitdefender (this is there free version and it works very nicely) you get 1 year free use of there good software (i love Free) http://download.bitdefender.com/windows/desktop/free/final/en/bitdefender_free_v10.exe im sure you may even be shocked after you have updated bitdefender and ran a FULL scan (only use full) on what it may find on your PC that nortons have left.
  14. The Highlander

    Would You Believe Infected By Ny Times Ad?

    Nortons Removal tool sorts it fast and well, it dose every flavor of notons apps http://service1.symantec.com/Support/tsgen...005033108162039
  15. The Highlander

    Would You Believe Infected By Ny Times Ad?

    Yes Java and active x files can access and embed them selves into your PC with out little efort, allways make sure you have a very good Antivirus and allways have backups done of your PC i own a small to medium sized PC service company in New Zealand and i can say without any lies iv seen many people losse all there data from virus's and PC crash's, so do backup and do have a very good Antivirus, and sorry to say Mcafee and Nortons dont make it in that leage. Have a read done by a crowd called top100 http://anti-virus-software-review.toptenreviews.com/
  16. Automatic Distribution of Windows Vista SP1 Begins By Michael Santo Editor-in-Chief, RealTechNews Wednesday, in a post on the Windows Vista Team Blog, Microsoft announced that they had begun automatic distribution of Windows Vista SP1. What this means if that if you have Windows Updates set to automatically download and install on your PC, Windows Update will automatically download SP1 to your PC, after which a few clicks (for the EULA, naturally) will be required for the install to begin. Until now users had to either manually download a standalone installer or install from Windows Update manually. Only English, French, German, Spanish, or Japanese languages are currently being distributed automatically, however. Also, it should be noted there are a few issues that may prevent automatic downloading from occurring, most prevalent of which is the “old driver issue,” in which SP1 can’t be installed because older drivers may cause an endless reboot cycle. While Microsoft outlines this and other issues on this web page, why they haven’t provided a tool that indicates a) which driver is the problem, where to get an update - if available - is beyond me. For most end users trying to search down which driver is the issue is beyond their capability. And in that case, I would label Microsoft’s automatic distribution of SP1 as “somewhat” automatic. So what this means for you as a user of vista, that if you have auto updates on there will be a wopping 300 meg update file ramed down yout internet pipe any day now, if this is not what you want then turn off auto updates or change it to aprove updates before downloading... as for some users it will take a wile
  17. The Highlander

    National Motor Vehicle License Search

    yer i found cd's licence as well, needs a hair cut i think?
  18. The Highlander

    Missing Rcpcore.msi

    iv PM'ed you a message
  19. The Highlander

    Mouse Flies Off The Screen

    id remove the mouse driver by right clicking it in the hardware manger and then remove the mouse plug and then plug it back in and let it install the drivers again, if its doing it in other apps then its not a roxio issue its a mouse or driver issue, try another optical mouse?, dose it do it still?
  20. The Highlander

    Ms Latest

    done my fair share of bad seats at product launch's over the years, and you would look like a prat if you took your own pillow with you...
  21. there was , (EMC9 & EMC10 Removal tool) i made it and posted it and they had it removed as they didnt want it or any like it on there site or refured to... sorry all you can do is the clean uninstall off there site now
  22. The Highlander

    Aussies Speed Up Wireless Chips

    And nearly allways mistaken for New Zealand and Auzzi being the same country.... not
  23. The Highlander

    Beer Can House

    ill drink to that, restore the beer can house.....chers
  24. The Highlander


    as there are google and other search bots that sweap though here reguly and they may add you to a spamers list
  25. The Highlander

    Big-money Race For World's Tallest Ferris Wheels Heats Up

    Dubi?.... more money there than grains of sand.... If you look at what has been done there in the last 10 years it will blow your mind Massive snow field , massive resorts made like the shape of the world and a fern leaf... and of course the massive 5 star hotel in the shape of a sail, bling bling, bling