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  1. BTW, the two failing titles were: The Tenors: Lead With Your Heart (2012, Universal) The Tenors: Under One Sky Deluxe Edition (2015 Universal) I couldn't even submit the information, as soon as I tried that link, it aborted the same way.
  2. An update, apparently it is some disks because others are working. HOWEVER, even when it works on the first disk, it aborts with the same error on a second disk that can be looked up after restarting the application. This and not being able to handle disks it can't find is a bug, I used to be able to do several disks in succession. Another question now, since it doesn't appear to be related to the previously mentioned fix, how do I back the fix out or does it really mater? Thanks!
  3. To the Windows version question, it is 1703. I tried the suggested fix, rebooted, tried, rebooted again, tried, same result. Norton Security is installed on my system (Dell XPS 8500, I'm sure its a Windows update that started it as it was working fine and now only works once in a blue moon. The CD I'm currently trying is Copyright 2012, Universal Records.
  4. When using Batch Convert & Transfer or Advanced Rip on Windows 10.1, I get a Run Time error when trying to look up disk info: Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library Runtime Error! Program: D:\Program Files (... And that's all the info get. If I try to just convert in Batch and Convert it aborts the same way when I click add after the Adding to Project progress bar appears. In advanced Rip, I can Rip, but it comes up as unknown content for all disks; if I try to look it up, it aborts. I've tried repair and an uninstall and complete reinstall with no success.
  5. I know what you're talking about. I don't think that was the issue. I think that the My DVD program had some issues and the final clean re-install took care of the issue, but projects saved while there was a problem are still corrupted. When I have more time I'll check some of the projets created before the problem started.
  6. I never loaded it onto C, that's a solid state drive with limited space (256GB, currently a little over half in use). Whenever possible I install programs to D unless they are system related. I played a little more with it a little more this morning. I was able to open new saved projects, but not previously saved projects. I may have to recreate the old MyDVD projects and try again. Any idea if Roxio will ever make the more detailed MyDVD available that they used to have? It allowed you to do so much more than the current version.
  7. By "Complete" I was referring to a complete install. And yes I used REVO Pro Trial with the Moderate Scan. The only thing that doesn't seem to be working now is loading a previously saved project in MyDVD. I can create a new one, but if I try to load an old one in any manner, the program aborts.
  8. Downloaded and installed the trial version of REVO uninstaller pro. Uninstalled everything, The actual Creator NXT Pro 5 last. Rebooted. Started the Roxio installer, it still thought one of the additional content items was already installed. Only options applied were to put it on my D disk (C is a 256 GB solid state drive) and complete. Everything installed with no errors that I saw including PaintShop pro. Rebooted. Checked for updates, applied updates. Applied BlueRay plug in. Tested MyDVD opening existing project, program terminates you click on the MyDVD project file or try to open it as an existing project once the program has started. I can still create a new project.
  9. I tried the repair function. Things got a lot worse. So I tried completely uninstalling everything and reinstalling. The burning is now working, but the installer/uninstaller scripts don't work well. The painstshop software uninstall failed and not the installer thinks its still there, also MyDVD will not not open existing projects without failing, each time I must now create the project from scratch, attached the videos and then burn or save as an ISO file. Is there an uninstall cleanup tool for Creator NXT 5 Pro?
  10. Sorry I was more specific. It was a Roxio patch/update.
  11. I was burning disks (CD, DVD and DVD Dual Layer) without any issues. I bought the Blue-Ray plug-in and that worked too. Then there was a critical patch that got install in the last couple of weeks. Now I get error burning, I went to software rendering and I don't get any errors burning, but nothing other than single layer DVD seems to work so far in my Sony Blue-Ray players. So far everything I do doesn't work anywhere if it gets an error, but if there is no error it doesn't work in the TV players, but does work with WinDVD. Anyone else had similar experiences? Its starting to get expensive trying different things with the Dual layer disks and I don't even want to start experimenting with the BD disks.
  12. SoundMan

    Just Purchased Nxt 4

    I am very disappointed that they dumbed MyDVD down. That was the primary reason I bought this product each year. Very disappointed.
  13. SoundMan

    Creator Nxt Windows 10 Compatibility?

    Windows 10 Pro x64 installed over Windows 8.1 Pro x64.
  14. SoundMan

    Creator Nxt Windows 10 Compatibility?

    Well, the removal and reinstall resulted in the same issue. As a result I have found that the advanced backup file/folder selection doesn't seem to work under Windows 10 since it only presents the Desktop icon which can't be opened. Everything else I've tried seems to work so far. with the exception of a long standing problem I've had with video capture under windows 8 and 8.1.
  15. SoundMan

    Creator Nxt Windows 10 Compatibility?

    Mine is NXT 3 Pro. Maybe I'll try re-installing. I'm finding a few products from various vendors that are requiring that.