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  1. Hi Grand Pa, Digital Guru, Thanks for that, we changed the screen resolution to 96 dpi and that then showed the bottom of the window where the `Create File` button is. Thank You and have good day where ever you are. Andy
  2. Hi All We have Roxio NXT and when using Videowave would like to save in High Resolution Windows Media, such as 1920 x 1080. We can`t see the bottom part of the Save Window to select the `Create File` button. We have tried al Screen Resolutions to see if that might be the answer but are not sure the Button is thereat at all. Any ideas appreciated. Vegaone
  3. Download 2012 Pro

    Hi Digital Guru and Thank You for your response, see attached pdf - unfortunately we could not see how to attach. The issue from February 2013 being failure of Videowave to open our avchd video files remains unresolved. We had encountered the issue on Creator 2012 Pro and had wondered if purchasing NXT would resolve, which it did, for several weeks, but then it too failed and fails to this day. We have high end HP 5460UK, Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit, i3 2100 @ 3100 ghz (4 cpus), 8gb ram, Nvidia G Force GTX 560. If you have any ideas we would be grateful, we used Videowave a lot and had found it an excellent programme.
  4. Download 2012 Pro

    Hi All, how do we download a copy of our Roxio Creator 2012 Pro, where do we go to on the site, we have been looking for some 15 minutes but still can not find where to download from, Thank You for all assistance, Andy
  5. Roxio NXT Videowave fails to recognise AVCHD files. We have still not resolved this problem, the files are recognised and play in Windows Media, and PowerDVD. When NXT was first installed it too recognised the files, but not now, any ideas appreciated. High end HP computer, 1tb hd, 4 x 3.1cpu, 8gb ram, GeForce 560, W7 Ultimate. See attached pdf screenshot. Andy Roxio.Software.Error.a.pdf
  6. In update 21.2.13 we uninstalled Roxio NXT selecting - `save no files`, and then reinstalled, but this did not fix the problem, `failure to recognise AVCHD files`,see attached pdf. We then uninstalled again and did a `System Restore` to a date before the problem arose, and reinstalled Roxio NXT, but again, this did not fix the error. We are running high end computer, Windows 7 Ultimate. We are grateful for any ideas. Andy Roxio.Software.Error.a.pdf
  7. Hi Cdanteek Thank You for yoiur response. We uninstalled Roxio Creator 2012 Pro, installed latest Roxio NXT, and several days later began editing our new video with some 50 clips in Videowave. We worked our way part through sucessfully opening AVCHD files, and were then away for several days. We returned and sought to continue with the video editing work but unfortunately the programme - Videowave, will no longer open AVCHD fies, indeed, any AVCHD files. We uninstalled NXT and reinstalled. We will now do a attempt a full uninstall saving no files and deleting anything to do with Roxio we can find, then attempt another reinstallation. I see others are also having similar problems. Thank You for the input, it is a great programme when it works. Andy
  8. Hi All We recently updated from Creator 2012 Pro to NXT and found it smoother and swifter to run, however, inexplicably, it is now failing to open AVCHD files that it succesfully opened only a few days agao. This has stopped progress on a video compliation we had been working on. Our computer is high end H P, 1tb Hard Drive, 4 x 3.1ghz cpu, high end graphics card, 8gb ram. We have uninstalled the programme and reinstalled but this has not fixed the error. We would be grateful if anyone has any ideas on how to fix this. Thank You for all assistance. Andy
  9. Roxio 2011 Videowave Barred Screen Fault

    Hello All and Thank You for your responses. We purchased 2011 Pro but found this had the same fault, so sent it back. We were offered a discount 2012 Pro, which we purchased, and, no fault, the programme runs flawlessly. This would indicate that the guys and girls at Roxio know there is a fault and also have the solutions. Knowing that a percentrage of users, like us, will move on and update if they leave the bugs in, that is their practise. It worked, we bought new, and, no fault. While we are not happy about this it is still the best programme around in its field and great value for money, I think we perhaps underestimate or forget that. Thank You all again. Andy
  10. Roxio 2011 Videowave Barred Screen Fault

    We have purchased a new high specification H P Computer, Windows 7 Ultimate, but still no success with Videowave, we have also purchased a new Roxio Creator 2011 Pro DVD, but all without success, the Videowave fault still persists. We have followed advice but without success. Videowave Trimmer still shows as a black screen when an MPEG2 clip is selected. We went to System and selected update software, the response was, `your software is latest version`. We downloaded the Trimmer patch to the desktop and ran this, Videowave Trimmer still showed as a black screen when an MPEG2 clip is selected. We then went to Regedit and selected Roxio\Mediaframework\Utils, and noted that DWORD value AllowVMR was Zero. We noted that this was 32 bit, and did this again with 64 bit, but without success. Any ideas appreciated. We have updated Microsoft X : http://kb.roxio.com/search.aspx?URL=/content/000180CR&PARAMS=set-locale=en Our Graphics card driver is up to date. We have switched Render mode in Videowave to Software. We then attempted to resolve the issue manually. Manually Create "AllowVMR" Registry Key We will here attempt again then to attach a screen shot of the videowave screen which shows as bcak, and does not operate, though we do note that the small trim wheels do. We will select Browse, The File, Attach This File, PDF SCreen Shot, DXDIAG File, Add Reply, we`ll see if it works this time! Videowave.Fault.a.pdf DxDiag.txt
  11. Roxio 2011 Videowave Barred Screen Fault

    Hello, Thank You for your response. We upgraded our computer to new H P high spec, and also purchased new Roxio Creator Pro 2011, DVD. We still though have the one remaining fault with Roxio Videowave, that being the failure of the Trim screen, which remains black. We have tested and have found that the Trim Screen shows Black and does not work on MPEG2, though works OK on MPEG4. We also note that the small Trim wheels do work, and the video can be trimmed in that way however, you can immagine the work involved editing a video that way. Any ideas appreciated. Screen shot attached.
  12. Roxio 2011 Videowave Barred Screen Fault

    Hello again. We realised in the end that our original HP computer though high spec really needing updating and we bought a new HP with Windows 7 Home and Business and installed our Windows 7 Ultimate. The Videowave Preveiw screen now shows correctly, and is no longer showing black white barred, we still though have a problem in that the Trim Preveiw screen does not work. The programme is Creator 2011, any ideas would be appreciated. PDF attached. Andy Edited to get response out of whatever quote he created. :blink:
  13. Roxio 2011 Videowave Barred Screen Fault

    Hello Myguggi Thank You for your reply and appologies for not getting back earlier. We followed a suggestion and updated the Sound Card - which made no difference, and the Video card - which did. We purchased a Radeon 4670 with HD capability, and that resolved the issue of the barred black white stretched VideoWave Preveiw Screen. The remaining issue is that when selecting Trim on a MPEG2 Movie Clip the Trim Screen still shows as Black and does not operate, we would guess an encoder is having difficulty recognising MPEG2, though it shows as normal in the Preveiw Screen. We have tested with WMV and AVI and the Trim Screen works. Thank You again for your response and in respose to your question, we did install the Windows 7 Ulitimate over the XP Pro, which we noted moved all of the XP except the vital Operating System files, and Work files into a folder it labeled Windows Old, from where all but the extinct XP OS could be accessed. Andy
  14. We have upgraded our high spec HPackard PC, 2x3ghz cpu, Geforce 6200 Graphics card, 4gb RAM, from XP Pro to Windows 7 Ultimate, all programmes operating perfectly except Roxio Creator 2011 Vidowave Preveiw Screen is stretched and barred Black White when a clip is loaded, when we select Trim, the Trim Preveiw screen remains black, any ideas appreciated, see attached pdf faulty preveiw screen, Thank You, Venagone.
  15. Hello, its me again, EMC 10 mysteriously now launches, so would guess Roxio recognised the problem and automatically corrected it downloading a patch, each time we launch Roxio while connected to the Internet the programme logs in, that`s Ok, I can live with that if it corrects the problem.