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  1. I thought it came with Paintshop Pro X7, but nothing was installed. Not even iZotope, and no HDR Express. I have the keys but no programs. I don't think these were really included in NXT 4 Pro.
  2. Hi Guru, I had the same thing. However, I removed my Epson and added a new printer (Canon MX922). The list still contains the Epson "Paper Types" but didn't add any Canon selections to it. I thought reinstalling the program will fix it but it didn't.
  3. Does anyone know how to refresh the paper types to include the correct printer type in the "Paper Type" when "Print to disc" media is selected in the Label Creator? Thanks.
  4. Blank Bd Is Not Recognized In "copy Disc Image"

    Thank you for your response. The error message is from Windows. I assume that Windows didn't recognize the blank disc that's why I got that message. I am using Mega Innovation. I have tried one other, which had LTH written on it. I also tried a Double Layered BD without luck. The drive recognizes the blank DVD's though, but for some reason doesn't recognize the blank BD's. Unfortunately, there are no driver updates available from Toshiba. BTW, when I insert a blank BD the Roxio Burner reads it as DVD-RAM.
  5. Blank Bd Is Not Recognized In "copy Disc Image"

    No, I get the following message
  6. Recently, I tried to record an image onto a blank BD but for some reason my NXT 3 Pro reads the BD as a DVD-RAM. I didn't have this problem before. I used to record them just fine but I don't know what happened? I use Windows 8.1 (64 bit) on Toshiba Satellite laptop. 6GB RAM Note: The information on sig line is my desktop info
  7. Burn Disc Image Not Responding

    Here's the dxdiag file. LT-DxDiag.txt
  8. Burn Disc Image Not Responding

    I will follow the instructions on the link you have provided after this. I believe the problem started either by the August or September Windows update. I don't remember which for me to go back to. This laptop has Win 8.1 and Roxio gives me the same problems. I changed my desktop back to Win 8 and Roxio started working fine. I think the program is not set to work on 8.1 and I haven't had any Roxio updates for a long time. I believe NXT2 never had any updates since I got it last year.
  9. Burn Disc Image Not Responding

    I don't know what the problem is. Now it's giving me a "Not Responding" error as soon as I run the program. I can't even do much.
  10. Recently, I started having issues burning ISO images to disc. I get "Not Responding" error, which I didn't have before. Anyone with similar issues?
  11. Some Menu Styles Are Missing

    Yes, the thumbnails are there but they don't load. OK, let me do that and report back.
  12. Some Menu Styles Are Missing

    I have noticed that some Menu styles are there but actually they are missing. Any way to get them?
  13. Default Audio Tagging Program

    Thank you Guru. You need to click on the Summary tab to see/change tags. I found out how to get to the default tagging. If you don't get the default Windows Explorer property (see image), then Right Click will give you an option "Open File Location". Then, you can go to Properties and make the tag changes.
  14. Default Audio Tagging Program

    That is correct Guru. The file types are mp3. I would rather use the Windows Explorer > "file" > Properties to add the track information. However, once I tried the tagger inside the Roxio it somehow took over. I would like to reverse it back to default.
  15. Default Audio Tagging Program

    How do I remove Roxio from being the default audio tagging program? I cannot use the Windows Explorer audio track properties to make changes. Any help?