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  1. I think your disc has corrupt files. I would contact Customer Care and see if they can provide the download version for you.
  2. Try this http://blogs.msdn.com/b/astebner/archive/2008/08/01/8803442.aspx
  3. What Operating System? .NET is a framework that is required to run our software. If you already have it installed then we don't include it as part of the installation package.
  4. You maybe running into this issue. Try the solutions here. http://forums.support.roxio.com/topic/76954-error-1320-when-installing-roxio-content-2012/
  5. Could be your installation of .NET 3.5 SP1 is corrupt. I would try removing it and reinstalling it from Windows Update.
  6. Attached to post sltrace.zip
  7. http://www.dutran.com/Roxio/sltrace.zip Yes the link is correct.
  8. I need a runtime trace log file. You sent the installation files. See the post above to get trace log file.
  9. Runtime issue. Can you download and extract sltrace.exe from here? http://www.dutran.com/Roxio/sltrace.zip Run the sltrace.exe file and then launch Roxio. Save trace to log file and attach.
  10. 2010 or 2012? Attach your latest install log files.
  11. Yes. Please start a new thread with attached log files.
  12. Question - HW vs SW

    Digital copies direct from Roxio have been more reliable than physical media. I've seen lots of issues with drive and discs that warrants me to suggest getting a download instead of physical media. The company that we outsource to for online sales burns their media on demand which is not as reliable as stamped manufactured discs. Hope that answers some of your questions.
  13. Hdr Express

    You'll need to contact Customer Care so they can provide another serial for you.
  14. Same error. Try creating a separate administrative user and install through new account (can delete after). This should set all the necessary folders and permissions to default.
  15. Creator 2012 Installation Interrupted

    USB capture driver is failing in this instance. Try setup.exe DisableProducts=VIDEOCAP_USB_X64 Mandatory=0