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    Tdixsupport Error

    I do not have a toast install on my computer here or home. I am sure the disk is around somewhere so the Mount it will have to wait. I did uncheck and recheck in the toast preferences and it made no difference. In toast it self, using the mount when in the copy section does not work, gives the error above. Using Utility>Mount Disc Image give a Mac OS Error 2 and the error above. So it looks like the only way to view toast image files is to change it to .dmg as that works. In fact, there is an instant open, no window showing something is mounting. So it seems that toast 8 works pretty much, as long as it does not access some power PC app to assist it as what seems to happen above.
  2. jimmol

    Tdixsupport Error

    I cannot find the contextual menu option. My preferences are check to "Install Toast It and Mount It Desktop menu items" but when I control click the options are not available and I cannot find my install disc. I can change the toast to dmg and it will open up so that is a short term solution. I just cannot see spending 90.00 to make image files and be able to open them. If I used the product more, then it might be worth it. Thanks for your suggestions, when I find the install disk, I will try to add the contextual menus.
  3. jimmol

    Tdixsupport Error

    Has anyone gotten this error before? You can't open the application TDIXSupport because PowerPC applications are no longer supported. I had upgraded to Lion July 30, 2100 and found I could still use toast 8. I had made disk images as late as 8-11. As of last week I opened several toast images using toast. Today, I installed two software updates: Lion 10.7.1 and iTunes 10.4.1. Now when I try to open a TOAST made disk image I get the error above. I can still make the disc image, just not open them. Anyone know enough about how toast works with Lion to shed some light on why this on feature stopped working? Thanks
  4. jimmol

    Toast 10 And Lion

    Up until yesterday I was using Toast 8 and it was working fine. I was able to make and open disc images. After updating today to iTunes 10.4.1 and Lion 10.7.1 I can still make the disc images but when I try to open them I get the error: You can't open the application TDIXSupport because PowerPC applications are no longer supported. Yes, I realize this is a Toast 10 forum, but I find it interesting that Toast 8 also has been working fine, until today.
  5. Thanks for the Tip! I am in the Copy window. I trashed the plist and it works fine now. JIM
  6. I am beginning to suspect that Toast 8 may no longer work properly with Snow Leopard. In the last couple of weeks I have found that I am unable to make disc images. Toast will seem to be working fine, the DVD spins up but when I select "Save as Disc Image" the spinning beach ball comes up and never stops. Disc utility makes a disk image fine. Finally time to upgrade Toast? Maybe.
  7. jimmol

    Soundsoap Pro And Toast 8

    Has anyone else seen their SoundSoap Pro show up in the Audio Unit Effects in Toast 8? This would be a great way to take care of clicks, hums and many other things that show up on recorded audio. I have not been able to get it to work yet, it is very show and the only way I can get it to change windows is to go to a second effect and back again. Anyone had any luck with SoundSoap Pro? Thanks
  8. jimmol

    Video to DVD temp storage location

    As toast goes from camcorder to DVD where does it put the data it is making into a DVD? I am trying to take my video footage from my HD20 and make a DVD using Toast 8. It started fine, but after a while it crashed. I now have 3 gig less on my hard drive. I cannot find the file toast used as it started this process. Any ideas? Thanks
  9. jimmol

    Copying Hybrid CD's

    Can toast 6 copy a Hybrid CD? I am trying to make a back up copy of my boys Diablo II Lord of Destruction CD. I used toast to make a disk image. When I drag the disk image onto toast and click mount, two CDs show on the desk top, one with mac stuff and one with window stuff. Toast, of course, will let me copy one or the other but not both unless I use a Custom Hybrid Mode. So... I select the mac CD from the desk top I select the ISO CD from the desk top But the sum of each of the CDs is greater than what would fit on a CD. Thanks Jim
  10. jimmol

    Dvd Info

    I have read that some programs such as DVD Info Pro can tell you information about your blank DVDs. Is there such a feature in toast? If not, is there a program for the mac that can do this? Thanks
  11. jimmol

    Toast 6

    The two common problems are an incorrect digit or letter in the CD Key, and don't forget the dashes if the window is one long one, or the wrong name in the name box. It has been a while since I installed mine, but for some software, it needs the computer name in the name box. There are those who know more than I, but it is a place to start. Jim
  12. jimmol

    Song Order In Mp3 Audio Disk

    Could anyone please tell me if you can arrange the songs in the order you want when making an MP3 Audio disk? In Toast 6 they always are arrange alphabetical. Thanks
  13. jimmol

    Mp3 Song Order

    Is there a way to arrange the songs under Audio/MP3 to put them in the order I would like? I have tried dragging them as I do on an audio CD but that does not work. Thanks