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  1. Not a major problem, but I'd like to change the name of a TiVo in TiVo Transfer. TiVo.com has the correct name, but that doesn't affect what shows in TiVo Transfer. Thanks.
  2. Still no go, but thanks for the try. I don't remember when 9.07 was released, but it seems to me I was using it well before those files were created last month. Luckily, they were only serving as backups to a couple of burned DVDs, so no pressing need to open 'em. Curious situation, though . . . .
  3. Tsantee, I'm using Toast 9 and getting the same outcome as Joat with a couple of .disc files that were created just a month or so ago -- in 9! Any thoughts?
  4. philvh

    Toast 9 Movie Editing

    Would you know if Capty MPEG Edit can be used as the editor with Toast instead of Toast Video Player? Else I'll ask Roxio on a support ticket. Thanks, as usual. I took a look at Streamclip (right price!) but knew not what to do with it . . . .
  5. philvh

    Toast 9 Movie Editing

    So, even if I'm using "fine" editing, I'm still not seeing EVERY frame across the bottom? Is there a way to identify, in those small depictions, which are the key frames?
  6. philvh

    Toast 9 Movie Editing

    Tsantee, on any given Toast topic, I've learned to look first for the picture of (presumably) your car. You must be saving Roxio a ton in support-staff expenses. I didn't see "Image File" at first, so I made my DVD using "Disc Copy"; satisfactory results -- and miles ahead of where I was stuck -- but some of my trim markers appeared to have moved a bit. Will try Image File next time. Thanks much!
  7. philvh

    Toast 9 Movie Editing

    Having successfully edited some TiVo content, I note that the edited length is shown in the Toast 9 window with each segment I plan to burn; but how do I get the "space remaining" bar at the bottom to recognize the new (shorter) total length? I filed a help ticket with Roxio; they instructed me to trash a bunch of plists and other preferences, but doing so changed nothing. In a (more) perfect world, we could edit in any Toast Video Player window, then "save as," then drag the smaller files to the Toast 9 window, yes?
  8. philvh

    Toast 9.04 Update

    I encountered the same "privileges" problem as Brockytop installing the update, but found I had sufficient privileges to dump the existing Toast 9 folder in the trash, after which the installation went just fine. What I'd like to know is how long this update (let us hope it works) has been sitting at Roxio's website; I was supposed to get automatic notification of such things, but heard nothing. Just happened to check in today after an absence of a couple of months.
  9. philvh

    Editing Tivo Files In Toast Video Player

    I'm another who bought Toast 9 for the purported ability to edit TiVo recordings. Per page 100 of the User Guide: "Editing TiVo and EyeTV recordings will launch in the Toast Video Player and allow you to edit your video. Once your editing has been completed, you will be taken back to Toast with your edited video." Problem: The editing interface in Video Player is nothing like that described for non-TiVo/EyeTV. I thought I had figured out how to place the markers, and I compensated for the missing "Done" button by using Save (per Roxio John), but the disk image I burned contained every second of the original video. And what's with that out-of-focus button that appears to be labeled "Fire"?!? It doesn't appear to do anything! Strange, being envious of those who've gotten as far as the audio-sync bug . . . .
  10. philvh

    audio/video sync

    Maybe we haven't yet achieved critical mass, from Roxio's point of view, with the number of trouble tickets submitted on this issue. I tried the clean re-install of 8.03, then got one good DVD -- followed by one with the same sync problem.