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  1. Just installed a new hard drive and am trying to re-install Creator NXT on Windows 7 Pro. Worked fine on old hard drive, but now I am being told that my serial number is invalid. I have the disc and copied the serial number from my account. Help please.
  2. Roxio Sound Editor

    How do I delete "Custom Settings" from the Clean Up Audio function. Defaults are Attenuate, Bass, Treble, Voice; but you can add custom settings. How do I delete those I no longer want?
  3. Stabilize Video Function

    Thank you. I already reached that stage. At the bottom of the Video Wave edittor, there is a "fx 1 or 2" ribbon. I would like to know how to go about using that function. For example, if I have selected "Stabilize Video" that ribbon appears, but it does not encompass the entire video. I have to click in that ribbon and drag the end point to the end of my video. After that I do not know what is expected. Do I play the video to stabilize it or is it done automatically?
  4. Stabilize Video Function

    Just purchased Creator 2012 (have most of the earlier versions). Can someone explain to me how the "Stabilize Video" function works or direct me to a tutorial? Thanks,
  5. Roxio Venue

    I have Creator 2010, but I'm confused when you say EMC 9 is not Windows 7 compatible. The following Microsoft web site says otherwise: http://www.microsoft.com/windows/compatibility/windows-7/en-us/Browse.aspx?type=Software&category=Photo%20%26%20Video&subcategory=Other&sort=ProductNameAsc&page=31 I'm running Widows 7 Professional 64 bit. With just EMC 9 loaded on my PC, I don't have any of the issues I mentioned in this post about Roxio Venue.
  6. Roxio Venue

    I've uninstalled both EMC 9 and Creator 2010, now the PDFCreator and the golf web site work without a hitch. It must be something about Roxio.
  7. Roxio Venue

    Why would running both copies cause problems? I have un-installed and re-installed both several times. They are in different directories and have separate registry entries. The problem surfaces after about 3 or 4 days. The only reason I still need EMC 9 is because Roxio products are not downward compatible and I have a lot of labels created with EMC 9 which I cannot edit or open with Creator 10.
  8. Roxio Venue

    I'm already using it without any issues. I never removed it when I installed Creator 2010.
  9. Roxio Venue

    The PDFCreator I'm using is from here - http://www.pdfforge.org/ I'ts a free download and compatible with Win 7. All they said was that is was not something in their code. It's probably something Roxio has left behind somewhere. This is the golf web site - https://www.southernontariogolfer.com/ I use it to obtain discount course tickets. I'm using Internet Explorer 8. I'm going to un-install Roxio Creator 2010 and go back to EMC 9. Thanks for your help.
  10. Roxio Venue

    Yes I have done that. The only thing that works is to uninstall all Roxio products. After re-installing Roxio products, all is well for 2 or 3 days, then the same issues arise.
  11. Roxio Venue

    Yes. I can open all of the Roxio applications with no errors. The people who wrote PDFCreator told me that I must have a corrupt msi file lurking on my system.
  12. Roxio Venue

    The same thing happened. PDFCreator tried to configure Roxio Venue and the golf web site tried to configure CinePlayer.
  13. Roxio Venue

    I'm sorry, but I don't understand what you are saying by; "Please quit quoting a post and posting it without a reply from you outside of the quotes!" Please explain. I'm receiving advice from more than one individual and am obviously not responding correctly.
  14. Roxio Venue

    Forgive me, I am new at this. I am receiving advice from more than one individual, so I do not know to whom I am responding.
  15. Roxio Venue

    I'm sorry, but I don't understand what you are saying by; "Please quit quoting a post and posting it without a reply from you outside of the quotes!" Please explain.