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  1. Can't upload at all

    Well, got back at it for a while and here is what seems to be causing it. The majority of the problem discs are copied from a Sharp HI-8 camcorder. I found (by accident) that the problem seems to be in areas where the original tape was rewound and watched. When the filming began again there were spots where there are gaps between the fade out and fade Ins kind of a snow screen for a mille second. If I go back and edit them out it will down load. Sounds easy?????? If I could get them in iMovie it would be a snap, but then I wouldn't need to LOL. It is very difficult to do with the camcorder or two DVD players. Will MPEG Streamclip push this thru?
  2. Can't upload at all

    UPDATE, haven't been able to spend much time working on this today but, I think I may be making a little headway. I will post as soon as I'm sure about what I think is happening
  3. Can't upload at all

    Thanks I'll give that a try tomorrow. I played around a bit this morning after I posted here. I exported a DVD successfully with popcorn. It was the very last one that went through. To explain a little history and try to keep it short. I started editing my home movies (about 15 years worth) all were on tape VHS, 8mm and HI-8. All were transferred with the same DVD recorder. I loaded up my hard drive and was having trouble with iMovie so I deleted most events That I wasn't using. Wanting to get back to them I tried re-exporting them. Some went and others won't and I am also having troubles with some that haven't ever been on my computer. Will try clipping the end first and I will let you know if I have any luck. Thanks
  4. Can't upload at all

    Tried this and still no luck. It does the same thing, the progress bar runs until 99% then gives the error.
  5. Can't upload at all

    I tried both with no luck. is there anything else that may have gotten corupt?
  6. Can't upload at all

    I have been converting my Home movies which were transferred onto DVDs before exporting to my Mac with Popcorn but all of a sudden it say's there is an "I/O" error result code= -36. I exported several movies today and then I started getting this message right about when its ready to finish. DVDs which were exported before won't now. Tried updating popcorn, removing and reinstalling with the original disc . Which would not run. I had to go to TRASH and replace it. I even tried making new copies. Please help, this was working fine 10 hours ago
  7. Need help transfering from DVD to iMovie

    tsantee, Thanks for all the help. I was about driving myself nuts with this. I am frustrated because before I purchased the iMac I was told it had everything I needed. And I did explain that my home Movies were transfered onto DVDs. And how I transfered them. After I had purchased the iMac, I found out there was a new store about half the distance from my house. When I couldn't download directly to iMovie, I went to the new store. They were real quick to tell me it wouldn't do what I wanted and explained about Popcorn. When that wouldn't work. after checking here I finally called Applecare, they seemed suprised it wouldn't work. Next I took the iMac to the Apple store and I could tell they all thought it should have worked. I will most likely take your advice about the DV camcorder. But I have what I need to get started for now. Any advice on what not to buy as in what wont do what I want it to do? Someone said that some camcorders have Hard drives and there might be a problem trying to download with them. The main things I can think of is, USB or Firewire to connect to the Mac and RCA connectors the connect to the DVD player Thank again HarL
  8. Need help transfering from DVD to iMovie

    Went to the Apple store today (with my iMac) Nobody there could import anything converted by Popcorn. I ended up getting Quicktime Pro. Which I'm thinking was the wrong thing to do, because of how long it is taking for it to export the movie. not sure what the formate is, but it has a ".mov" extension. The problem is its taking hours to export a hour and a half movie.
  9. Need help transfering from DVD to iMovie

    the last time I did do the MPEG-4 and the files have a .mp4 extension. I even tried to export it to iMovie. and I can find it in the pulldown window, but have the same problem as far as importing it to iMovie. Do you think the problem might be in iMovie?
  10. Need help transfering from DVD to iMovie

    Ok; I redone everything step by step. Under the option button, were you said, custom would allow me to pick certain titles, there were two other options one for ALL and one for MAIN from what I read the Main just takes the longest title. I choose the ALL. Then I choose Standard for quality And saved it to: MOVIEs folder In iMovie, I click on import movie and on the pulldown I select Movies under places and the what I think is the file is a nonselectable, in other words I can't click on it to bring the import button to the darker color. Nothing I have done has brought the Import button to a available choice Thanks again
  11. Need help transfering from DVD to iMovie

    Thanks I'll try it again. This iMac is only a few days old and I am fairly sure I have the iLife08, at least thaat is what they told me. in the iMovie HELP it says it will accept MPEG-4,DV and some.DV
  12. Need help transfering from DVD to iMovie

    I have tryed import. I can find the file in the pulldown menue but can't figure how to import. I am missing a step or something or maybe saveing it to the wrong file?
  13. Need help transfering from DVD to iMovie

    OK that is what I did after reading a topic here, that had something to do with Tivo. After the red button on the pulldown window, under device I believe it was Apple TV and exported to the movies folder. I have found it in the movies folder but can't (don't know how to) import it into iMovie. I just checked and it is MPEG-4 format. for some reason I found it in iTunes and I can drag and drop it in iMovie but only the sound. Thanks for the help Harold
  14. Need help transfering from DVD to iMovie

    I would like to do more than just trim out pieces. the main reason I bought the iMac was for the iMovie.
  15. First off I would like to admitt my computer skills and spelling are not very good. I have a home movie collection dating back before VHS. I converted them all to DVD with a DVD player/recorder. Trying to edit them with a DVD player is difficult and not much you can do besides remove unwanted scenes. I bought an iMac with Imovie. And found out, you can't import from a DVD (home movie). Talked to an Apple tech and was sold Popcorn 3. Had some troubles after installed but, it seems to be running ok now. I have read a lot of threads here. Not able to find any for IMovie, but some of the convert topic seemed simular. Anyway, were I'm at now is, I have a file in iTunes I believe is in the M-Peg4 version but can't import to iMovie. when I drag the file from iTunes TV show folder to the iMovie window the window turns green (until I drop it) and all I get is a small music note in the window I also some how got a TOAST file on my desktop with the video in it If anyone can tell me how to get these videos into iMovie, Please help THANKS