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  1. Question Regarding Muisc Creator In Nxt2

    I am trying to create a music CD using Music Creator. What I cannot figure out is how do I change the location where it looks for audio files? I want it to look at mu iTunes music library but I don't know how to do that. Any help would be appreciated. POTL
  2. I am using Music Disc Creator in NXT2. I have imported the music files I want. I then selected the tracks where I wanted a transition gap of 5 seconds. I see the gap and the time in the project but when I play the file it seems the transition is not there. Does the transition only play once it is burned to a CD? Or, more likely, am I doing something wrong?
  3. Decision Time

    I got NXT2 and so far I love it! I am using VW to create a video out of a large number of jpg files. Coming along great so far. My question is, and I hope this is the place to ask it, is I want a clip of an airplane taking off that is short, downloadable and free. Any suggestions? Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Decision Time

    Just finishing up the install for NXT!
  5. Decision Time

    Well, you got me there!
  6. Decision Time

    A few years back I used EMC10 for my photo and video projects and all in all I was quite happy with it. I have a new computer and I am now lookig at NXT or Pro Show Gold. It appears that both would fit my needs since I am not a terribly sophisticated user. I like to do photo slideshows with music tracks, captions and titles. I like the timeline view and both NXT and PSG have that. Any thoughts on why NXT would be a better deal? Oh, and both are the same price. POTL
  7. Cannot use MyDVD to create ISO file

    I wanted to say thank you. This looks like useful information I just haven't had time to dig into yet. As soon as I do I will post again and let you know the results. I really appreciate your help.
  8. Cannot use MyDVD to create ISO file

    Thanks for the info and I checked all my drivers and everything is up to date. I then tried the suggestion of opening MYDVD directly instead of through Videowave and I still get the same runtime-abnormal program termination message then MyDVD closes. I have no idea what to do next. I have tried to uninstall EMC10 and it will not uninstall. I then tried to reinstall (I still have the disc) and it wouldn't do that either. By the way, here is the exact error message I get in MyDVD when I click on the "Add New Movie" button Runtime Error! Program: C\Program Files\Roxio\VideoUI 10\Videowave10.exe R6025- pure virtual function cell
  9. Cannot use MyDVD to create ISO file

    Thanks for trying to help but my problem is that I cannot use MyDVD. That is what my original post said. I can output as anything but onc I do I cannot convert the outputed file to an iso file or burn directly to disc because I get an error in MyDVD. The error pops up as soon as I click "add new movie" . I get a runtime error and then it closes. I am sure something is wrong which I will have deal with but I really just wanted to get this project burned to a disc.
  10. Cannot use MyDVD to create ISO file

    Where is the burn screen? I don't see one in Video Wave.
  11. Cannot use MyDVD to create ISO file

    I am able to output the project as mpg2 for DVD best quality file and it encodes successfully.
  12. Cannot use MyDVD to create ISO file

    I have some kind of problem with EMC10 in that I can no longer use the MyDVD function to create an ISO file from a VW .dmsm file. Does anyone know of another way to do this? Any help would be appreciated. Also, how do I get my profile pic to display on my posts? Thanks, PrincesoftheLake
  13. VW Production to ISO file

    I did as was suggested but when I got to the services tab I found that all of the services were checked but their status was labeled as stopped. How do I change their status?
  14. VW Production to ISO file

    When I open MyDVD in EMC10 and I click on "Add New Movie" I get this error message "Runtime Error!" Program C:/Program Files/Roxio/VideoUI 10/VideoWave10.exe abnormal program termination When I click on the OK button in the dialog box the next message I get is "Runtime Error!" Program C:/Program Files/Roxio/VideoUI 10/VideoWave10.exe R6025 -pure virtual function cell What is making me crazy is that I had this before and I was still able to convert a .dmsm file to an iso file but I can't figure out now what I did. This is not recent-it started about a year ago. I have updated drivers but have not attempted any registry cleaners because I find it a little scary. I have been wondering if it's time to upgrade to a newer version of EMC. Would that help do you think?
  15. VW Production to ISO file

    I thought that is what I did before but it is not. When I try to launch MyDVD it hangs as does DVDExpress. I would really like to output my VideoWave file as an iso file but I cannot for the life of me figure out how. As much as I like the videowave part of this suite these output issues are really starting to bug me. Maybe it's time to look at a different program?