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  1. How To Remove Roxio Virtual Drive 10

    I wish to thank you all for your helpful comments. I used ccleaner to clean up unnecessary files and obsolete registry entries but that did not stop the Windows update error. I found the old setup file for Farstone VirtualDrive10 and tried to install with the intention of immediately uninstalling with Windows or Revo uninstaller but the setup would not launch with the message that this programme was incompatible with Win 10 (no surprises). I went to a Microsoft forum and was advised to download a fresh copy of Win 10 and perform a repair install and to select the option to check for updates. http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/softw...load/windows10 https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/...7-f40096ec3085 That failed with the same error message that I had to uninstall VirtualDrive 10 before the update could proceed. In the meantime I have managed to solve the problem. It has nothing to do with any Roxio products or any incompatible installed software. The solution was quite simple. On a hunch I suspected that Windows update was looking in my personal storage drives for evidence of incompatible programmes instead of just my C drive. I went to disk management and selected to put my two storage drives offline so I was just left with my C drive. I went to settings/update and security and ran windows update in the normal way and feature update 1709 installed without any problems. After rebooting to finish the update I put both drives online again and all is well. One of the drives had a "Foreign" status so I right clicked to select to get it back online. Troubleshooting Disk Management Then I reinstalled NXT4 without any problems. So basically there is a bug in Windows Update that causes it to look in other drives instead of just the C drive for evidence of incompatible programmes. I hope this information will be useful to others who encounter a similar problem. Thank you again for all your help. Kind regards Chris
  2. How To Remove Roxio Virtual Drive 10

    Thank you all for your replies. The latest update is that I successfully uninstalled NTX 4 using CleanSystem.bat. I am not aware of having any Roxio products on my system although I plan to reinstall later. I also uninstalled Ashampoo burning Studio 16. Sadly Windows 10 will still not update and gives the same error message that first I have too uninstall VirtualDrive 10. I am not aware of having any such programme on my system. I ran msinfo32 and search for the words Virtual, VirtualDrive and Virtual Drive and can't find anything on my system. I did a registry search and there are some instances of "VirtualDrive" on my system probably relating to Roxio but I am not aware of having any programmes installed. This is a great mystery to me. I am not sure where to go from here. Kind regards Chris
  3. How To Remove Roxio Virtual Drive 10

    Thanks Brendon. You mention, " I notice the Windows Update box you showed had an "Uninstall and continue" button". Yes I did try that option. Windows tried to uninstall Virtual Drive 10 but still failed with the uninstall and gave the same error message. My other question is if "Roxio Burn Drive" is not "Roxio Virtual Drive" then what is the "Roxio Virtual Drive" Folder" for? C:\Program Files (x86)\Roxio Creator NXT 4\Virtual Drive. I believe they are related. On another note, some years ago I did use a programme called Faststone VirtualDrive and it came in successive versions, 10, 11, 12, 13...etc. However I uninstalled that years ago. I wonder if Roxio bought the code from Faststone and incorporated it into their "Roxio Burn Drive" software. Just a thought. Kind regards Chris
  4. How To Remove Roxio Virtual Drive 10

    Thank you all for your replies. I will study them and work through the suggestions and let you know what happens. I have copied the Windows Update Error message below. It says it can't install because Virtual Drive 10 is installed. The only Virtual Drive I have on my computer is Roxio Burn Drive. So my conclusion is that Virtual Drive 10 is a Roxio product. I note that there is a folder called Virtual Drive in the following path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Roxio Creator NXT 4\Virtual Drive. Kind Regards Chris PS. I have just been reading through Brendon's post. Thanks for this information. If it comes to a choice between NXT 4 and the Windows Update I would prefer to keep NXT 4 as it is a very useful programme for me (although I don't mind losing just Virtual Drive if that is possible). My plan was to uninstall NXT4 and apply the Windows update and then reinstall NXT4.
  5. How To Remove Roxio Virtual Drive 10

    Thank you very much for this suggestion. For some reason this does not appear in my device manager. Maybe Windows has disabled it. Has anyone come across a way to manually uninstall all of NXT4? Then I can just reinstall what I need. Kind regards Chris
  6. I am trying to uninstall Roxio Virtual Drive 10. This is because windows 10 cannot update feature update 1709 with the error message that Virtual Drive 10 is not compatible and must be uninstalled before Win 10 will update. Method 1: I have run the original Roxio setup file and chosen the option not to include Roxio Burn. However this does not work and I can still see a Roxio virtual drive in This PC. Method 2: I have tried to uninstall the whole Roxio product. However the uninstall hangs and does not complete. Method 3: I cannot find Virtual drive in device manager to try and uninstall it there. The only option I can think of is to manually uninstall the whole Roxio Product and reinstall just Roxio Creator NXT 4. Where can I find instructions to do this? Your advice would be appreciated. Kind regards Chris
  7. Videowave - How To Centre An Off Centre Video

    Thank you all very much for your help in helping me to complete this project successfully. Kind regards Chris.
  8. Videowave - How To Centre An Off Centre Video

    Thank you very much for this tip, it works great. I note that if the camera flash FX layer is placed on the bottom of the layer stack it also adjusts the brightness of the black bars either side of the movie as well. Its hardly noticeable though. Do I understand correctly that an effects layer will apply to all layers above it in the layer stack? Kind Regards Chris
  9. Videowave - How To Centre An Off Centre Video

    Thank you for this advice. I have now nearly succeeded. Here are the steps I have taken. 1- Started with a blank 4:3 project. 2- Used insert black color panel and later adjusted the length to the same time as the video. 3- Dragged my video from the source folder to the overlay track. Trimmed the start and end point and increased the volume of the audio. 4- Double clicked the video and using the options enlarged the frame and moved it to the left. Because there is a black panel in the main video above it there is a black bar to the right of the frame which is what I want. 5- Used add photo and imported a black jpg rectangle to a second overlay track. 6- Resized and moved the black jpg to the correct position on the left. So the only thing left to do is to increase the contrast and brightness by 3 points. Is it possible to do this with a video on the overlay track? Kind Regards Chris
  10. Videowave - How To Centre An Off Centre Video

    Thank you all for your help. I understand I cannot move a video from the main timeline to the overlay track. When I go to add a video and select the movie I cannot see any option to import it to the overlay track. I have to import it to the main video track. After something has been placed on the main track only then I can drag a duplicate copy of the movie from an external folder to the overlay track. Then when I delete the main video the video on the overlay track does not play at all. 1- So I need to know how to play a video from the overlay track. 2- The other problem is I need to know how to shift the video in the frame so the subject is centered and leave a black space on the right. After that I will tackle the problem of inserting a black panel on the left. Kind regards Chris.
  11. Videowave - How To Centre An Off Centre Video

    Thank you both for your suggestions. I have some questions I need help with please. 1- How do I move the video to the FX layer? I tried dragging and also copy and paste but that does not work. 2- How to I apply a black rectangle to cover 15% of the left and 15% of the right of the frame without covering the top and bottom of the frame? I tried right clicking and "Insert color panel" but that just covers the whole video and I can't see how to resize it. Kind Regards Chris
  12. I have a video 4:3 (aspect ratio) of a lecture where the speaker is way too far to the right side of the frame. I would like to correct this in video wave and centre the subject as much as possible. I tried with the pan and zoom editor which has the disadvantage that there is little room to work with and centering the image results in too much cropping of the lower part of the frame. I think I will have better results if I can switch to a 1:1 aspect ratio or maybe keep the 4:3 aspect ratio and shift the subject to the centre with a black overlay to the right and left. Is this possible in Videowave. If so what are the steps I need to take? Your advice would be appreciated. kind Regards Chris
  13. I eventually found out why the video was distorted. The camera was set correctly to 4:3 but the DVD recorder was wrongly set to 16:9. I corrected the settings and now the new videos are fine. Its good to know that Videowave is powerful enough to fix this problem if ever the same mistake is made again. Kind regards Chris
  14. Thanks Jim and Dave. I just tried that and it works! Its exactly what I wanted to do! My apologies because I did not read Jim's post carefully enough. I was not aware of this technique and it seems that Videowave is a lot more powerful than I previously thought. Now the video looks normal with a 4:3 aspect ratio by stretching it vertically to fill the frame. Thanks again. Now I will have to check the camera and DVD recorder settings to see If I can avoid getting this problem again. Kind Regards Chris
  15. Yes that is true Jim! I will look for that 4 sided triangle! . What I mean s that when the video appears it looks distorted with a black bar on top and the bottom in Videowave with a 4:3 workspace. When it is force stretched to fill the video pane then it appears normally. VLC player and pro show and this. Its a bit like the options on a PC desktop to stretch an mage to fill the available space. Kind Regards Chris