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  1. Still getting that original error message when sending to MyDVD, which then locks up everything Can use Export as to create video file and burn disc - odd ?
  2. yes much more manageable n two parts although put them onto a DL disc No it was music that I had added onto videowavw Next problem (!) editing is really difficult as when playing is really jerky, sometimes freezing and missing bits when catching up Have run Graphics Test and tried altering to Software but no different Video Card ? Regards
  3. Jim Sorry duff info again The music has NOT disappeared it has just remained in place (after film has ended) so will have to be moved along Apologies
  4. Jim Thanks for your reply. Sorry,I gave you some dodgy information. When I said burn from Videowave should have been My DVD Have solved that problem by splitting the long movie into two parts. However, despite first deleting all music, text effects from first half of videowave and then all panels from this half all music in the second part disappears ! Doesn't make sense to me
  5. Hi from across the pond. Trust all you gurus are good. When trying to burn disc from videowave am getting the above message preceded by " Resource loader. Load image method. Skin Image" Totally locks and have to shut down Videowave and reload Relying on you as usual ! Mick London
  6. Missing .dll File

    Bruce I certainly will What annoys me is that I definitely had this before and must have fixed it Also, annoyingly, I have a folder where I note solutions for all types of technologjcal problems but there is nothing in there Don't let it keep you awake !! Best Wishes Mick
  7. Missing .dll File

    Brendon I tried the repair suggestion, but it didn't solve the problem. I vaguely remember seeing these question marks in the past but they obviosly went away ! Really kind of you to offer your help, and also for other matters. at the moment (!) I am ok with everything else and can live with the question marks. Once again many thanks Regards Mick
  8. Missing .dll File

    Brendon Thanks for your reply I will give it a try over the weekend nd report back Mick
  9. Missing .dll File

    Brendon Thanks again for your reply I did say above how I solved the initial problem - by re-installing Roxio Also,yes I did check the text size and it is 100%. Also tried altering it to (maximum) of 125% but that didn't help Looks like I will have to live with the problem. I will take some screen shots from my PC of the items that are not showing. I was going to upgrade to NXT5 but not sure if that's a good idea now Anyway mate, thanks again Regards Mick
  10. Missing .dll File

    STOP STOP PRESS Produced a very short movie and burnt as AVCHD and all features work So only problem now is no examples of effects etc in menu
  11. Missing .dll File

    STOP PRESS Just discovered that these features DO actually work,it's just that I can only see question marks on each menu rather than an example. Will go through whole procedure of burning to disc and report back
  12. Missing .dll File

    Have been working my way through sknis' first reply Re-installed NXT2 and works ok again EXCEPT - Message saying 1027 x 768 or higher required and 16 bit minimum colour required Both of my settings exceed this Result (I presume because of the above) is no Text, Overlay,Video or Transition effects Help
  13. Missing .dll File

    Roxio Creator NXT2
  14. Missing .dll File

    Brendon Sorry if there is any mis -understanding I bought a new laptop earlier in the year It had Windows 10 pre-installed I have made movies with it with no problems A few days ago the problem started Mick
  15. Missing .dll File

    Thanks for all replies I have not been thinking clearly. I have produced movies on the laptop, so don't think Windows 10 is the problem. If I try to load one of these from the "edit an existing production" menu or "create a new production" I get VIDEOWAVE HAS STOPPED WORKING and later the missing msvcr71.dll file message I will go though sknis posting later, but wondered if anyone else has a suggestion Regards