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    Conversion to iPod issues

    Thanks, but I'm not looking for additional software. I just want some help with the program I already own.
  2. Steven Schwartz

    Conversion to iPod issues

    I'm really confused about some things related to converting videos in Popcorn 2 for playback on an iPod Touch. 1. Where in Popcorn 2 does it show you the original video's dimensions? I have the output set for Video iPod and Custom (since none of the defaults are designed for the Touch's 640 x 480 dimensions). When I click the red start button and check the Custom output settings, it always seems to show me the same dimensions (544 x 408). Are those the actual dimensions for the current video or simply the last one I converted? (Also, are ALL of those settings the ones from the last conversion rather than the current video?) Because I obviously want the output to be proportional to the original, the original dimensions are critical. If that isn't where I'd find the info on the about-to-be-converted video, where can they be found? 2. Keyframes: For some reason, 250 is always suggested. I can drop it down to 150 to create a keyframe approx. every five seconds, leave it as is, or check Automatic. What exactly does automatic do??? 3. Frame rate: As far as I can see, a setting of 2350 results in about the max allowable on a Touch. Of course, I have no idea if the videos I'm making are unnecessarily large (average seems to be around 1.5 GB) and whether lower settings would suffice. The BIGGEST issue here seems to be that -- because conversion of a 90 minute video takes close to 2 hours -- experimentation with settings is painful. It would be REALLY helpful if the program or Roxio could give us some guidance as to how these settings work together, as well as some recommended settings for output to different devices. Or am I simply doing the whole thing wrong???