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    Videowave Has Stopped Working

    Which Roxio products will edit the "Roxio Media Production" files & "DAT" files? VERY ANNOYING.
  2. summerby

    Emc8 Bugs

    thank you very much Jim. R
  3. summerby

    Lp & Tape Assistant

    Does the LP & Tape assistant do a good job of removing noise/hiss/crackle/pops? thx. R
  4. summerby

    Lp & Tape Assistant

    The LP & Tape assistant sounds very useful for editing out noise/hiss/pops & crackle in mp3 files. I'd like to hear what people think about it. Also: Can I buy it separately? I have EMC8; is there an upgrade that allows me to get the LP & Tape assistant? Is it only part of EMC10? thx. R
  5. summerby

    Emc8 Bugs

    Hi: I'm pretty happy with EMC8 but I notice some bugs when I make a slideshow of photos & audio using videowave8 ; 1-When I change the pan & zoom settings for a photo in the slideshow, the change isn't apparent when I play the image afterwards. I have to go to the dropdown list in "Edit" , undo the change & then redo it. Only then can I see the change in the pan & zoom when I play the slideshow. 2-sometimes when I play back an audio track with several mp3's in timeline mode, the 1st mp3 is played & the playback bar moves to the next mp3 but I hear the first mp3 playing again. Any suggestions? I have a PIV 1.7 GHZ Intel CPU WINXP SP2 with 1 GHZ of Ram & a 500GB HD. Also I have a couple of questions 1-Would another GB of RAM help speed up my PC when I'm using EMC8? The PC seems to freeze for almost a minute while it completes some tasks. Windows Task Mgr shows EMC8 sometimes using 800MB of memory. 2-How long of a video should I be able to record on a 4.7GB DVD? I created an 18 minute slideshow consisting of 200 jpeg images around 4mb each & then I tacked on music. at the end. I could only get a 60 minute video at most. Should I be able to create a longer video? thx. R
  6. How do I get pan & zoom to work in "Slidehow"? When I get to the "Customize your slideshow" section, I don't see pan & zoom in the preview even though I have the "pan & zoom" box checked. I've had the same problem with "vintage", dissolve" & "action" styles. I went ahead & saved the slideshow & can't see zoom & pan in the finished product eiher. I'm using Photosuite8 on a Windows XP with SP2. I have 1GB of RAM & 16GB free space on the HD. very frustrating. any ideas? thx Rob