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  1. Service Pack 3 notes?

    Thanks Brendon, I hadn't used GameCAP Pro in some time and just got the SP3 today.
  2. Service Pack 3 notes?

    I haven’t heard of SP3? Wonder if it was the one for Win 10?
  3. JPEG clarity in Roxio NXT Pro6 VideoWave

    What software do you actually have? The Version 6 where you posted never had VideoWave. VW started with Version 7. Could you post an example of the picture files you are using on a sharing site so we can download and play with a copy of it? only need one or two
  4. "9" vs "10"... "DE" means it was a bundled piece of software with reduced features issued by Dell Computer circa 2007. Load that on your PC and you will probably have a Format C:/ for Christmas As I recall you run Windows XP. If you Ebay or similar looking for Roxio Creator 2012 you will find it a full editing program that will better suit you needs. Make SURE that it has the Product Key with it and that it is returnable to the Seller. Looking through your other Topic, I do not see you mention anywhere what Software you have? You have posted in the Red Box area so we assume that is what you have. The reason I ask is that other Roxio software have VideoWave (full featured editor) which the Red Box does not have.
  5. Great! Thanks for getting back
  6. MyDVD in the Roxio Creator NXT Pro 6

    Technical Language: It is the Projects files that are not compatible. DVD's that are physically burned are not effected.
  7. cannot Build Render Graph

    I looked up my notes about it and laughed when my note started with "Elusive!" A couple of notes don't seem to apply to your situation so it leaves the one about pre-render... First try using Video Copy and Convert. First check the quality of your recording. Use Windows Explorer, right click and chose Properties. Then under the Details tab, write down Frame width & height as well as the Data bitrate. Load your troublesome file into it and go straight to export using Video for the preset and File/Folder for the destination. Click the Custom button and match the frame size and type the Data rate into the box. Render it and see if it works! Don't panic about the time all this takes, there is a solution for that but let's see if it works first
  8. Multiple AVCHD clips

    You will have to join them in VideoWave (Edit Video - Advanced) first, then use the Export As or Prepare for Authoring to create a file that the new and improved (sarcasm) MyDVD can use. You can do this in Video Copy and Convert as well without the file creation first BUT only if you want a No Menu project. If you want a Menu project in VCC it will create a button for each clip added
  9. Don't know what to tell you, it works on the 2 Win 10 PC's I have tried it on: Does not with the old style USB Capture Device:
  10. MyDVD in the Roxio Creator NXT Pro 6

    I would stay where I am if I had NXT 3! (that is what I did, but I have an image of NXT 6 on one pc so I can answer questions)
  11. Biggest error we see is that the 25 character CD Key is not entered correctly. Try double checking your Key this way: Click on Support Click on My Account Type your user name & password (same you use for here) Find your product and its' key Make sure you type it in the same way! Let us know how you make out
  12. Flickery Video

    This Forum is not staffed by anyone from Roxio! We are all just fellow users so don't expect anyone to ready to pounce on your topic
  13. Custom Overlay For Videowave

    I don't recall ever seeing anything about saving a custom effect Let's deal with your other questions... Crop: What is it you want to crop? How, what are you looking for? What is the ration of your source? Project? What do you want a 3/8" black bar to do?
  14. So you didn't really do as I asked... Looks like GameCap is your solution
  15. Dvd Burn Issue

    Thanks Walt!
  16. Both entries should always show up there whenever it is plugged in and disappear when you unplug it. How about a screen cap of that? Did you get rid of the C++ script that you wrote?
  17. Dvd Burn Issue

    I have that VIDEO_TS.VOB in my MyDVD creations as well. No idea what it does, but it seems to be part of the scheme If the Memorex discs result in the same problem using 2 different authoring softwares... Seems likely that they are the issue.
  18. Compatibility Mode in Windows was for older MicroSoft Software to work in newer OS's... It was never intended to be compatible with other software and the results are erratic at best! Let's start from scratch: Unplug your RGC Device and put it aside until you are completely finished. Download the SP2 update for Game Capture HD. (don't run it for now, just download) Download and install the Revo Uninstaller. Then run it in Moderate Mode to remove any traces of Roxio. Then turn off your Anti Virus, Firewalls, Registry Cleaners, etc. Run the SP2 update (it is the full software package) Don’t do any updates at this time (get it running first) When the Install completes, turn your AV & Firewall back on and reboot. Let us know how that works
  19. If you have VideoWave and or MyDVD Express you do not have the Red Box version Please tell us what version you actually have and we will move your posts to the correct forum. Found your other posts, please use the forum for the software you actually have
  20. Nxt Pro 5 Asking For Rcprod.msi

    Nice job! Have to add that one to my notes
  21. The Red Box version lacks an editor so you cannot really change your clip That does not leave a lot of choices. You can change the quality to something like SP or Same as Original but you will take a real hit in your output quality! Fit to Disc setting does nothing more than change it to SP, LP or EP in those jumps. Would be nice if it just changed it enough to fit but that IS NOT how it works! Next choice is to use the 8.5 GB discs. Don't know what you are thinking about format with these??? If you create a DVD Movie, as MyDVD does, they will be playable. Now some Players do have trouble with burned 8.5 GB discs, you will just have to see. Let us know how you make out
  22. Flickery Video

    How disappointing I have never used or even had the Game Capture for Consoles but I do know it is SD which means 720 X 480... You said you have something (PS3?) set to 1080.
  23. Nxt Pro 5 Asking For Rcprod.msi

    First I would reboot and make sure to turn off any anti virus and registry cleaners you might have. Then run the Repair install. Reboot and give it a try... You have 20 installs before you have to contact Roxio Support and get it reset. Not a problem but defiantly a pain in the... IF the repair, as I outlined, does not work, then you want to try it this way: Download and install the Revo Uninstaller. Then run it in Moderate Mode to remove any traces of Roxio. Then turn off your Anti Virus, Firewalls, Registry Cleaners, etc. Now insert your Roxio Disc or the Download to install. Don’t do any updates at this time (get it running first) When the Install completes, turn your AV & Firewall back on and reboot.
  24. Dvd Burn Issue

    I think by 'auto play' you mean the disc starting and going to the Main Menu??? As opposed to a movie starting and running without any menu page and looping back to the beginning after reaching the end. Also I want to be sure we are talking about a "DVD Movie" as opposed to a movie file burned onto a DVD (Data Disc). To make sure you haven't accidentally created a Data Disc, look at the disc with File Explorer. First thing you should see is a folder called VIDEO_TS. It has to be there!!! There are a couple of ways to create a DVD Movie in NXT. Obviously through Create DVDs (MyDVD) and the Copy and Convert Video MyDVD can burn discs with menus or create an ISO file of the project. Copy and Convert Video can burn Movie Discs from individual files and/or an ISO file. It can also create a DVD Movie folder. That folder (VIDEO_TS) can be burned by the Burn Data Disc application and it will produce a properly formatted DVD Movie from it. Lastly, it can be the Media you are using. Store brand or other cheap media can be unpredictable. Pay the extra dollar and get a cake of Verbatim (Singapore) and Taiyo Yuden (JVC) That is a lot of ground to cover. Work through it and let us know what you find.
  25. Don't Know! Nothing strikes from your hookup so more testing is needed to pin this down... Does it happen with All Games or just certain ones? Can you try another source of input? A DVD or BD Player. Composite would be best to use but HDMI would be acceptable. While less of a test, your PS3 on HDMI would work. You can't record but you can watch the preview. Try the RGC device/software on another PC. You could loan it to someone for this test.