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  1. Media Import 1 Hour Duration Limit?

    Lot of stuff there... What is it you really want to do? FYI: DVI & AVI are pretty much a thing of the past. MTS, MPEG & MP4 are about the only current formats. Likewise, any reasonable quality needs about 4 gb per hour unless you really like grainy video.
  2. Creator 6 - Die Hard User Needs Help

    Perhaps Bredon will have an idea but I think you have updated yourself out of usability Early versions, like 6 used a drive list. Your new drives simply do not comply. If it works otherwise, I would be happy and leave it alone. I still like Creator 2012 as I can even run it on my Win 10 PC. While I had a lot of fun with V6, I would never go back to using it.
  3. Making DVD movies

    Frank is correct. These are the steps needed now. The little "DVD" icon used to say "Send to MyDVD". But that changed in NXT5 and now it says "Prepare for Authoring". Of course the Function of the icon changed as well. Now it only makes a file based on the preset you choose and you must manually load that file into the new version of MyDVD. Not a leap forward, instead Corel no longer supports the old MyDVD and replaced it with one of less value
  4. Videowave hangs during rendering

    I hate to pass the buck but you are going to have to contact Roxio Support for this. They will likely ask you to repeat some of the things you have done, but do them anyway. Just so you know, we are just fellow users here and none of us work for Roxio. Please keep us updated.
  5. Videowave hangs during rendering

    That is good to hear! Per your SSD drive - DO NOT defrag these drives!!!! You can wreck them doing that. They have their own defrag built into the firmware and do so all the time.
  6. Videowave hangs during rendering

    That is annoying... It can be one of the clips you are using is choking it but before trying to sort that out just try doing an Install/Repair. Just start the install and it will off a choice early in the process. Choose Repair! There is a 10 install count limit. But Repair does not count as an install. ~ should you ever exceed the limit, contact Roxio Support and have them reset it. Let us know how you make out with this
  7. Combine Files using Roxio NXT 5 Video Copy & Convert

    That is the way it always has worked... What you want to use in VideoWave (Edit Video - Advanced) and import all the files you want to combine in there. You can even add transitions between them if it suits you. Then use the Export As button at the top and pick the format you are after.
  8. where is the burn button

    It no longer has the Send to DVD like the older version Now you have to output a file one of two ways in VideoWave, then manually add that file into MyDVD. You can use the Export As option. Pick the Purpose and note the file location: Or using the Prepare for Authoring option: Pick your Purpose and make sure you know WHERE the output file is going! Then open MyDVD, both can be open now since they are different programs. You add the file either using the Media tab in MyDVD and navigating to its' location: Or drag it in using Windows File Explorer: Try it out and see if you understand it. There is one other option and that is to use Video Copy and Convert to burn a Movie Disc.
  9. Capture problem

  10. where is the burn button

    Hi roubee! Actually, VideoWave has never had any 'burn' capability... MyDVD is the application where burning is done. Sad to say, you will find this version of it lacking VIdeoWave does have the ability to Export As and in there you can choose the output you wish to use after edit. That is best to use if movie authoring (burning) is not your final solution. Use it for things like edit & effects for a single clip that is going to be part of a larger multiple clip project. Likewise if you want to make a clip to stream with or use in a phone or pad device, that is what you want to use There is another button in VideoWave, 'Send to MyDVD'. In the NXT 5 & 6 versions it will create an intermediate file in the proper format for MyDVD. You still have to open MyDVD and load that file into it but think of it as Export As only with a pre-set that will put it in the proper format for MyDVD. You will likely have more questions, so feel free to ask.
  11. Capture problem

    Are you trying to use your Polaris device or the Roxio Screen Recorder? It is rare for Roxio to recognize a third party capture device and more rare still for it to work with one. Within NXT, I do not see anything specific to which version of PAL to use. The only option is NTSC or PAL. I would think that it would use the format that is specific to the Language that you chose when you installed the software. Otherwise you will problbly be better served by contacting Corel Support directly. When you get an answer, please let us know what you had to do
  12. Horrendous Video Stuttering issue on Decent PC?

    Interesting, the second PC is only slightly above the minimums for 1080 30P/60I capture, yet is smooth... So that does put it in the PC area of issues. Specs alone don't tell a lot ~ A tractor trailer has a bigger engine that a Prius yet doesn't do well in a 1/4 mile race... You have not described your play/capture setup. It sounds like you are using a separate game console to play while capturing on the PC??? A guess would be that you may not have enough clean defragged HDD space to capture with so the smoothness is lost while your PC is trying to find a place on the HDD to put it. (does not apply to SSD drives!). Again Giga byte specs don't tell the story. Another area is that most gamers have everything they can find set to maximum - CPU, video card accelerators etc. This actually slows the response of things. Best bet is to leave things at factory settings and never look back Now you have a couple of things to check out, let us know if that helps. Don't be stingy with your info either
  13. You could ask 'Ton' for a refund. Even if past the 30 day window, growl a bit and they might respond. NXT 2 will work on Windows OS's prior to Win 8. NXT 3 seems to work fine on Win 8 & 10 even though it is not certified for those Operating Systems. Still, I always urge people to concentrate on the content of video! People do not load a disc into a player to look at the menu
  14. Totally Miffed!

    You did not mention what version you had before NXT 5? Yes NXT 4, 5 & 6 have been a disappointment But consider that menu stuff is all that is missing. I remember many movies that I have watched in great detail. But I don't remember any of the menus that came with them Maximum effort should be in the Production, not the Menu (my opinion) I see Brendon explained themes issue since I started this. Hope that is helpful to you.
  15. All depends on Which device you have and What OS you are trying to use it on... All drivers needed are included with the inclosed disc. There are 2 different devices: The older device does not work with any OS after Win XP. Both devices will only work if the Software is installed Before the device is ever attached to the USB port!!!! With that in mind, would you supply some more information
  16. Photosuite will not save

    I would guess that you might want to insert the disc or run the install program (download) only choose Repair when it is offered. You only get 10 installs but 'repair' does not count as an install
  17. How to produce new video from old Roxio video w

    Anytime you take on something new it is an exercise in humility Not to confuse you farther but you can add extra audio tracks and keep the music throughout but by putting the naration on another overlay track, it will talk over the music. It has to be place the at the bottom of the tracks. Tracks one override all those above it. That may be of use to you.
  18. How to produce new video from old Roxio video w

    We aren't trying to give you a hard time but an answer is based on a complete understanding of what you have and what you want the outcome to be. Once you rendered the files and Authored them to a DVD any separate audio track are combined into ONE native audio track and any muting or edits will be on that combined track. Since it is now one track, any possibility of stripping or replacing only a separate part of the audio is out of the question. If you are willing to mute the whole native audio and add new narration, music or other audio effects that can be done. Otherwise you would need the original clip with its' native audio to just replace the added music since it has been combined into the one native audio track. But it is simple to mute either all or part of the Native Audio Track and add an overlay to take its' place.
  19. Keep us updated on your Support contact. If there is something I overlooked, I would sure love to know that
  20. The entries that did show, were they the exact same as "Roxio Video Capture USB"? Did you try it in other USB ports? Also make sure the USB plug look and feel OK.
  21. Sadly they really did simplify it to the point of being next to useless The things you cite are gone. Creator 2012 is one of the best but only a eBay item these days and you have to be careful that you get the Product Key with it!
  22. Dazzle

    I really doubt it. Hardware need drivers to work and no one is writing them for devices that have been out of production for a long time These devices are pretty robust. My original is 9 years old and does not work (driver) with any OS after XP. but it does still work, I tested it on my remaining XP relic
  23. Delayed Recording / Audio And Video Syncing

    Thanks for the file. Near the end of the file it shows 10 different APPCRASH errors. EVD3 is cited once (AVCaptureDLL.dll) and AUDIODG.EXE 7 times. There is a list of audio problems and solutions for Win 10 on MicroSoft's site, HERE Start with the one labeled 'Turn off Audio Enhancements'. Then insert your EVD3 disc as though you were going to install only pick Repair. Then reboot and give a try. Any thoughts toward trying it on another PC?
  24. Delayed Recording / Audio And Video Syncing

    It is more likely that your PC is where the issue lies... The device/software came out in 2008 and after nearly 10 years of use and improvements this issue has not come up before. There have been complaints of audio sync issues and stops when 'noise' is on a tape but not a long delay in startup. I suspect these delays are due to lack of space on your SSD drive and/or trying to run too many other applications in the background. Capture is demanding beyond what you would expect. I would like to see what your PC has in it. Steve's post HERE will give a good picture. If you want to check something on your own, lend the software/capture device to someone else and have them try it. I am sorry you are having troubles with this but hang in there and we should be able to resolve it.
  25. Delayed Recording / Audio And Video Syncing

    Examples never hurt.