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  1. Cannot add .jpg files to a video production in Videowave

    First guess would be that something in some of the files is corrupt... Then too the program may just be grouchy. In NXT under the photo tab is a program called Enhance Multiple Photos. This is just a test so first create a new folder and Copy your photos into that! Open Enhance Multiple Photos and add those copies to it. Select All of them and pick Resize under the second tab in there and allow it to overwrite the existing copies of the pictures. For the new size, pick what is appropriote to your project ~ 720 X 480 for DVD 1280 X 1024 for BD. Now see if you can add these revised copies into your project
  2. Outstanding! I will have to try that
  3. I'll attempt to duplicate your project. Update: I created a 30 minute project with 15 chapters and ran it on 3 different versions. Creator NXT Pro 6 was the only one that successfully completed the project. Creator 2012 Pro as well as Creator NXT Pro 3 both failed at the 97% mark I'll do a little more tinkering and hope someone else has a good idea about this Tried a couple more things. I noticed that an ISO file did exist and burned them to disc. Unfortunately neither would play. I did burn a No Chapter project directly to DVD but that doesn't resolver anything...
  4. mpeg is best for DVD as that will be the same as it uses on the disc. Encode at 6 to 8 mbps and make sure MyDVD is set to HQ. Oddly, filesize is meaningless to DVD Authoring. A 4.7 GB disc will only hold 1 hour of video or pictures at HQ! To get more you have to sacrifice quality. That brings to mind another possibility. If you are packing 2 hours onto a 1 hour disc, some serious rerendering is taking place. I wonder if that has any contribution to the audio issue? I kind of doubt it since I put a 2:48 hour project together with no distortion. Video sucked but audio was not distorted.
  5. Find your 'dmsd' file for your project. Delete the xxxx.dat file that is with it. See if that works. Plan B: Try a New Project in MyDVD. Don't waste too much time with it, just add the videos & clips and slap a bunch of chapters into it. Trying to see if your original project might have gotten corrupted. Plan C: Export As from VideoWave your complete project. Note the time spots where you want the chapters to fall. Use this new file as the basis for a new project in MyDVD and add chapters at those time points. We will beat this thing into submission
  6. Video Wave Audio "Fuzzy"

    Not a good idea to use an email address as your name or within your posts unless you like the spam you get I agree that the fact that several users are seeing this problem and there does not seem to be a known fix at this point is not good! Sorry you are having this issue but looking through your post I think I see one thing that is possibly common to your testing on various machines. The same file/project? I cannot reproduce this using a long file (2:48) Did you see/try any of the suggestions in this topic? I didn't follow your suggestion about the audio proxy file. Can you detail what you are doing there. Thanks, Jim
  7. Repair the Creator 2012 install: Insert the disc - start an install and when it asks, select Repair. Reboot. Then put all those files into Copy and Convert Video: Chose Convert Video - Create a Disc Menu and Save it to File/Folder If it works, try your original project. If your original project still fails, try it without any chapters or menus.
  8. Missing Usb Video Capture Option

    I would uninstall both EVD as well as Creator 2010 Download and install the Revo Uninstaller. Then run it in Moderate Mode to remove any traces of Roxio. Then turn off your Anti Virus, Firewalls, Registry Cleaners, etc. Now insert your EVD Roxio Disc. Don’t do any updates at this time (get it running first) When the Install completes, turn your AV & Firewall back on and reboot.[/indent] Now install Creator 2010.
  9. Missing Usb Video Capture Option

    Click on the red Roxio at the upper left corner of the screen. Then look for My Account on the right. Click My Account and enter the email & password you use here. That will take you to the license keys for all your Roxio products. In there make sure you have the one for EVD correct! Then try again To your question, no, EVD conflicts with nothing. It has always been a pretty trouble free install.
  10. Missing Usb Video Capture Option

    Got it! Try copying all the files on the EVD disc to a new folder on your PC. Then run the install (setup.exe) from there.
  11. Missing Usb Video Capture Option

    You did not specify What Software is on this 'disc'... I was referring to the Easy VHS to DVD software disc and NOT the Creator 2010.
  12. NXT Cretor 6 Pro Install Is Terrible

    I have been installing mine Roxio programs over the previous installed ones for years. I figure that is what most users do and not had any issues with anything in the last 7 or so. Guess I live on the other side of the coin
  13. Creator 2012 Pro - ISO image

  14. Missing Usb Video Capture Option

    It is called a Restore and don't do that please. Do you have the EVD install disc? With the USB Capture Device installed, remove any references to it from the Device Manager. Then make sure you remove the USB Capture Device and hide it! Reboot the PC. Use the EVD and install or repair it. (always do repair from the disc's install program and not Windows) Don't do any updates either while installing or after reboot.
  15. Creator 2012 Pro - ISO image

    Glad to help
  16. Missing Usb Video Capture Option

    I am not sure that the drivers would even be on the Dell Creator 10 SE... You need the disc with the Easy VHS to DVD. You would need to delete anything in Device Manager - Sound, video and game controllers. Then unplug the device and install the EVD Software. Reboot and it should work.
  17. Creator 2012 Pro - ISO image

    All safely tucked away under Data/Copy - Burn Data Disc. When done adding files to your project, choose Create a Disc Image in the Destination drop box at the bottom. That is where you can choose either one of your burners or an ISO file. There is another one in the Data/Copy tab called Burn Disc Image. That one only burns an existing Optical Disc to an image file. Sorry I don't have a good picture of that, just realized I didn't have 2012 installed anywhere This one is close, at least you can see where the Destination box is: (it is 2011 but Data Copy hasn't changed since it was introduced in Creator 2010) Ah! Installed Creator 2012 on my Win 10 PC just now. Creator Classic is still there (it was dropped later) as Created Data Disc - Advanced. In there when you click Burn (1. arrow) you get the checkbox to Save disc image file (2. arrow) Hope that isn't too confusing
  18. Setup to record PC? without 2nd monitor or PC

    This is what we do for laptop users all the time... They do not have a separate monitor monitor to use for Play. What doesn't work? How are you set up to do this? (need details)
  19. You did contact Roxio Support?
  20. Setup to record PC? without 2nd monitor or PC

    Try noting your Hot Keys for start/stop and pause. Then tab to your game play window and start recording. This is my best guess,so let me know if it works
  21. SantaFe Texas

    It just shouldn't be
  22. Video Wave Audio "Fuzzy"

    2 Hour video. If that was the issue then it would be across the board.
  23. Video Wave Audio "Fuzzy"

    I wouldn't change file types, just go MP4 to MP4. Although you still get a little loss whenever your re-render anything. It is still a poor solution to a problem and something I only recommend as a test or to use in event that there is a corruption in source file that another editor may clean up. Keep in mind the way Editors and Movie creation works in NXT. You start with an source file or sources. You then render that file in VideoWave into a file. That file you load into MyDVD and lastly render it a second time while it is burned. So one way or another you do it twice! Two more tests I would like you to try: 1. Load a fuzzy file into Video Copy and Convert. Output it there. see if audio is intact. (note that VCC can be used to burn a disc with a simple Menu or with no menu at all ~ plays on insert) 2. Using VideoWave, put multiple splits into the the fuzzy file, one every 10 minutes or so. Then export the file and see if the audio is intact. (we used to do this to keep audio and video in sync when there were issues with that) ... There is a third but that involves deleting your sound card (usually in your video card) as well as the software and rebooting. Windows will fine the drivers. Then load the manufactures software and make No changes from its' defaults. This fixes things if there is corruption or if the user tinkered too far with card settings
  24. Video Wave Audio "Fuzzy"

    'It' is a duplication of your project. Whenever someone has an issue we try to duplicate the project to see if we can reproduce the same problem result. I haven't with the 'fuzzy audio' but when duct had the Motion Track Editor problem, I could reproduce the problem but alas, no solution Stepping outside the box... for the audio issues one of you should try this possible solution. Try pre-processing one of your files with another software before loading it into VideoWave. I recommend Any Video Converter, which you can download HERE This way we know we are using a file that clean. Just make the converted file a copy so you do not overwrite your original file
  25. Scott: Understand this is NOT Corel/Roxio support!!! This is a site where users work together and are not inclined to provide an answer when they don't know I played with the audio distortion question just now and have posted my findings in your Topic duct: Please use that link for this audio discussion as it is a completely different topic than what you started here