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  1. Why is Toast so unstable?

    T, thanks, yes, tons of Ram. I've always notice that with Toast, if you do anything else on computer you chances of the burn failing go up 800%. I don't it. I thought you might know.
  2. Why is Toast so unstable?

    I cannot get through a burn with Toast if I do a much as surf the internet at the same time. This is the only app I have that cannot seem to perform if something else is going on. Why is this?
  3. Burn files slows and scan folders no problem, why?

    T, excellent, would have never guessed. So you see your computer basically freezes up intolerably? Verdict you agree: You must for sanity, drag in the 1000 images from a folder made on the finder?
  4. Burn files slows and scan folders no problem, why?

    T, never saw a photo disc option, but just tested it, no difference. YEs you just check this out one day. Jpeg Raw, no difference. Take 1000 images and put thim in folder in finder. Drag into Toast. Immeditate quick upload. Now drag thing as big group of images, no folder. Huge scan time drag with Toast, whethere they go in as in or into one of Toasts folders.
  5. Burn files slows and scan folders no problem, why?

    T: just tested that, thanks, and even with creating new folder in toast, toast still does long scanning thing. Whereas if I drag in the a folder made in finder, it's all there in Toast instantly, why is this?
  6. If I drag 1000 images into toast it scans, takes forever, torture. If drag those images in via a folder no problem. why is this? Sometimes I don't have images in a folder. any ideas?
  7. Burns Are Not Working On Pc, Why Not?

    I posted this elsewhere, and some suggested that it's the fault of the PC persons optical drive, and also suggeted burning at lower speeds. Beyond that I'm also curious to hear more on the topic.
  8. For the first time ever, I have clients coming back to me saying their CD's are not working on windows machines. I have tested on different media and the cd's are fine on mac machines but don't display on windows machines. I'm in Toast 8 and I setting to Data MAC/PC, as I always have. I don't get it. thanks.
  9. Why Asking For 7 Cds?

    Thanks T! Never noticed that before. Only thing though is I go back and forth, so I'll have to swith a bit, too bad it's not smart enought to know what you inserted.
  10. Why Asking For 7 Cds?

    I put in a DVD, yet in lower left Toast say I will need 7 CD's When I start to burn, it switches to One DVD. But why doesn't it just say one DVD right away? thanks.
  11. Buffer Underrun Error

    T. these things: preview, retain copy on HD, and make multiple copies, one can do with TS folder too no? It's almost a draw no? the time takes to make the disc images vs testing if the TS folder goes ok? In sum, a disc image has more stuctural integrity than a TS folder?
  12. Buffer Underrun Error

    I think I understood the gist of that. Do you save everything as disc image or just in problem cases?
  13. Buffer Underrun Error

    thanks T. Still curious, when does work, why? What is it about disc image that sometimes beats this issue?